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  1. Roundabout


    warlocks are good people and totally trustworthy am i right my fellow arkanians
  2. i protected you so many times dave and now you warn me... .. . . . . there will be a reckoningn the final nights have come
  3. you can't stop me, thinbloods. i command the night and god and anime
  4. as if anyone wants to rp with the four people who lord over an empty world thinbloods
  5. warriors suck for you because you aren't going big dick and are in fact taking big dick, learn the difference
  6. "it's clear we've taken the right steps" but you're still here???? I mean, if you were taking the right steps, things would surely turn around, right? Right? Or, is that why it's all the same faces making the same statements and threads about things like this? You know, I might have continued to respect this conversation I was having with you, if you had at any time done anything more than throw off what I said by calling me an "ex-player" and simply repeating yourself with your stupid buzzwords and nonsensical jargon about how great everything will be now that everyone bad that isn't me is gone. "it's okay, it'll pass, people will come back!" - everyone every year since 2014. Everything dies eventually, though I'm not saying it's going to die any time soon, it's just that the population is going to stay the way it is. Paragon has essentially become a niche server. There's nothing wrong with that, but the growth just isn't there.
  7. I didn't tell you it's pointless, that's what you're getting out of it in attempt to believe that I've got some sort of agenda here that everyone should go to epsilon. I don't. Heck, I don't even know why you're being this aggressive, short of trying to prove you've got Paragon's best interests at heart, and perhaps you do. Acting the way you are isn't the way to go about it, though. What needs to change to stop population decline needed to have changed a long time ago. But it's the attitude, like the one you have now, that chases people away. That has caused this steady decline. The oh-so-smart, superiority over nonsense, and faux rules lawyering whenever they think they can take a jab at someone that contributes to the toxicity that everyone acknowledges but does nothing about short of banning someone until they get their chance to appeal and everyone says oh they're not so bad, give them a fifth chance.
  8. This is exactly the reason people stop coming here. I don't know, maybe I have an educated opinion as a former staff member on the state of things and how poorly they continue to go? It's almost as if this problem is endemic to the community, but what do I know? I've only been here forever and only recently decided to stop RPing here, but clearly that means my opinions must be discarded.
  9. as opposed to what? rping with friends or chatting up on a tavern? maybe going to a non-story event, which is exactly the same as the story events, except with different things to kill? paragon has less population on at any given time than a single phase usually has on epsilon. a lot of the posts in this thread say "oh they'll get bored of it and come back", "people come back every time", etc. etc. Now I'm no epsilon-fanboy, but I do enjoy it. Its systems like the npc forge and the way things are actively developed there is highly encouraging, and the team is very straight forward with its members, when its necessary to be. The fact of the matter is, is that Paragon's old, and it's been run by the same people for years. There can only be so much influx of new blood, especially with the way some players treat new members on Paragon. If you seriously think Paragon will ever recover to the point it used to be, say two years ago? You're sorely mistaken. Point is: People know what they're getting into here, and for many, it simply isn't what they want. Even on outsider /r/eddit threads and /tg/, for years, Paragon has been the black sheep of the WoW RP community, an absolute dead end of progress, and though I haven't always, I am now inclined to agree with them. The only thing you can get from Paragon anymore is a lesson in how not to start a political career.
  10. i have nothing more to give or take from paragon than to offer insight and personal opinions on issues that have plauged the server for a number of years. only way i'd ever come back is if rag did l m a o
  11. these people had already left or had been chased off of the server due to drama. some people came back because the staff apps opened and will probably leave again if they don't get it lol. i come to the forums compulsively as something to do while taking a flight path on retail. i mean, the grass tends to be greener on the other side, especially because of all of the drama that has just recently been going on. though, the population has been on a rather slow, steady decline for a little while. At least, active population.
  12. You'd be surprised how much the staff chat is a hugbox of blame shifting. Usually poor decisions can be scapegoated into someone who left the team. Or rarely, someone will get kicked off, instead of you getting the full story. You'll notice this a lot that for some reason Granodd's at fault for things he didn't do when you ask certain people. And how this big thing with removing public appeals (the first real step to dismantling the system that makes the team even slightly accountable) only came about after the backlash was so powerful against a wrongful ban that they don't want to deal with it again. Every time I think about my time as a staff member, I actually get angry. Angry that I wasted my time, and angry at how it feels like Paragon is going in the opposite direction than where it should be going. Breaking down and turning into what it used to be, from a regular community perspective, not IC. Truth is, the team is disconnected from the community by virtue of how they operate, and that's just unhealthy for both sides.