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  1. porsk

    Return from jigoku

    never forget the battle of surwich thanks for the dota beta key
  2. porsk

    Call to Arms!

    Blackeye's agreed to help.
  3. MhMHMHMHMHmHmhm 

    P O R S K

  4. available for another dm to take up
  5. porsk

    The Pride

    On the eve of victory, the Alliance has decided to reward those that participated in the battle against the Scourge that gripped Port de Montarville, both for their bravery and willingness to participate against overwhelming odds, and for the fact they were an arm of the Alliance when it's body is still out there, indisposed with the countless tides of demons swarming out across Azeroth. Amongst these people, a few have been recognized for especial service and or bravery & courage on the battlefield. Lionheads have been given out to their respective families, handlers and or independent bodies. The following have been commended or recommended for their show on the battlefield. - Kira Rivers of Montarville Trading Co & former naval soldier, Silver Lionhead. - Sir Arthedain of House Strike & the Eventide, Silver Lionhead - Sir Kaulder of House Strike & the Eventide, Bronze Lionhead - Lady Culter of House Montarville, Bronze Lionhead - Kevyn & Hobbes of House Strike, Bronze Lionhead - Ainsley Harrington of the Arkanford, Silver Lionhead - Petra Ravenbane of House Montarville, Bronze Lionhead - Jeremiah Aimes, Sergeant of the Alliance Army, Silver Lionhead & Master Sergeant (Lieutenant Alderic's charge.) - Lord Logan of House Theirin, Bronze Lionhead - Bevin Thorne of the Silverhand, Bronze Lionhead - Linara, Freelancer, Bronze Lionhead - Sindan & Irithiel, Bronze Lionhead Silver Lionhead: an important commendation, this medal is adorned with a blue and gold piece of cloth from which a lion head made of silver hangs. This piece of silver signifies commendable acts in service of the Crown as representative, defender or soldier and is common among the Knighthood officers. Bronze Lionhead: a symbol of recognition for those that fight for the Crown and display commendable acts in their service while in the field of battle or as its representative. Common among NCOs and junior officers, this is the lowest of the Lionheads in prestige
  6. porsk

    Deaths Rising

    updated once again with new requests. cheaters paradise finished/claimed
  7. porsk

    Deaths Rising

    updated once more
  8. porsk

    Deaths Rising

    updated with recent events/finished events, will be adding more soon.
  9. porsk

    Seeking Interest

    House Strike has sent out a few posters to popular kingdoms boards looking for a weapons trainer for hire. Somebody that can teach the use of the shortsword, rapier, daggers and or the longsword for anybody interested (any of the one listed weapons) in training one of his daughters. The pay is said to be high. The Eventide has also begun recruiting people once more for anybody interested in such a rare opportunity! Sir Gregory, veteran of the wars and hospitaler of the Order will be vetting people. Meanwhilst troubles brew in Duskwood. Dawid's issued a warning to any passing noblemen to be safe on the roads. He has also spoken with the Night's Watch to tighten the chokes around the Three Corners and the roads closeby.
  10. porsk

    Operation: Red Dawn

    Griffith has been retrieved via the efforts of some freelancers, members of House Strike, and an Si:7 Operative that preferred to keep his identity unnamed. The SI:7 has handsomely rewarded these rare few for their efforts. The Red Dawn is being investigated more closely now.
  11. porsk

    Deaths Rising

    Duskwood is a tumultuous zone, known for its blighted skies and cursed woods. There's never a shortage of work for intrepid adventurers to carry out. Duke Dawid Strike has sent out a call to arms for anybody interested in expanding the Hamlet's faculties and slaying monsters or whatever troubles come to be. The gates of Dyrwood have opened and a mission board's been posted in Darkshire for those interested. Mission Board: Cruel Nights Khadgar's Whiskers Cheaters' Paradise Dead man Walking Ogres Trouble 1/2 (!) T/L Ogres from Deadwind have dredged up an old tunnelway used in the First War for noblemen and commonpeople to escape Brightwood's destruction. They're moving in force, stirred by something and fiercely migratory. An evil sorcerer at the helm. Lothar the Second There's been sightings of a crazed man calling himself the second coming of Lothar, the Alliance War Hero! Bring him to justice to the Night Watch. Farm Troubles A local farmer's prized turnip has been stolen strategically before the hamlet's annual turnip competition. He has reason to believe it was another farmer to sabotage him. Investigate and help him out. Weavers' Love (!) A local tailor needs a small group of people to fetch her some special spider silk from a rare breed within Duskwood. The only problem is they're venomous and dangerous creatures! She's promised to reward the people handsomely for any trouble. Duke's Bid Lord Strike is heard to have been hiring secondhand mercenaries to do some acquisition work for him - he's looking for monster hunters, in particular, and beastslayers and wildermen. Two Tails' Somehow, someway a thresher's gotten it self lodged inside of the river cutting between Elwyn and Duskwood. Now it's attacking ferrymen and eating unsuspecting fishers. Deputy Mayor is hiring anybody able to fix the problem by relocating it without upsetting the local D.E.H.T.A. footnote: this will be a series of event chains with fun rewards for everybody. all the geralts of paragon are invited and mercenary companies or people that otherwise find this aligning within their character interest. dm me on discord if you're interested so i can plan the events accordingly. the first few will be limited slots, small groupings. then the last shebang will be open to a larger party. ANYBODY CAN TAKE THESE EVENTS UP AT ANY TIME, CONTACT ME VIA THE FORUMS OR ON THE DISCORD WITH THE TIME MOST FLEXIBLE FOR YOU AND YOUR GROUP. Legend (!) dangerous / death potential T/L = Time Limited (sensitive)
  12. For about a year, the disappearance of James Brenden Griffith II has mystified his family and his close associates. The mans disappearance has left his House damaged. Now word has resurfaced of the forgotten lord, helped by SI:7 intel. The organization is employing anybody within their ranks and outside of them (within certain parameters) to retrieve Griffith who is believed to have been held in a hideout deep in the Elwynn mountains. His captors are highly trained political assassins and field soldiers. Anybody bold and true to the Alliance is invited in retrieving Griffith. Wednesday, June 5th 12 ST. 10 slots.
  13. Will be holding a re-run for Millificent/Thal'ena on Sunday 12 ST. (Millificent will be done first and Thal'ena secondly.)
  14. Updated loot tables, and difficulty ratings. Those with a critical sign are, you guessed it, very hard fights that'll require coordination. (extreme lethality/danger & difficulty. So come packing. If the threat spooks you, don't. ). These bosses will be the main event of the Violet Hold besides Fel Lord/Sael'orn who're being hashed out still! Twenty five slots will be open for the Attack on Violet Hold.
  15. porsk

    Montarville's Bane

    thursday, 1pm pst folks be there or be square