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  1. whats up tony the tiger my man haha hows it goin

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      I'm good! Wbu?

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      Good to hear. I'm just vibing man.

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      great man

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  3. when u coom and she keep succin

  4. Nomit

    Count, Dead?!

    A publication is released in the Stormwind Times. Sometime during the last week, the young Count Alexander Beaumont, currently heir and lord of Hillsdale, Duskwood went missing. Some claim him to be dead; while rumors spread about his late affliction. The worgen curse. Something he purportedly struggled with, coupled with the Holy Light seemingly abandoning him. Hillsdale Castle, meanwhile, remains a minor religious site for Light worshipers, and, it's doors remain open, according to our reporters who recently visited the estate. Although some of our men on the ground seem to have strangely fallen ill following their visit, most of them returned with interviews that cast a good light on the estate, and it's ongoing efforts to rebuild. For the moment, no heir-claimants beside the young Count himself have stepped forward to lay claim to the land - though, some speculate that the land itself is cursed. More so than Duskwood itself as a whole. Our glorious House of Nobles, of course, has refuted these claims time and again, and will presumably continue to do so following the Count's disappearance. Another strange rumor surrounding his disappearance has been the noticeable drop in worgen attacks surrounding the southern roads of Duskwood. Though, there is still some debate over whether this sudden shift is, in fact, attributed to lack of watchmen on the roads to discover the victims of said attacks. The recent incursions by none other than 'Stitches Jr.' have left the surrounding areas lacking in guard presence, one jittery man on the scene claims. As for the estate itself, it has entered limbo following the recent developments, serving only as a religious site and outpost to prevent the surrounding areas from being reoccupied by the walking dead. In his legal will, he has named a strange, unknown man as the inheritor of his personal repertoire of weapons. That man goes only by the name of 'Kaulder,' with no surname being listed on the documents. A large sum of 'Forestwood' designer boots stored n the estate grounds, which the ownership of was left in limbo, have also been left to a gnomish and human duo who run a fashion store in the Stormwind Mage District. Their names have been withheld for legal reasons. A strange development indeed.
  5. [laughs in 20% speed] Was a neat little adventure imo.
  6. neat also c'mon celarc, that's all of paragon
  7. The legendary gold tooth bandit skulks in the reeds, awaiting his next opportunity...
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    i would like to read howie's full manuscripts
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    A noble quest taken on by a humble puerto rican crusader...
  10. 7/10 pretty soulful i will necro this thread now