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  1. I mean that's still not twenty, Mighty. Lol.
  2. EU Prime time apparently.
  3. Seriously this grass is greener mentality is absolute bullshit. WoD has been horrible from the start; the limitations put in place to force people there resounded in such a loud outcry that within a month or two Raz had to lift it. You literally have to force people to RP in WoD in order for any of its content to be done; no one wants to make an orc or draenei specifically for an expansion that doesn't matter because let's face it; the only mentions of Draenor after WoD are in BfA and that's for an allied race. It is nearly completely forgotten because Blizzard sees the entire experience as a horrible mistake and those who fucked up probably got fired for how awful they did; it was a rushed product meant to bring in people who were reminiscing but left a bitter taste in their mouths. A lot of us could give two fucks about how scripted an event is; I appreciate the work but it really is not necessary we managed to RP just fine without these things in the past and when something doesn't work and someone has to spend ten minutes trying to fix it the immersion has already been lost due to the irritating bump in the road. Skip to Legion PLEASE, if you want a community to still be here in the next couple months you need to get out of this damn wasteland.
  4. Please skip this god-awful excuse for an expansion, directly to Legion.
  5. If this is true; I'm glad they aren't going with the route of Jaina being evil; they've already gotten rid of too many good characters.
  6. Issue with the content creators; you can't exactly make things if you don't have the tools. You can all just sit around talking in a tavern; but when it comes to actually doing things you need to sit down for a bit, ask for a DM, none may be on at that time or may be busy doing something else; or maybe they just don't feel like it(it's a volunteer job). And by the time it happens, all of the momentum has been drained and people wander off to go do their own thing(usually in pairs to ERP). It's why servers like Epsilon and RPH work so well; if you want to do something just -do it-. You can't do that on Paragon, there are a lot of nuances and protocols, you can indeed request DM powers temporarily but again it's another step of having to do something arbitrary. I feel like if we want to really draw people in, we need to make these tools more accessible and you can leave scheduled and major events to DMs; but if people want to do something small like hunt an ogre plaguing Durotar then let them, and if it gets out of hand that's why we have staff members to punish those who abuse such things.
  7. The ego people have on Paragon is far too inflated for a tournament scene without staff present. It's a fun thought but I think it would end horribly.
  8. We won't be going back to AU Draenor. Honestly, Warlords of Draenor is actually more like a curse word to them; it is very clear that Blizzard is not proud of the product in the least bit. The story was rushed, a lot of content was just bad, and while there was potential none of it was ever fully realized. I think that Grom should be punished, he committed genocide against an entire people and just because he comes in at the end to kill an eredar(which he barely even helps in the fight by the way) he is suddenly pardoned. We're an RP server, we should be able to look at these events and go 'maybe we should have these characters react correctly'. It is such a horrible way to end the expansion on top of it already being horrendous; if we're going to try and make this expansion any good we need to fix things that Blizzard failed on.