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  1. Hey guys, As promised here is the form for the general and team feedback. The whole team will be reading through all of these, so please try to keep things constructive. Anything that boarders or is framed in a way that resembles bullying or trolling will be tossed away and disregarded. If you want serious change within the team or the server then you have to provide serious feedback. Please show your respect to your fellow community members. This form is broken into six sections. These sections cover the general feedback of the server, down to the administrators. This is a pretty well-rounded form that is going to give you the option to comment on individuals, as well as the team itself. Again, please be constructive and considerate. The form is embedded below: *Note* : You do not need to be signed in or use your gmail.com for this. If you sign out on chrome or use a browser that is not signed in, your email will not be collected by Google. Furthermore, Paragon has set the settings to not collect emails, so no member of Paragon (Admin or otherwise) will be receiving your email. Loading… Cheers, Turtle
  2. Hey guys, Great discussion so far. I'll preface my comments to be my opinion, but that does not mean we are done discussing!: Rarity is not applied on Paragon and I think we should aim to keep it that way. I'm a firm believer in the character having more weight than the weapon itself. Really the only thing 'legendary' about particular items is the history or materials they're associated with. i.e Ashkandi is just a malformed Thorium blade with a lot of flavor text. I could see this being implemented in an event-style, but I think we already struggle with people uh... whining about applications and feeling oppressed by them? so I don't think this really benefits us in the long run. It's a cool concept that I think has its place, but I think the implementation will be messy. Weapons are built around the characters that use them, or in the case of Xala'tath, the individuals that inhabit them. Players are more legendary than the weapons that they wield, Blizzard items or not. The only issue with Blizzard legendary items is that they either change hands or have no other story than just being... an item. Like the lore characters in WoW only have importance in terms of our narrative and our mission to stay as 'true' to the Blizzard story as we can. They are just... people. Or in this case players. Do I think Shalamayne is a legendary weapon? Hell yeah, but it didn't change anything when Saurfang used it on Sylvanas. I know there is more lore nuance there, but my point is that it literally comes down to the people using them and the context. Same with any applied race/character on Paragon. So yeah, in short, I think this is a cool idea. The traits are something we can consider as we roll out the enchantment guide, but I don't see the need to associate rarity in our protocol for misc applications. We'll see if anyone else on the team decides to chime in: @denning, @Celarc, @SnaxNViolence @Sam @Cagi Cheers, Turtle
  3. Hey @Hydra, Thank you for being an adult first of all. We appreciate your ability to engage with us in a civil manner that doesn't omit to middle school behavior. This rule change implementation was given to the public at the time of the announcement about a month ago? Since then we haven't seen any more discussion or feedback from the player base at large. So this implementation is half due to the perception that no one else has qualms with this ruling. We aren't saying that pop culture or in-game references aren't through out World of Warcraft. Or that players cannot cite real world examples for an application, but in my opinion the forums and in-game are two different theaters. Culture in general is something that we are innate to find in most writing because that's how these things develop. Real world inspiration, or even virtual, can inspire writing that takes from all facets of someone's life. We aren't going to penalize people for making those correlations, but some people large leaps in the connections to the similarities in warcraft races have with the ones in-real life. I don't think I need to delve into that point deeper if that makes sense? That's not why this ruling came about just to preface as well. So rambling aside, I'll get to the other half of why this was implemented. This is less about gate-keeping and fun-sucking, but drawing the line somewhere in the sand as serious RP server. Technically by this ruling players are still allowed to include those references in their OOC information, or titles. We just ask that you keep the RACE & CLASS (things that are applied for) serious. This doesn't mean you have to have the entire sheet filled out correctly, but at the very least those two things aren't much to ask. "Well, I want to write a class down that doesn't exist in-game!" That's a whole other issue in itself, but we aren't preventing you guys from having hybrid classes, using the RPG, or anything that's technically free. As long as it accurately describes your character that's fine, but since we're using the Witcher as an example, I think there are more creative ways to convey that. We just want some consistency for the serious characters you use in RP. That doesn't mean you're forced to fill it out, but if you do, we ask you to be as serious as you can with those. That's it. We aren't saying that you can't have those things, but we'd like to see them in the proper section. Personally for me as a DM, and even as an RPer, it helps capture the flavor of someone's character. Technically my avatar is cannon within Paragon's lore, so I'm omitted to self-insertion via our system. We have the OOC tag and all these ways to convey information via the TRP addon, which is easily understood by most. If players are DM'ing and they want to be an OOC morph? They are more than welcome to that. We aren't going to... ban people, but we just want a standard in place. Shit you guys can still post NSFW in your TRP if you want too and have whatever fun titles you want to make. We just want two things clearly conveyed because they fall under the umbrella of our application system. It's just helpful to the team and everyone else in the end if that makes sense? We don't think it's much to ask players to not write "human jack rabbit" in their TRP either. So that's the other half at least. The lore section doesn't apply to TRP because its an OOC addon that we use, so with this rule it'll have more barring ICly than it did OOCly. This doesn't open the door to metagaming or anything because we just... don't have that issue? That being said the rules do have some redundancies and things we could potentially change over again if that's what you're suggesting? But we're working within the confines of what's already established-- technically anything that deviates from the Blizzard lore is rule-breaking, but players don't need to be scared about explaining themselves if someone is curious. This isn't so we can crack down on people for small things, but there has to be some seriousness in the characters we use ICly. I hope this doesn't cause you guys any panic and if it does... no better time to discuss it now, right? What do you think? Cheers, Turtle
  4. Hey @Vandal Quack, Currently our timeline is post-Legion. BFA events are already in motion so we're in year 33 currently. Our server is consistent with Warcraft-lore, but there are some custom things in forms of events, classes, and races. I'd check out the application section all of the pinned post there for anymore information on that. Our classes are currently being re-worked but our current guide is up to date. Let me know if you have any other questions. Feel free to reach out to me via Discord as well. Cheers, Turtle
  5. Turtle

    Parabraiding ideas

    Hey @jammo215 Welcome to Paragon RP. Let us know if you need any help!
  6. Turtle

    Hello once again!

    Welcome @Mood! We’re glad to have you back with us and looking forward to seeing you in-game. I used to RP on WoW Trance too back in the day (Horde-side). Times change but WoW servers don’t right? Anyway, welcome aboard! Reach out to me directly on Discord if you have any questions or concerns. Cheers, Turtle
  7. Alright lads, @Yoker @SnaxNViolence @Celarc @Sage @Hydra For the sake of this topic, I'll be referring to the prestige classes provided to us by the RPG (and of course my Templar). I've been engaged with a lot of individuals that mirror this opinion that the classes in WoW (including the sub-class provided via specializations). The point that's been made to me is that the base class provide enough flexibility and overlap that one could essentially be a hybrid of both classes. Then they can preform the same skills as any 'prestige' class and it doesn't restrict skills or other forms of magic. This being said, I've also spoken with the opposition to that opinion. There are others who find the prestige class is incredibly distinct and differentiated from the base classes of the game. While the magic and skills are freeform there is a certain flavor to these classes that aren't present in the base classes. No is saying that certain classes aren't able to preform the same kind of magic or replicate the skills (i.e Templars and Paladins summoning Holy Lightning). People, rightfully, don't like the idea of having players with applications lord over them either, so I think it's important we attempt to make the distinction that these classes are not better than the variant they might have a root with. Every class has a balance though and I think that's important for us also account for when balancing things like this. If there are no flaws or weaknesses then it becomes more of a one-sided mess that we saw in the past. Honestly my intention was to differentiate the ADT by simply calling it a Templar, but then I realized there was a templar (base) class technically and a rank associated with it, so I just used the terminology to help distinguish the class itself, but I just opened a can of worms that I didn't intend. Since it's been about a month and we've let this breath I think it warrants another look at. I'm not saying we bring back every RPG class, but if we did, it'd need an appropriate guide/clarification. These classes aren't meant to be better than our base classes. Hell we could add a 'prestige' or 'epic' variant onto the core classes if wanted. That might be unneeded because it's restrictive in most cases, but it's something to think about. Or we simply just make it clear that prestige classes are just classes with more flavor and a different toolkit. Regardless, I still want to give all the class guides some love and us staying engaged like this and defining what we want is the first step, so. Let's get ready to rumble, Turtle
  8. Turtle

    It's Time

    Welcome @Kren! We're happy to see you make the official post in-game. :P I'll look forward to catching you in-game soon! I've got a wildlife biologist I think Declan would vibe with. Cheers, Turtle
  9. I'm still interested in this if we can get more community discussion around it!
  10. I'll be adding my thoughts to this as the post evolves, but I think it's important we preface that base variants are capable of prestige-class levels of power. Prestige-classes are similar to the base class, but with different flavors and tool-kits. Templars are going to be a prime example, I feel, since it's the most recent clarification on a (since) revoked RPG class. They have switch up the typical paladin /priest tool-kit by basing their powers in sacrifice and have a different flavor than your base priest/paladin. These classes are still equal, but obviously have a bit more flowery writing associated with them. I think as we update the class guides this'll become more clear, but anyway. Looking forward to see feedback on this from the community! Cheers, Turtle
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    Hello there.

    Welcome! I’m a Eche, DX, and Prologue veteran myself. Hit me up on Discord if you have any questions, my friend!
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    https://onealmond.com/ hello i am turtle and graphic design is my passion
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