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  1. Rumors spread throughout the mercenary camps of Redridge, and soon the Stormraven soldiers who had taken shelter after the battle would begin leaving, returning to Westfall. A small fortress settled in the northern farmlands of Westfall began thrumming with life once more, the returning forces and nearby citizenry traveling to see if the word was true. Daario Diarmud Al Akshab, founder of the Stormravens, stood at the entrance to the Stormravens hub with his lion, and the Stormravens' unofficial mascot; Nymer. Not much had seemingly changed about the fellow, and as what remained of his forces gathered he smiled. "Let's get back to work boys." Scrolls went out the individual lords and ladies, members of the house of nobles, and minor nobility. Posters were placed in the major Alliance towns, welcoming all alliance citizens to the brotherhood. Once more the Stormravens were open for business. And as always:
  2. Makeris is just Incandessa in man-drag.
  3. TBH i thin it's awesome we have Gilneas again. Also what Drez said. (If we're all being honest theres an anti revan circlejerk where people give his char more shit than they should because they dont like his abrasive personality IRL. That being said, Revan overreacts to stuff because he now assumes that most IC stuff is because of OOC reasons. It's kind of a self fulfilling prophecy. We should all just get along)
  4. Stargeek is the reason why this took so long
  5. Why would i thank them when they haven't even produced one dank meme since the server's been down?
  6. For a reference on how actually difficult shamanism is, theres a part of the shattering book right before (or after i dont remember) the cataclysm where fires appear in orgrimmar and Thrall literally couldn't get the fire to stop spreading, he had to forcefully bend it to his will because it wouldn't listen (because of how crazy the cataclysm was making things)
  7. I never expect it, and then I scroll down and get 3spoopy. #endspookysig2000+15
  8. *teleports behins you and slices you in half with his katana.* pshh. Nothing personal kid. *tips fedora and walks away*
  9. ITT: The Makeris Family using instagram filters
  10. Also from Dr. Who: “When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all… Grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.†-Elton Pope, “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.†-The Doctor talking about Vincent Van Gogh. Hit me right in the feels. And Finally : “In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important†-The Doctor
  11. Ok here we go, i'll seperate this by servers. Azshara: My first character was Azreal, a Forlarren who's father was a wolf demon so he was allowed to turn into a demonic wolf. I got tired of that so I made an identical character, named him Dante and said that he was Azreal's twin brother who ate him and so now he was a demonic wolf who coudl also transform into a worgen. (This was back in vanilla/early TBC so only npc worgen models.) Soon after I decided fuck that, so I said that the wolf thing was just what Dante -wanted- people to believe and he used illusion magic for it, and that he was actually a bronze dragon. Me and Wrin (a forsaken assassin) decided that dante and wrin were secretly brothers of the bronze dragonflight sent to observe mortals and make sure nothing destroyed the world. Also back then the admin allowed cross faction rping in major cities, so i had Dante go to silvermoon a lot and fight with shadow magic (why did he have shadow magic?) against evil people. Also, I did tons of really fucked up erp. RebelWoW: Continued with Dante being a bronze, but kind of retconning the demonic thing. Here's where i actually started to rp a bronze kind of properly, but i was still edgy as fuck. Uhhh being part of Kilonam's Eternum Diablo was super fun but basically every character's abilities were completely lorebreaking. The admins allowed it though because 99% of our rp was just with each other and when we went out of our base we stuck to lore. Was anime levels of cringe though (Example: I had a blood elf white tiger primal who could absorb people's abilities which lead to him being able to create flames and use telekenisis). Also, I did tons of really fucked up erp. MillenniumWoW: I like to think I was relatively ok at this point, but there were two huge fuck ups. One, Dante got killed and I wanted him to be alive so bad that I basically metagamed him into being a shade (apparently bronze wyrms can be shades? Anyway) and got people to revive him, which was kind of scummy. But more importantly, Dante would always lie in the bronze dragonshrine to give advice to adventurers and start quests, and for a good year and a half i completely forgot that dragons can't enter the bronze dragonshrine due to the time storm. Once someone pointed it out after all those months Dante and his sworn erected a sort of shield to allow him and other immortals to be let in. Can't believe I forgot that for over a year. Also, I did tons of really fucked up erp. OH! I had been rping tzai as politically savvy as possible for like a year or two and halfway through millennium he got control of Silvermoon. TBH that wasn't even cringey, it was fucking awesome. So much political rp and giant wars started. Good times. RavenGuard: Not much here, tbh. Also, I did tons of really fucked up erp. (Once involving a death knight!) Imperium: See Ravenguard Paragon: The numerous times I would start drama or argue with staff/admins because I thought stuff was unfair. Should've just gone through the proper channels and actually stayed instead of leaving (meaning the times i left because of drama not the times i left because of schoolwork, yay college is over). I decided to rp tzai as insane rather than politically savvy and that also caused a whole ton of drama which was really stupid on everyone's part, but whatevs. Also, I still do tons of really fucked up erp.
  12. We do not pepe. (House Pepe)
  13. Anonymouse99

    Pepe Poll

    I think it's time we discussed this. Pepes are awesome, and that's just straight talk. They sit on your head, they look like little torchics from pokemon, and they're just sweet. So I created this petition to add a sidenote to lore that a large number of birds were spotted across Azeroth, extremely friendly birds that tend to land on adventurer's heads and stay there for hours at a time. Go in peace friends.