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  1. Alignment - Chaotic Evil Name - Elythri Farwind Brief Description - A small of figure Kaldorei rogue who garned herself a gruesome reputation. Known to some as the Bloody Waif, Elythri was a recent criminal of the Stormwind alleys. She would attack innocent passerbys and rob them. Never did she kill her victims, but she would leave them with cuts all over their body. For each crime she committed she would carve a notch into her thighs*. Weakness - Masochist ; The product of a psychologically damaging past, Elythri takes to taking out her emotions by cutting herself. Extreme stress can cause her to have a breakdown and spend several turns harming herself, using her nails if no other weapon is present. Trigger - Blood. The sight of blood causes her to go into a panic that stages from a state of euphoria* to a crippling mental breakdown.
  2. I feel like people like to use the word "toxic" when they're trying to be nice about saying something negative. Let's face it, tensions are high, morale is low, and people are bitter with each other. We need to remind ourselves and each other why we are all here and why we like to be here instead of focusing on the bad things, maybe then we can remember how much fun we all have together and stop being so angry with one another.
  3. DarkShade

    IRL Pic Thread

    The androgyny in this thread is stronk
  4. DarkShade

    IRL Pic Thread

    oh my god just look at those little cheekies i just wanna pinch your face bradley
  5. when smeggie gives me smeggies
  6. 8/10 I like it. It's got a very 80s feel to it.
  7. I completely agree. That's all well and good you talked it out on Skype, but you are both blocking people out of the discussion and the explanation. It's a huge lacking of communication and defeats the purpose of holding a public forum if everything is simply going to start getting decided outside the community. "we have Skype logs" is turning into the new "muh progression"
  8. This. All of this. Personally, I think if we are going to allow only some parts of Skype conversations to be relevant, then all should of it should be relevant or none. It's very hinky to go rooting through and deciding what is and is not important information outside of Server conversations, especially when only select parties are privy to the conversation. On the other side of that, I also agree that it makes a huge disconnection from server/community/staff/players from one another. I understand that Skype is a great way of communication, but you also have the Contact Staff at your disposal, leaving all of staff to be able to pitch in on the matter. I don't mean that you shouldn't use Skype for just a "hey can you check my app" or talk to someone about something, such as asking information, but you should not be relying on using Skype so that you can pick and choose which staff member assists you.
  9. 9/10. Reminds me of an anti-Spiral.
  10. 7/10 Not sure what it's from, but it's cute.
  11. "Steph why aren't you reviewing more apps"
  12. I just thought it was because it sounded cool.