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  1. Thanks to the efforts of Nicola and Vaszillia, the mages of Menethil were brought back to the harbor and managed to open a one-way portal to Ironforge resulting in several refugees fleeing the harbor in favor of getting to the safety of Ironforge, unfortunately Ironforge itself is not able to bring reinforcements back to Menetihl Harbour, despite even sentries having been spotted leaving Menethil Harbor.
  2. I'd like to sign Mirana up for Cordana.
  3. The first boss ( Amalgam of Souls ) will be hosted november 14th, 12:00 ST
  4. The first portion of Into the Nightmare is scheduled to be done on Sunday, 12:00 ST. Hosted by yours truly.
  5. Hello everyone! I would like to make it clear to those who are a bit uncertain - those who signed up for the "Securing Southport" event does indeed take priority over others, but if either of them can't make it to the event, it'll open up to other alliance characters!
  6. Consider yourself added, I would also like to put down my own character, Aelyra for the Axefall event.
  7. Stealthscout cannot make it to the "Securing Southport" event so a new spot has opened up.
  8. The event "Securing Southport" will be held on Thursday, 13:00 ST ( 19:00 GMT, I believe ) apologies to the americans who wanted to join, but if you believe you can make it, great.
  9. Around which time did you have in mind?
  10. Alune

    Vanishing Mystery

    First part of the event done, information about second part coming soon!
  11. Alune

    Vanishing Mystery

    So I've decided to host the first part this weekend, it won't be a long one and I recommend player interactions. So far it'll either be Saturday at 13:00 ST ( 1:00 PM ) or Sunday 12:00 ST, I'll try to remind you all a day or so before it begins. This is all open to change though.
  12. Vanishing Mystery ________________________________________________________________________________________ IC Information: One would think with the focus on Draenor, everything is well and alright in the idyllic kingdom of Stormwind yet this is not the case as the intelligence agency has received limited reports on disappearances within the alliance, both nobles and commoners alike, while the disappearance did not bother the house of nobles, now that several nobles have vanished just as well, they are outraged and wish for justice to be done, much to the dismay of SI:7 as they cannot properly control the house of nobles as of this moment. ________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC Information: Aye, Aye. Another event but hopefully there'll be some mystery to this, don't expect the events themselves to take a long time as they'll be split up in several parts and I've yet to decide on an appropiate time but it will most likely be at the weekend, now the event in itself is gonna be split up in at least three parts meaning that while you may all be used to longer events, this might be a bit shorter depending on what the players do and such, as said, the event is still being planned so some things may be changed, I am also keeping some of the feedback I received in mind, anyway yes - several disappearances have resulted into the house of nobles being outraged and they demand answers. Participants: Alliance Only When? Saturday 12:00 ST ( 19:00 GMT ) or 13:00 ST ( 20:00 GMT ) Sunday 12:00 ST ( 19:00 GMT ) TBD - 12:00 ST ( 19:00 GMT ) Notes: The event will have at least three parts Based on the feedback, I'm gonna try let characters decide what to do. And as always, the time of the event could change depending on whether or not a situation arises, or if it collides with a bigger event. Risk of death in this arc. ________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. Alune

    Feral Nuisance

    Badlands Reports of an increased activity in the local coyote packs and the untimely death of an entire expedition in the Badlands has lead the Town of Fuselight, brought to you by the Steamwheedle Cartel to put up a bounty to deal with these pests of the plains and eventually figure out whatever could have caused such an increase in activity and savagery. Many goblins died bringing the limited information they have on this unfortunate event. The Steamwheedle Cartel has thus through their contacts put this specific bounty up in the many areas and regions spread throughout Azeroth, the innkeeper, Sally Gearwell promised a reward for whomever picked up this bounty. The Steamwheedle Cartel is not to be held responsible for any loss of limbs or deaths. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: This'll be a rather small event but I figured I'd make the post regarding it, it's a bit of a kill and get coin type of event, you'd also have to find whatever caused the increase in aggression, one slot is already taken by the one who requested the event. Time & Date: 08/16 - 17:10 GMT (11:10 ST)