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  1. Mynxie

    Destiny 2 - PC

    Not gonna preorder but I am excited. I enjoyed Destiny for what it was but I didn't care enough to get all the DLC. Maybe Bungie will do it better this time around but, this was Activision's plan the whole time. Just like Battlefront 2 was EA's plan the whole time. Make some cash crab game first, take the criticism and then repackage it and sell it again with all the features the first one should've had. Double your profits.
  2. Mynxie

    Conan Exiles

    ^ In all seriousness though, I'd only just heard about this game about three months ago and have been following it since. However, after seeing some gameplay that's not by the devs themselves, I'm feeling like I should wait until they work out some of the bugs. I'll probably wait for a sale tbh but I do think it would be neat if Paragon made its own server for RP purposes. Edit: I caved and bought the game. >.<
  3. Mynxie

    The Division

    I actually just recently bought this game since I was able to upgrade my PC this winter. Haven't played it much but it seems alright. I was really hyped for it about 2-3 years ago when they first announced but after Destiny and all the delays... I lost interest.
  4. Mynxie


    STOP WHINING AND PLAY IT U FUK What a bunch of complainers, sheesh
  5. Mynxie


    Tastes like salt. c:
  6. Mynxie


    Paladins is a new multiplayer FPS MOBA from Hi Rez Studios (the same ones responsible for SMITE) and, while it is a total OverWatch ripoff, it's an incredibly fun one! ... And it's available right now.* As someone who had the good fortune to play OverWatch for only a weekend, I was looking for something similar to hold me off until at least OW open beta/early access. Other than Battleborn, I did find a couple others currently in development: Lawbreakers and Paragon (hue). *So, obviously the catch is it's in closed beta, so you can go to the site and sign up OR purchase a beta key online for under $3 (what I did) OR you can ask me. c: They've added a referral feature to invite friends for instant access to the beta. Thing is, I'm not entirely sure how many they'll allow us to give out. If you're interested, I'd really recommend giving it a try as it's surprisingly a lot of fun. Especially if you're someone itching for that OverWatch style action, or someone just looking to give the genre a try.
  7. Mynxie

    Warhammer: Vermintide

    Should've been f2p. :C
  8. Returning players will likely appreciate all the new changes and immense upgrade in overall quality more than new players might, tbh.
  9. Okay, so I know there's already a SWToR thread but I figured the new expansion merits its own post. Both because it's, well, amazing and deserves a spotlight. The xpac officially releases tomorrow (Oct 27) and is free to all subscribers! I've had early access to it since the 20th and I can safely say that the rest of the game srsly pales in comparison to the quality of the new expansion. The cinematics have gotten immensely better, the dialogue is great and the graphics have been slightly improved. It's mostly atmospheric fx. Such as lighting, particles, shading and texture resolution. Say what you will about ToR's payment model (which is disgusting, thanks to EA), but the actual core game is fantastic! Especially for fans of the mythos (yes, I know, it's still no SWG). The game really isn't worth playing free, and only barely worth playing as a preferred player (status granted to those who have spent at least $5 on the game) but the rewards for being a subscriber are actually quite nice. All the game's expansions are available to you for no charge if you're a subscriber, including the upcoming KotFE. Version 4.0 has come with a lot of changes, most for the better. The game has been streamlined (in a good way, I know that word can have negative connotations x3) to make the experience more enjoyable. Some quick features that come with KotFE that might interest you: - One free lvl 60 (to start right into KotFE content) - Free for subs - Awesome story & cinematics - Streamlined experience - Choices that actually matter, for the most part If you're interested, there's more info hur: My info c:
  10. O bad. Necromancers. For those who are interested, I'm formulating a Defias revival. Working on an opening event so stay tuned for a guild post + more info. Soonâ„¢ Good to see that there's interest though. c:
  11. Mynxie

    Heroes of the Storm

    I'm US LektraKitty#1925 I main Jaina/Nova. I just play who I'm feeling or what's needed really. I'm quite proficient in any position, depending on the hero. Butcher/Kerrigan, Diablo/ETC, Tyrande/Malfurion/Uther, etc...
  12. Mynxie

    The Quest

    Rofl, and yeah it's definitely worth a shot if you're into fantasy and the whole larp aspect. I'd venture to say there's nothing quite like this on TV, which is why I fear for its longevity. ;~;