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  1. Very true. At any rate, @IsolimTso Your position is up to for vote and I can see why you’re upset about that, but if you could refrain at the attempts at sarcasm and tell us how you really feel then we can have a proper dialog. We’d appreciate more constructive feedback rather than statements that go... nowhere. Cheers, Turtle
  2. I'm still interested in this if we can get more community discussion around it!
  3. Hey @Sam, I'll try to answer these in the best way I can: 1. Why are we having a revote and why aren't you on that re-vote? Firstly, I've made the transition to the administrative team, so I am no longer a moderator. That being said I'm willing to open up a feedback thread for the administration, but I do not think uh... giving up the big chair after I've received it is a good move. :P Secondly, this vote is happening because the Moderation Team needs community feedback to function. Being put up for re-election isn't a super wild or uncommon idea in most political practices. We aren't letting popular votes decide who gets to be in-charge or not, but this at least opens up a dialog for us all. They are here to enforce our rules, but also serve our community. You guys help us decide in the end. It's your concern that makes this process work, if that makes sense? We aren't making choices based off popular votes or biased concerns either, but this is how the process... works. They can defend themselves and campaign too. There's nothing wrong with that! If they care enough about their positions they'll fight for them, right? 2. Paragon is working fine as it is! We're not saying that Paragon isn't working fine, but I will tell you from my perspective (and past admins) that Paragon is far from working as efficiently as it should be. It won't ever be perfect but it's time for us to take a new direction because the old one has not been working. That doesn't mean cutting away traditions, but it's time for us to weigh these things and if they really are holding us back. It's time to let the community weigh in and have some voice in these matters. Not every little thing needs to be discussed into the ground, but it's nice to see what people are thinking! Just don't think this is a popularity contest or that we are making executive decisions. Trust us and trust the process! Cheers, Turtle
  4. We threw out a lot of votes of some inactive community members but the cool thing about the vote is a lot of active player base actually participated. We had DJScias look at things through the admin panel and he flagged in-active or double IPs. As Sage said it just trigger alarms for us. We're reaching out the players to remedy this mistake.
  5. I'll be adding my thoughts to this as the post evolves, but I think it's important we preface that base variants are capable of prestige-class levels of power. Prestige-classes are similar to the base class, but with different flavors and tool-kits. Templars are going to be a prime example, I feel, since it's the most recent clarification on a (since) revoked RPG class. They have switch up the typical paladin /priest tool-kit by basing their powers in sacrifice and have a different flavor than your base priest/paladin. These classes are still equal, but obviously have a bit more flowery writing associated with them. I think as we update the class guides this'll become more clear, but anyway. Looking forward to see feedback on this from the community! Cheers, Turtle
  6. Halford Roden was tracked down by high caliber paladins and was last seen in Duskwood. Adventurers explored the crypts of Raven Hill and revealed a secret panel that led to an even more elaborate and deeper crypt. Halford was found, but was subsequently ‘killed’ as heroes sent him to the bottom of the Frozen Sea. Zelxander has sent word to Stormwind and any close relatives/friends of Halford’s apparent demise. (( All of this will be expanded upon on Sam’s Duskwood post))!
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    Welcome! I’m a Eche, DX, and Prologue veteran myself. Hit me up on Discord if you have any questions, my friend!
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  10. updated celestial smith rewards n added teaser tiers owo ty for all da love <3
  11. Timewarped Badge Reward List: Players obtain timewarped badges from members of the Bronze Dragonflight or Timewalkers. Badges can only be used at the Celestial Smith within the Caverns of Time or other timewalking vendors. These badges are imbued with the latent powers of the time ways. They are powerful when in the right hands. Below you will find a list of rewards possible for players to redeem. Badges are treated like gold in terms of currency - it’s a big reward and you get very little. They cannot be TRADED amongst players. Timewarped badges are soulbound to the user; selling them or trading them results in the badges turning to sand and reappearing in the owner’s bag. Badges can only be pooled for serverwide unlocks (i.e Smith Upgrades). Q: Where do I redeem badges? A: Caverns of Time (Please DM on discord in-game, thank you!) Q: Hey, I have a character doing something during this time! Can I bring them? A: Yes! However the focus is on the Ashbringer, so DM me on Discord or in-game so we can properly introduce you and not alter your character's history! Q: Is this an alternate reality thing? A: No and yes! Events will happen as they should, but some events will require your intervention to go correctly! Q: Can I trade badges with a buddy? Or one of my own characters? A: No you cannot trade them, but a character on your account may be given them! Q: How do I obtain Timewarped Badges? A: - Finishing An Event: 1-5 Badges - The Swirling Vial: 25 Badges (Awarded to one player after boss) - Killing Boss: 5-10 Badges - Bonus Objective Events: 1-10 Badges - ER’S: (At most 25 Badges per Event) - Finale: 50 Badges to All Players Sold Exclusively @ Timewalking Vendors: Phase 1: Phase 2: Sold Exclusively @ The Celestial Smith: (Unlocked after Celestial Coal): UNLOCKED by JAE! Timecasting Upgrade: It takes 3 days for your armor/weapon to be time-casted. (Unlocked after Celestial Licenses): UNLOCKED by JAE! Supply Upgrade: Rarer materials, ancient blue prints, and boss items & triggers. (Unlocked after Blessing of Soulare): UNLOCKED on 4/11/2021! Supply Upgrade: Legendary weapons from different realities are at your disposal-- also unlocks the Corgi Costume Vendor! Phase 3: Corgi Costumes, sold exclusively @ Soulare of Andorhal in the Caverns of Time: Gordon Tamsay's Timeless Brews, Sold in Caverns of Time: Unholy Armory of Naxxramas, sold exclusively @ Nojaw, redeemed @ Celestial Smith: Items are unlocked after defeating bosses and tiers are unlocked by completing wings. (Requires 'Key to Naxxramas'): UNLOCKED Tier 1: The Arachnid Quarters Tier 2: The Plague Quarters Tier 3: The Construct Quarters Tier 4: The Military Quarters End of Timewalking Rewards!
  12. infinite blessing, maximum ups. you all my eternal respect for helping me finish dis and being a part of it. i am blessed! moved to finished!
  13. Faith and Fire, A New Dawn IC Foreword: Orgrim's Horde was pushed back into the depths of the Blackrock Mountain. His warriors were beaten and broken - Orgrim knew this would the end, but he would not let his people die pitifully. His people would die with blades in hand rather than cowering in darkened halls. Emboldened by the pride of the heritage and their birthright to war, thousands of blackrock orcs poured from the mouth of the mountain. "For the Horde!" At the base of the mountain the Alliance lied in wait for the oncoming wave of orcs. In a valiant charge led by Anduin Lothar they met head on. "For the Alliance!" The most important battle of the Second War was about to unfold. The symphony of steel rung across the blackened landscape. Bodies would litter the landscape and blood and ash would stain the soil. In the aftermath of this battle, Alexandros Mograine would find a dark crystal. This crystal would be the salvation of a people and become a man's destiny. In time, both the man and blade would become legend. Together they would be Ashbringer. Chapter One: Death is Contagious (Easy Mode ->Intermediate Mode) Caverns of Time Part 1: Battle at Blackrock Part 2: Meeting at Hillsbrad Part 3: Road to Ironforge Part 4: For Home, For Country Interlude: Taking It Back... Part 5: City of Fire Interlude: Darion, My Son... and Pride and Prejudice Adventurers braved the time ways at the behest of the Bronze Dragonflight. They were taken back to the peak of the Second War - Horde and Alliance face for a final time during this period resulting in the death of Anduin Lothar and the capture of Orgrim. The defeat of the Horde was assured and the events surrounding Alexandros Mograine seemed to also be in line. However, upon leaving, bronze time wardens were discovered holding back and additional battalion of orcs! A tide of orcs that would no doubt change the fate of the war as we know... they traveled back, hoping the bronze can handle the anomaly. Vormu fears the worst as she prepares for the group's next leap through time... Hillsbrad Foothills. Are the infinite targeting Mograine or just key events? Only one way to find out! Adventurers pushed through the time ways yet again in Old Hillsbrad. They escorted Mograine and Fairbanks on their way to Southshore to attend a meeting of the Silver Hand. On the way the group was attacked by infinite drakes! The group managed to overcome them however, and brought the group safely to Southshore where a familar gnome was waiting. Chromie cleaned the memory of Alexandros and Fairbanks as the bronze flight's suspicions are confirmed. The infinite flight is targeting Alexandros Mograine... Players then witnessed the purification of the Dark Crystal and proceeded home. But they were met with a powerful foe, a drakanoid lord. He steals from the time ways and bends reality to take the form of histories villians or heroes... he is known as Tempus the Timebreaker, master of the infinite sect of mortals know as the Timebreakers. After a brief encounter with the temporal lord, Eroizon intervened and banished the infinite from his section of the time ways. Heroes then ventured into old Dun Morogh to escort Mograine and Fairbanks to Ironforge, but the scent of infinite magics lingers in the time way. With caution they entered and rested at the North Gate Outpost. The group was forced inside the bunker as hordes of undead bombarded the dwarven outpost, but the group overcame the obstacle. Undead attacked them on their way to Ironforge, but Mograine and Fairbanks made it. Players then witness the forging of the Ashbringer, the memory of a brother, and the hope for a nation. Next they'd dive deeper into time to witness the birth of a legend... Heroes were taken back in time to escort Mograine to Andorhal— there they would shut a temporal rift and stop the Infinite flight from bringing undead from the future to the past. There they met Soulare of Andorhal, who vanished into the now closed rift. They also assisted in the death of Uther, assisting Arthas in routing the final champions of the Silver Hand. However, Mograine unlocked the hidden potential of his sword and has called it the Ashbringer. His legend would spread as the Silver Hand advance to retake the City of Fire. Time is flowing as it should... for now. Allies of the Timewalkers gathered again, this time, venturing back in time to Stratholme. They escorted Alexandros and his party through the city-- unable to redeem the City of Fire, they barely escaped with their lives. However, heroes were not done in this timeline as the Silver Hand escaped Stratholme. They entered the cathedral in Crusader's Square where they met a dragon known as Mundusdormu-- his power was great and his mastery over time rivaled that of the eldest wyrm. He offered the players a choice to join him... now or later. All would serve in the end! Players banished the Risen from this part of the timeline, however, and witnessed the slow splintering of the Silver Hand. Things are quiet... for now! Conclusion: Finished the First Issue of the Ashbringer Comic! Chapter Two: Ashes to Ashes (Hard Mode) Caverns of Time Interlude: Schemes Within Schemes Part 1: An Unexpected Guest! Interlude: Darion, My Son! Part 2: I am... Ashbringer Interlude: Rise of Mograine Adventurers went back in time for a second round of events surrounding the Ashbringer. They witnessed the plot built around his assassination built by Saiden Dathorhan (controlled by the dreadlord Balnazzar). Renault was poisoned by a tea cursed by the Legion. It drove him further from reality into his delusions of grandeur. While they were flies on the wall for most of it, heroes aided in the finding of Zabra at the Scarlet Monastery. After ensuring the purity of events, players were thrust a layer deeper into time! They rode with Alexandros to Stratholme after hearing of the capture of his son, Darion. However it was all an elaborate trap and lie! Alexandros and Fairbanks were surrounded by undead at the gates of Stratholme. But with the help of heroes, they were able to push against the horde. For a time. The ranks of the undead would break them and force them up a hill, but they had the high ground now! During the conflict with the undead, Corgillius, a timesworn corgi, detected a potent anomaly in the area! He marked the area for the players, but at the sacrifice of his own life. Time froze around them as they approached the mysterious slaughterhouse. Within they'd face the visage of Dahr'Khan Darthier! After defeating his minions the visage revealed itself to be... Mundusdormu! He once again offered the players the pact of the Timebreakers, which was rudely rejected! The final anomaly was closed in the end, however, but Mundusdormu was through bargaining. His offer still remained for mortals to take control of their destiny and timeline. He would teach them the ways of the Timebreaker-- to ensure dominance over the timeways. Time was flowing as it should, but no doubt heroes would be called on again to brave something even more terrifying... Conclusion: Finished the Second Issue of the Ashbringer Comic! Chapter Three: Naxxramas (Dark Souls Mode) Caverns of Time Interlude: A New Dawn & Out of the Pan, Into the Fire Part 1: Arachnid Quarters Part 2: Plague Quarters Part 3: Construct Quarters Part 4: Military Quarters Interlude: Family Reunion Heroes: TBA Conclusion: TBA Chapter Four: Dust to Dust (Dark Souls Mode) Caverns of Time Part 1: Defense of Hearthglen Interlude: Be A Hero Part 2: Battle For Light's Hope Finale: Hope Never Dies Heroes: TBA Conclusion: TBA (Bonus - UNLOCKED) Chapter Five: The One True Timeline (Dark Souls Mode) Caverns of Time Bonus Ending: The World Heroes: TBA Portals Closed: 10 of 10 Temporal Anomalies Solved..! “Unto you is charged the great task of keeping the purity of time. Know that there is only one true timeline, though there are those who would have it otherwise. You must protect it. Without the truth of time as it is meant to unfold, more will be lost than you can possibly imagine. The fabric of reality will unravel. It is a heavy task--the base of all tasks of this world, for nothing can transpire without time.” — Aman'Thul's blessing of the Bronze Aspect _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC information: So here's the first installment in the timewalking stuff... I'll be ironing out more specifics over my break, but essentially. * Time Walkers are going to become a more prominent faction here. * You'll be going back to key events in Alexandros Mograine's life * You're going back to the Second War, right at the climax *Witness the creation and legend of the Ashbringer *Fight in a post-apocalyptic Lordaeron against hordes of undead *Watch the birth and fall of the Scarlet Crusade *Legendary paladins and undead *Earn Time Walking Badges for timeless rewards *Classic Naxxramas *The breaking and sacrifice of family *Key moments from the Ashbringer comics, but with a Paragon twist *Relive moments in WC2, WC3, Classic, and WOLTK *Somehow related to the Sword of Sargeras. Return of the Infinite Flight?! *Awesome loot and rewards! *More events, but they are shorter in length. More natural breaks allows players to come and go! and we finish within a few hours everytime.