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  1. wow cold way to judge other's rp. just because we progressed past the point of spending time recovering from injuries and you havent doesnt give you permission to bash us you jelly belly
  2. This method is once again relevant, go wild pet users.
  3. Small event size best event size.
  4. Nevermind, I can't come. v.v holy fucking shit i'm a DM again
  5. Nukpana shall rise. The time is 3:30PM EST.
  6. in that case, RIP in peace. thread lock pls
  7. Bumping this because I've seen players requesting help regarding pets in the mall
  8. (10 player limit) News has spread throughout Durotar of an impending attack on Razor Hill orchestrated by none other than the Razormane Tribe of quillboar that currently populate a large amount of land near the area. In fear that preemptively attacking the quillboar could lead to the vulnerability of Razor Hill and its people, Orgnil Soulscar is now on the defensive. Orgnil Soulscar, leader of Razor Hill has called for the aid of any able-bodied warriors to help defend the aforementioned town from any and all boarmen that dare to draw near. Requirements: - Quick feet are recommended. - Ability to follow orders. - Must be unafraid of spirit pigs. (Event on Wednesday at 5PM server time)
  9. Because it seems a lot of people here do not know this, I have made a guide to spread awareness. Upon using .mod native on a hunter pet, the effect will be permanent until changed to something else and persists through server crash and relog. This pretty much removes the need to spawn and tame new pets with the help of someone with higher a account level. Step 1: Target your pet. Step 2: Find the displayid of whatever you want (There's a nice list in the "Tools" section of this forum.) Step 3 .mod nat Step 4: .demorph Step 5: Bask in the glory of your newly modeled pet! Does not work correctly on warlock minions but may or may not work on Water Elementals.
  10. With the aid of the Platinum Guard, one survivor has been returned safely to Ironforge. Whilst currently in a near vegetative state due to his massive bout of exhaustion, he has forewarned the Explorer's league of a magical artifact stolen by the Twilight's Hammer clan for an unknown purpose.
  11. Closed. Player no longer has interest in this.
  12. Event postponed until I can get ingame. Sorry.
  13. (Player limit:10) Continuation of my event chain. After a brief expedition under The Loch, a cache containing an unknown number of artifacts and fossils was discovered. Upon examination of these artifacts, a small team was sent to Ironforge to deliver them to the Hall of Explorers. A week has gone by and team appears to have vanished without a trace. League officials have offered a monetary reward for the recovery of the artifacts and information regarding the fate of the missing team. Requirements: - Must be capable of defending against a medium-large sized group of casters and melee fighters. - Must be either a Gnome, Human, Dwarf, or Night Elf*. - A healer or someone capable of first-aid would be recommended. - One-line emotes highly discouraged. *Night Elves require decent reasoning for being in the zone. Worgen and Draenei highly discouraged. (Event on Thursday, 5PM EST)