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  1. Slave217

    Not even sorry

    Add a milk carton on Vlad's head and we're good to go.
  2. Azemadeea Autumnsky Start : 420BLAZEIT
  3. Nopes. You can cut, smash or assault their 'bodies' and they'll take damage from it, attacking their bracers is probably not such a good idea knowing how damn durable those are.
  4. MASTURBATE FURIOUSLY Masturbation Intensifies Furiously
  5. Welcome back. I myself lean away from the flavortexts, they seem too tasty.
  6. Banned because I am getting banned.
  7. Put on sicklist due to depression and other mental issues. welfare case/Social Services ETCETERA.
  8. Did you really do that? That's... You are a disgrace. Okay' date=' okay, please give me this chance to seek atonement!