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  1. I don't like that text color you used to reply... Thanks for responding though. Oh, one more question that is more hypothetical. Can certain artifacts permanently kill a demon should players be permitted to possess them?
  2. My conclusion is Blizzard doesn't know anything and that whatever is cool can happen and we read into things too much. Mannoroth in WoD got revived as a skeleton. Then died again. And we haven't seen him since (because at this point I think Mannoroth needs a vacation cause he keeps getting his ass kicked). If they decide they want to bring back a demon (or anything else), they'll bring it back. Else it's just declared as being dead. I'm curious by the way about mortals getting demonic souls. How do you even get a demon soul as a mortal? Is it limited to DH's? Warlocks? Felsworn? Anyone will sufficient fel exposure for a long enough time? How rare is such a thing if so? Also a lot of places have been heavily saturated with Fel energies, and we've killed demons in these places only for them to return. It happens on the Broken Shore even with some of the bosses you kill returning.
  3. Since Tangleheart Madness is done, when will the next be? Also is Dreadmaw still going to handle this or have things changed?
  4. I miss Gorgrond and its music.
  5. Bronze Dragons need to shut the fuck up. Hopefully my mood changes and I start coming around, Gorgrond was a fun zone.
  6. Don't use PewX2 laser barrage plz
  7. Isn't the Draenor timeline beyond fucked already?
  8. I don't agree with being locked on Draenor for the entire expansion since it didn't happen on retail and reinforcements came through the portals in Ashran anyways, like Vol'jin's Headhunters which he sent to assist in Tanaan. Of course, I don't mind no portals back to Azeroth until the first zones are done or something. People should stop being afraid of Dragons. Everyone already wants to kill them for the sake of being dragons. As long as they provide assistance and don't just dick around and do nothing then they should be accepted. Its a hostile, unknown world to most, every ally will count against the Iron Horde (and later the Legion).
  9. A year of HFC here I come!
  10. I wouldn't hunt any Bronze Dragons.. they can go back in time and kill your grandfather.
  11. Uh is there a time for this or..?