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  1. Roundabout


    warlocks are good people and totally trustworthy am i right my fellow arkanians
  2. yeah how dare they join the genocide train of boring npc slaughter with a gimmick boss at the end, because it's not like the differing presence would change the actual outcome of the story regardless lmao also dragons don't have charges anymore lol, the bronzes are the only ones who have taken it upon themselves to continue their work as far as we know in the lore, and even then, their destiny is to become loot pinatas
  3. grant us eyes grant us eyes
  4. Roundabout


    commander is actually their first name, like shepard
  5. Honestly, four people isn't a bad number... A little under optimal but it's better than the alternative of sitting on a ferris wheel of emotes that is most story events.
  6. Perhaps before. The new way of grading applications can point to bias much easier than before. Not exactly the place to discuss it, but applications right now are the farthest they have been from a popularity contest. Hreh
  7. can you really stop with this
  8. Yeah, too bad nobody plays Warlocks seriously, or they play the much-dumbed down uncorrupted warlock. Or their character solely exists within events. Those are even worse tbh.
  9. Roundabout


    How do I get into this..? Please..? We'll have a new guild post eventually, since Aevelm's no longer the one running things right now. However, feel free to contact me on Esilen or Mercy on Aisa if you're interested in joining.
  10. that doesn't make them any less important, but honestly all people want to do is jump around to what they perceive is the best part of the expansion so they can bring all of their troops to krasarang, build defenses all over the continent and then get pissed off when someone sneezes in their general direction because they've got a hundred mortars pointed at them, because people who didn't actually play the expansion thought it was entirely about the horde-alliance war, when it was mostly just the plot device that drove smaller stories until 5.4 .this includes 5.1 where actually, direct fighting between the factions was minimal except for poking for resources, which we all know goes rather well on paragon, right? kun-lai 2.0 inc
  11. A bunch of folks are already doing that.
  12. Could you possibly reschedule this. You've got it going on about the same time I'm running Thunder King in Kun-Lai.
  13. Roundabout

    Wailing Caverns

    all those fang druid npcs wearing cenarion tabards