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  1. Bro ur not handsome change ur member title right now

  2. marti

    Return from jigoku

    If they added like buttons here I would give all of you heart reacts tbh, I missed you too porsk.
  3. marti

    Return from jigoku

    Heya boys, damn, good to see so many familiar faces. And Brad, I remember you bro, good to see you're still around, same to Cold and Nomit.
  4. marti

    Return from jigoku

    You gotta tell me who you are though, your screen name didn't ring any bells! And yeah haha, I tried roleplaying/ powergaming IRL instead for the time I wasn't on here but all I got from that was huge amounts of debt sadly. :(
  5. marti

    Return from jigoku

    Hello everyone! It has been such a long time and I am so thrilled, my heart's racing even, to be here once more. Very thankful for the opportunity, by the way! I hope that I can reexperience the community and meet up with former acquaintances, now that we're all grown up and there's so much to talk about (or not). Anyone who remembers me and wants to talk, I'm marti#6084 on discord, feel free to hit me up! For those of you who don't know me, I used to be on here way back in 2013 but was banned, last I checked I had tried to appeal my suspension in 2014 to no avail, and haven't interacted with the server since. I am 21 years old, formerly an orc main, love MMORPG's, photography, I do a bit of digital art as well (if anyone wants their character sketched for free I will oblige as I am basically still just practicing on and off and have been for some 6 years now, will send some sample art your way if interested and if I have access to anything recent on this HD!) and overall just like talking/gossiping etc. Here is a recent pic of me for anyone that doesn't have me on Facebook.
  6. Notice how this is a series of posts, too. Ah sadness.
  7. Yeah I don't think I'll be there for the post event either...I'm heading out for a few days. Sorry Horadin I'll skype fight you ):
  8. Name: Veash Cloudstalker Race: Night Elf Talents: Monk/Runemaster Stage Name: Mugiwara Representing: Alliance Date desired: 8/20
  9. Hah I remember this one, pretty elaborate
  10. As for Transfer Magic, here's this just in case... Even though Castle said this already I'll just mention again that the spellbreaker's metamagic feats work against all kinds of magic, they just can't wear enchanted weapons or armor or come in contact with arcane magic without "resisting" it. Btw that first picture is actually "Magic Energy Control [Metamagic]" I reckon.
  11. marti

    Paragon RP Info

    You're bait, Evinis.
  12. marti

    Paragon RP Info

    You weren't a member of GoH do you not understand this?
  13. marti

    Worgen Guide

    I like the new Corbin
  14. marti

    NPC PVP Battle System

    So basically this but simplified?