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  1. You aren't exactly wrong in that. I'll see what we can do with the people we have around.
  2. The thread doesn't need to be closed, but the topic of Caeser's activity and actions on the server isn't really the purpose of this thread so it's best moved elsewhere. Which is why Drak and Jake were told to keep it out of DM chat. I don't think the two things are necessarily equivalent. I'm sure there's more to it than that. The primary difference would be repeat offences. I'm gonna repeat this, hopefully, for the last time. I am not okay with what Drak said. I said that to him clearly, and I have been saying that very clearly throughout this thread. However, I don't think that justifies the way in which Snow chose to deal with it. It's as simple as that. You repeatedly insult the Staff team to a greater degree than Drak insulted you, and you're yet to be punished for it. That should serve as an answer. It's more that nobody around is in a position to deal with a report of that calibre. It would normally be passed up to Data Core, but he doesn't have the time to be around actively right now. I understand that that probably hasn't been fully explained to you though. Sorry about that. We're all very much aware of the problem and the issues taken with his wording.
  3. Snow wasn't given an official warning for what he did as if it was a standard infraction but I explained to him why I was very unhappy with what he did as a DM. Like Watisor said, I told him not to do it again. He failed, explicitly, to follow the correct procedure for reporting somebody, and instead chose to resort to something which, in my view, was just as childish and pointless as what Drakbane was doing. I expect better from Drak and I expect better from Snow. Drak's mild comment was a little unbecoming, Snow's exacerbation by sending it to you was unnecessary and totally not the right course of action. A Dungeon Master has a lot of responsibility, and authority, on the server. If someone in that position isn't inclined to follow clear procedure based on their own arbitrary judgement, it brings into question how appropriately they can perform as a DM. That was my issue with what Snow did. I don't agree with what Drak had to say, which is why I challenged him on it later. I didn't think what he said was very severe, so I didn't raise it to Data Core. And I corrected myself, didn't I?
  4. I don't think there's really enough there to fill up all the gaps. I'd rather take some time to re-assess how things are being done and do some planning first. Possibly some custom things to trial out systems before we get into Legion. I did like the Dark Portal stuff but it did suffer from a lack of player agency. There was some personal interactions within it but generally speaking the whole thing is just an on-the-rails experience. A reasonably fun experience, but that's still all it really was. I think the issue there is that there's so many objects like that throughout the world it would probably take as much, if not more time, to find them and scan them than just scanning the whole continent.
  5. Ultimately I think Raz is right. It's very easy to just say 'skip' because Draenor feels like it sucks, but chances are that for a lot of the people who are so quick to say that, Legion won't be any better. The issue isn't only in the content - we've been working on making that actually different to Blizzard's story since Talador - it's in community engagement. There needs to be a certain amount of faith and effort of the playerbase in keeping Draenor going. I'm sure that if there was a solid population actually involved there then we'd probably be closing up on Draenor by now anyways. So how do you get people more engaged? Don't know. We need people to speak up on what would make them interested in going to these zones without just saying "draenor sucks skip to legion lol", because I don't think that's going to entirely solve our problem if Legion is delivered in the same way as Draenor. We should also look back to Pandaria and Cataclysm content and consider what went right there, because they did drum up a lot of RP in the relevant zones and made everyone feel involved in the story - if we combine those ideals with the new means we have of running story content, I think things can go very well. I would agree that, at least, the Broken Isles do suit Paragon much more than Draenor does. There's more roleplay potential because at least some of the zones are more open to wandering about and doing things than Draenor zones have been. The story there should, I'd hope, be more engaging because it is a bit easier to care about. Blizzard does give us better material to work with. However, again as Raz said, Legion isn't ready yet. Even if we did leap over Warlords we'd be left waiting for Legion in the same situation we were before Pandaria. That could be a good thing, really. It could allow us some time to focus on some more custom things of larger scale to get a lot of players involved in and potentially rework some integral parts of the server in preparation for properly running Legion without having to worry about dragging Draenor along. Ultimately I think what this should come down to is the people willing/able to run things. If we can get a good group of DMs and GMs who are prepared to work together to make Draenor a good experience, we should keep at it. If they want to get together and work on something else? Maybe it's best we move on. But then you have the issue of how. How do you implement 'skipping' Draenor from a roleplay perspective? Does our job just magically end after Nagrand, the Iron Horde falls and that's that? We've not defeated a single Warchief, yet. We could try to push for a wrap-up campaign of sorts, hammer out all of the stuff that needs to happen and quietly ignore most dungeons, Tanaan and the raids. But the point of this thread is that nobody really seems to want to do things on Draenor, so doing that seems pointless. We could do a timeskip, call it a few months on. We could put up some kind of synopsis of what happens, suggest the kind of things your characters could have been involved with at that time, but timeskips can be messy when we consider all the roleplay happening outside of Draenor. There's always the dreaded lore wipe.
  6. If you attended Aelle's Flame Temple event please let me know so we can arrange your character's rewards, if any. The other temples are unfortunately going to be on hold for a little while but might be picked up along the line. Would be a shame to see this concept go to waste.
  7. Back when I first started playing WoW as a Wrath baby in 2009 I remember really enjoying Icecrown back before you could fly around in it. Progressing you way towards the Citadel while carefully avoiding the huge trenches of scourge running through the middle of the zone was great. I have good memories of early questing in Hellfire Peninsula again back before I had flying and just as I bought my first flying training. The scale of the zone and everything in it (the Dark Portal, Fel Reaver, Pit Lord) felt unlike anywhere else I'd been in WoW before - since my first character was a Dwarf I never really went to Kalimdor to see places like Desolace and Barrens, and even then I think Hellfire is bigger. Even did RP there in one of the few retail guilds I was part of which was alright. Mount Hyjal an Twilight Highlands were good fun in Cataclysm. The way they made Hyjal mirror the old raid was really nice and I've enjoyed going back there recently when I was doing the order hall campaign on my druid. Seeing some Wildhammer stuff in Twilight Highlands was cool too, and I liked the Alliance v Horde beach segment at the start. There was also that one quest where you hijack a zeppelin and have to parachute off the back. Jade Forest was probably my favourite zone in Pandaria. It was the only one I did to completion and was a good intro to the expansion. Lots of fun quests, great aesthetics and like most of Pandaria had really good music. Looking back I regret not playing more retail during Pandaria. The zones and quests were cool even if they're a bit out of nowhere for the setting.
  8. Events subforum is really for posting events that are gonna behosted by a DM, rather than requests/discussions like this. I've moved it into where I think is a little more appropriate. I think it's a pretty nice idea. I should be able to let you speak to Menethil's leadership at least to get this rolling along.
  9. I think revising them is probably a good idea. I echo Luther's concern that, while hanging is bound to be a thing, the more horrific medieval executions don't seem as appropriate. Edit: To add a bit more direct feedback to what you've got so far; The format is a little bit hard to read. It could do with some more distinction between sections. It's hard to quickly find a law and its punishment. There's a few instances of 'human being' in here in reference to people. I think this is best exchanged for something like Alliance/Stormwind Citizen, given that we've got a lot more than just humans living in Stormwind. I don't really know what to say about brothels and prostitution. Obviously Blizzard hasn't touched on it, and I doubt they will. I'm inclined to say it's probably not illegal but also that it's not very common. It may be the case that prostitution is permitted only in brothels to keep it in check and keep the kingdom relatively clean.
  10. I would say the Church provides its Priests and Paladins with necessities like somewhere to sleep, basic meals and some gear maintenance just through the religious community, but but I dunno if they/d get an actual salary. They might be given some coin in certain cases, but I'd expect any disposable income to be something the character arranges independent of the Church. I can see the crown putting taxes towards the Church to fund those services too, like what Salmon said.
  11. The next parts of Talador for the Horde and Alliance have been arranged for Wednesday 18th October @ 13:00 Server Time/19:00 CET and Thursday 19th October @ 13:00 Server Time/19:00 CET respectively.
  12. Talador Talador is the heart of Draenor. It rests at the crossroads of the continent, divided by rivers that flow from the Sea of Zangar and enable marine trade and movement from east to west. At the center of Talador shines the glorious cathedral city of Shattrath: a museum metropolis, an architectural marvel, a preserved recreation of ancient draenei culture—entirely occupied by the Iron Horde. Talador is the next zone in Draenor planned to start week commencing 9th October. The DMs for Talador are Jake, Parasite and Pharoah/Phoenix. In addition to the main quests, Phoenix will be running a custom chain of events as build-up towards the Battle for Shattrath. The main quest chains for Talador, and their DMs for the time being, are as follows: Establishing Your Outpost (Parasite) Introduction Date: Tuesday 10th October @ 12:00 Server Time/18:00 CET Building: Wizard Sanctum The Wizard Sanctum Date: Thursday 19th October @ 13:00 Server Time/19:00 CET Establishing Your Outpost (Parasite) Introduction Date: Wednesday 11th October @ 12:00 Server Time/18:00 CET Building: Arsenal The Arsenal Date: Wednesday 18th October @ 13:00 Server Time/19:00 CET Archenon Siegeyard (Parasite) Date: Wednesday 15th November @ 13:00 Server Time/20:00 CET The Doomhammer Saga (Phoenix) Click title for details. The Battle for Shattrath (Watsiro & Phoenix) Date: Saturday 16th December In the Shadows of Auchindoun (Phoenix) Date: TBA The Plight of the Arakkoa (???) Date: TBA
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    Sindoh is gonna be arranging our first proper event at some point next week (hopefully). Info will be spread around IC through Adeline.
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    I'm sure there'd be a place for him, just try to catch me when I'm around on Adeline.
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    There's no particular reason why he wouldn't be. I'm sure he'd be welcome.