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  1. Nathrezim are timeless in comparison to anything existing on Azeroth. Oh, and they also corrupted a titan. Demon Hunters are my single most favorite class within the World of Warcraft, but that doesn't mean Nathrezim aren't what they are... Masters of subterfuge and cunning almost beyond mortal comprehension. Power wise? Yes, a Demon Hunter is a massive threat to a Nathrezim - to any demon.
  2. You bring forth some very good points. Though I will say that, #1 technically it is a sacrifice. The Demon Hunter will now be able to detect demonic entities but they trade their birth given sight. To some it may seem trivial, and it is when you take a look at the build up of petit details that you realize that it is, indeed, a sacrifice. It is difficult for a demon hunter to make out fine details such as facial structures, textures and the like. Among these are text. I theorize that a Demon Hunter cannot read unless the ink has been imbued with some sort of magical essence, which would allow the Hunter's vision to detect it (and this is how I play Fal'thalas). I will most certainly agree that subterfuge is a Nathrezim's prime trait. They are the embodiment of cunning and thus are hard - if not impossible - to fool (especially by a mortal). Nathrezim are a species comprising entirely of Palpatines. I believe the two to be comparable in almost every way, which is what leads me to believe a Nathrezim can conceal themselves while in the presence of a Demon Hunter. Consider the - arguably - most powerful Sith Lord who is able to conceal his supreme (hue) Dark Side immersion from the Jedi, whilst standing in the same room. Ffs, they can't even tell that he is force sensitive...
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    IRL Pic Thread

    Rad ink. Yeah, so long as it can be covered by sleeves or doesn't encroach upon your neck. So I've been told.
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    Secrets Revealed

    If it is war you desire...
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    IRL Pic Thread

    After much coercion arguably blackmail I have decided it was high time I quit trolling this thread and actually contribute. Stare into the chocolatey abyss that is the gaze of the elusive Staff Member known as Rakos. P.s. Don't mind the pie dish... I was hungry. :( I didn't cheat on my diet Bree, I swear! D;
  6. And now I'm done, forever.
  7. Eveliona should be a 6/9. Also, grats on 666 posts satan.
  8. Note that I was not aware of Cold's thread! Dx In any case, edited title. Apparently great minds think alike. I'm sure some of you have heard of this site by now, but I figured I'd post a thread regarding it. Here you will find an HS card creator, let it begin! Basically, the purpose of this thread is to have a bit of fun and create HS cards of our Paragon characters. We all know our mains are uber OP so go crazy, but it would also be interesting to see some more standard cards, perhaps our alts? In any case, I'll start us off. Fal'thalas Starstrider: Rakos Wolftotem: Mor'goth & Durzok: Zacchaeus:
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    Alarm Sounds

    8PM 'murica* But I also just got off a 12 hour shift' date=' so.. [beedoo intensifies'] This, but you can all see why the staff takes forever to make a decision.
  10. Figured I'd toss an update your way. Yes, we do realize that the applications are taking far longer than intended. Indeed this is due to the fact that we're simultaneously pruning and deliberating upon who's truly eligible/capable for/of the position. One might then bring forth the contention "Just give them the powers. If they fuck up, revoke 'em." Unfortunately this is only partially how we operate (hue). We're trying to avoid issues in the stead of punishing those who may create said issues. In the end, we try our best to perform both, should we need to. Be patient and stay calm! Stick with us while we work through the kinks. <3