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  1. Should've been a frostbolt. 6/10
  2. Or what Kraxizz said.
  3. 6/10 It's a monocle and a fancy beard. But otherwise doesn't look very appealing.
  4. 3/10 It's not that funny.
  5. While we're doing this, I'll just leave this right here: Enjoy the read.
  6. I feel as if the wraith possession is just an asspull to use "Eagle Vision" from Assassin's Creed. But otherwise, I could love this game. I'll definately try it.
  7. Far as I know, when there's nothing else stating something, quests are a perfect source of lore. However, I don't really want to care anymore... Because for each war there's no consequences after someone has won. It's just another ended threat. The fact that Stormwind had to mobilize an army, the fact that soldiers died and money had to be poured into the campaign, it's all something we can all ignore. Because who wants to RP that boring shit? It's happened 2 000 000 times before on Paragon, and seeing how people react to it in this thread, it's the quite clear indication that Stormwind will always be magically replenishing itself, never run out of soldiers or money. There's been the demons in Duskwood, the demons in Redridge, the Blackrock Orcs.... Shit Stormwind even sent a whole fucking army for four gnolls in the Raven Hill Cemetary, fully equipped with Mortars, cavalry, gunmen and infantry for four gnolls. What it's boiling down to is that for every event, for every threat Stormwind seems to be able to conjure an army without much effort and very, very fast. So, if we stop looking at this event alone, and looking at all other times Stormwind without consequences has been conjuring armies to send with players left and right and we have the unstoppable Alliance Warmachine right there. Fuck Garrosh, he got no chance in this war.
  8. I feel as if I'm missing a joke. Sorry, I don't see the hilarity with this.
  9. I wish I could like the post. Here, I quoted it instead, saying I liked it.
  10. I'm perfectly fine with it.
  11. Summer

    Mars-One? Mars-One is a quite cool project, and the explorer inside me wants to go there at the same time the cynic inside me tells that the project will just be the death of everyone trying to settle there.
  12. I don't know, I wouldn't be there. I don't like half the people here half of what they deserve, and I hate the rest of you a half less than what you deserve.
  13. So, every race will start to look more and more demon-esque? Also, how does the mind handle such corruption? Madness springs to mind. What's the feeling to consume fel overall? I know that people often play it as it's some burning drug that makes you feel strong, particularly violent and cruel. I never really had any interest earlier in demons, so I'm just throwing around questions I'm too lazy to read up on myself and too lazy to get my own understanding. And the ever so big question: Can Fel be sensed by others?