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  1. Ahhhhh, I've been putting this off for a long time. Honestly. I joined this crapshoot back in 2012, been here 8 years. I've disappeared quite a bit, came back, disappeared, came back, whole shebang, but I could never leave. There was a story, an old one, one that I'd been writing since 2008 back on Old Millenium. It was a story unfinished, and it was something I couldn't just let go. I kept coming back, KEPT coming back, hating myself every time I did coming back to this place. Year after year it just kinda got worse, toxic cunts became more and more prevalent, our staff fluctuated wildly between people who needed to have their knees kicked in and a bullet dropped through their head Boondock Saints style, to people I'd be willing to travel to so I could give them a hug. It's been a fucking trip though. I've made friends that I know will last me a lifetime, I've made enemies that I'd easily let drown even if I had all the chances in the world to save them. I've suffered through death threats, and piles of bullying miles high. Yet I kept coming back, I've seen so much shit in my adventures on these servers, lesbian mortal-dragon relationships, homebrew demons, homebrew classes and races, I've seen wonderful ideas and horrible ones. I've watched people build whoooooole empires or military, I've seen people make Warhammer 40k guilds themed around the Light. I've seen an army of ghouls decked out in Saronite, Liches controlling whole swaths of land in Northrend. I've been apart of so much more, wonderful events ran by some of the best DM's I've ever seen. I could go on for hours and hours and days and days about all the shit I've seen in my grand adventure on these servers. And despite it all... Despite the shit I've gone through here, the damage these servers have done to my self esteem, the pain I've felt from people, and the sheer malice and cruelty from others.. If I had to go back, I'd do it all again. Every event, every asshole, every wonderful person. The memories are unforgettable, and so are the friends. Sure I'd do some things differently, I'd treat some people nicer who I was rude too, I'd be a lot more hostile to others. I'd have put my foot down in some places instead of cowing to tyrannical abusive 'friends'. But I'd do it again. And Again. And Again. And Again. Yet here I am, writing this post. Here I am, retiring my keyboard. I have a lot of unfinished stuff, yeah, but the book that kept me coming back has closed and it has closed in a manner that I am happy with. I cried, pretty hard. Thinking about it really hurts, but it was a good ending for a 12 year old character. My namesake, one of my oldest friends, a character very dear to me. Her story is finished and honestly.. So am I. I know now that I can step back, and not come back. I can also step back knowing the server is in better hands than it could have been. I don't necessarily agree with all of you, but you're on your way to becoming a great server and I hope you do. I hope you soar, honestly I do. So with that being said, I am here to close my own book too. I am here to smile and leave on the best note I possibly can. I love you all, from stem to stern, I pray the great Celestial Whales of old come from their ancient homes and bless you all, I hope one day a brave adventurer can brave Isabel's Cavernous Vagina and come out with the treasure within, and I hope and pray that this server gets and stays as smooth and happy for as long as possible. Goodbye my friends, Goodbye my enemies, Goodbye Sayek, And Goodbye Paragon, Sincerely, Me!
  2. For Shalera.. I'll be yoinking... Mantle of Perpetual Bloom - Cloth - This brilliant mantle appears to have seals made from flowers. Vibrant blue energy radiates from these shoulders. -Once per day these shoulders may be activated, allowing the user to ‘bloom’ one of their spells. The effects of the spell become floral in design as the power is increased moderately.
  3. Sayek

    The Iron Approach

    8/10. It was -okay-. I -enjoyed- it. Could have killed -someone-.
  4. Oh hush you. That tele is to my interior, it is a very PUBLIC library for scholars, novice, adept, advanced, and master mages alike. The library has most publicly known history, a huge variety of books for mages, the only part of the library unavailable to the public is the very top. The door needs a password to enter that only my Highborne knows, and attempting to get past the door will have you removed from the library. No chance of will save. But yeah, public library, wanna be a mage? Its a good place to study all kinds of shit. Scholar? Good for you too. Just wanna read a book? It'd take you ooc years to read even half of it. Have fun. Might as well clarify, the library is a sanctuary and 100% neutral ground. As it is connected between Dalaran, Stormwind, and Silvermoon for each individual faction of magi.
  5. The sad part is, this place has been done like 3 times by 3 different people doing it entirely different ways. RIP Dire Maul, most re-used dungeon since ever.
  6. Still don't understand why you people always avoid using server time. I mean jesus fucking christ, server time is Everyone's time.
  7. Sayek

    Proving your worth

    I hate that you're doing this after I quit. I hate that you're doing this after I made a horde character. >:[ Your timing couldn't have been worse.
  8. Sayek

    Dragon Soul

    D'aww.. The final fight is on my day off. Oh well, I can get involved with Spine.
  9. Sayek

    The Firelands

    ^ This. All three of those are my prime work days.
  10. Sayek

    Elemental Bonds

    Raz as DM? "Stratholme" Need I say more?