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    henlo i am role player and some times videogame. u should try a game called rimworld it's swell.
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    ur mom & various others

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    based armenian BBQ dad
  2. whats up tony the tiger my man haha hows it goin

    1. Tonyux


      I'm good! Wbu?

    2. Nomit


      Good to hear. I'm just vibing man.

    3. Tonyux
  3. hey lykkespreder hows it goin

    1. Lykkespreder


      You still there here? :P

  4. my mans ecro is from like 2012 a relic of a bygone era... what up my guy
  5. Nomit

    Return from jigoku

    MAAAARTTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII What up my guy? haven't talked to you since skype was new and you were playing aion
  6. when u coom and she keep succin

  7. Nomit


    Welcome back. ; D
  8. Nomit

    See ya

    I'll avoid going on any tangents about the server, since I think that should be left for the feedback subforum but I'll say this: If you have seen anyone specifically targeting you with malicious intent, report it. It can't be rectified if it isn't known. Communication is also a key factor here- if someone has criticisms of one of your characters, I suggest simply explaining things in a calm manner. If they still persist, and border on harassment, as I said. Report. That aside- I hope you'll find yourself having fun again soon. As an aside: those are some really strange rumors, Dune..smh
  9. Nomit


    I played a bit of Moonguard years ago, but the names I remember are few and far between. I was more of a WrA boy back in the day. Welcome.
  10. I've had a moment or two when I've considered making one myself, but just didn't feel like making an app. It's always been sort of a gray area for me, since they're walking weapons just like DK's, but are still living, but on the other hand are so heavily mutated you can barely call them people. Seemed challenging to pull off right. I'm getting a lil offtopic there so -- I'm down for it, personally. Might be a good idea to tack on a 'ask a moderator' note, though. Just to get a gist for if the person gets how they work, generally speaking.