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  1. Finally it's here and with the forums up I thought I'd actually post my machinima for you guys to see ^^ I hope you enjoy it
  2. I am not aware of one, no, but truthfully, you can get a programmer to get you one at a faaaar lesser price than Adobe, I am talking 10x times less.
  3. I can list you the programs but truthfully, it will not do much for you, I'd have to make an entire tutorial series to explain it, but just in case it helps, the programs I use are: MDLvis - For Modelling and Animating BLPlab - For converting texture files Photoshop - Editing textures WC3 Model Editor - For model modification (Transperancy settings, texture names, etc etc) Paragon (server) - Enviroment recording Fraps - Tool I record with Audacity - Sound production After Effect - Program I use to edit all the footage and finally render it
  4. Thanks for the comments ^^ Popping in another short model teaser, this time it's quel'dorei guardians.
  5. Hello everybody, I know I am not very active on Paragon, but Paragon is the server I film all of my machinima on and hence I see it only be fair that I post some teasers here as well, I am not sure how many of you are into machinima or such but I do hope you enjoy these, they'll mostly consist of frame shots and model animation displays on YouTube :) The machinima also covers some of the creation of the new plague and expands somewhat beyond the Invasion itself. Teaser #1 Teaser #2 I'll post more very soon ^^
  6. I am alive, I was just busy learning animation xD Yay for summer - P.S. I know there's people here with my old skype, please delete that one, it was hacked and could deliver you a virus.
  7. Hello everyone, I got inspired to do a machinima and hence have put together a script for it on topic of invasion of Quel'thalas as the book "Rise of the Lich King" by Christie Golden describes it. Now that the script is put together, I naturally need voice actors so If anyone is interested I'd love to audition you ^^ You'll get the script once you are accepted for the role, I'll put characters down here and the lines you can use as "samples" for when you try out, you can pick any other line of course, mine is just a suggestion. Roles: -Lady Sylvanas Windrunner (33 lines) - Sample: “You are not welcome here! I am Sylvanas Windrunner, Ranger-General of Silvermoon. I advise you to turn back now.†-Arthas Menethil (22 lines) - Sample: - The role is taken. -Master Apothecary Faranell (6 lines) - Sample: “I am most grateful you agreed to come, my ladyâ€. -Kel'thuzad (3 lines) - Sample: “Don't be too overconfident, death knight. The elves must not be taken lightly.†-Kelmarin (Elven scout, 3 lines) - Sample: “My lady, if he breaks through— I do not think we have the numbers to defeat him.†-The Lich King (2 lines) - Sample: For my glory, you will serve , Sylvanas. For the dead, you will toil. -Elven Priest (1 line) - Sample: “You will never enter Quel'Thalas, fallen prince. " -Evacuated Female Elf (1 line) - Sample: “But our rooms upstairs have—†Basically as you can see, Sylvanas and Arthas are the main roles, Faranell is a supporting role and everyone else I believe can be considered minor, all of those minor roles are perfect for people just beginning to voice act to get some experience or people who don't have a lot of time but still want to be involved, since you'll probably be done with these roles in an hour or less. As for Sylvanas and Arthas I am looking for dedicated actors with some time on their hands to finish these roles well. Below in the spoiler is a mini guide on how you can record your own voice: You can either contact me here or over PM if you are interested - I'll give you my skype info once you do :)
  8. The event is postponed for tomorrow due to Rarity's request, she'll be hosting this one not I, so I hope we all have fun, finally I get to participate :D
  9. Rarity's storyline is up, enjoy it :)
  10. Post updated, "The Alien Village" storyline is aborted along with the event, next storyline will be made by Rarity (The Gnome), coming soon! ^^
  11. 3 new storyline quests had been posted and event on Saturday 1pm server 7pm GMT :) Make sure to do daily quests in order, as for Forsaken I have 0 power to make lore-wise Kirin Tor decisions, that is for GM and staff, so if you wish Forsaken in the Kirin Tor, I am sure I can make you an affiliate but for anything more, GMs are contacted, not me.
  12. Event today, check the main topic for time :)
  13. WTF Jaina...not even I can justify that shit o.o