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  1. Black people have always been canon, blizz is just garbage at customization. (idk if that part was a shitpost or not)
  2. Ereshkigal

    IRL Pic Thread

    why your chin look like
  3. when he give you the abortion money and you ain't even pregnant
  4. Ereshkigal

    IRL Pic Thread

    Seriously, enough jokes. My real life picture.
  5. wow cold way to judge other's rp. just because we progressed past the point of spending time recovering from injuries and you havent doesnt give you permission to bash us you jelly belly
  6. all applaud edgemaestro castle
  7. Ereshkigal


    this is so old i developed arthritis
  8. It's a shame this game is so obscure, I just finished it recently and this song plays during a boss battle before and after two major plot twists.