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    never forget the battle of surwich thanks for the dota beta key
  2. Deep in the webways of the Violet Hold, a prison break has been staged. Through the Legion's insidious efforts, a high ranking agent has slipped through the city's careful eye and seized control of a part of the Violet Hold and now they've begun to set every murderous and prolific prisoner loose! The entire Hold's now in turmoil, prisoners carving a bloody path upwards in hopes of reaching the streets. Dalaran has sent out a call to arms in hopes of regaining control of the prison before the chaos spills out! Hey there, it's your boy coming at you with a hot take. Tass and I agreed the events of Violet Hold are pretty bad dungeon design and trying to mow through this event in one go would be more headaches for players and consistency errors than anything, so that being said.. the way this event'll be ran will be a surprise near the end of the first sequence! Expect some fun. Rewards: ? ? ? ? ? Anub'esset Thursday, May 23rd: 3 pm server time. Horn of Anub'esset - Claimed Everfrost Carapace - Claimed Dressing of the Inheritor - Claimed Mindflayer Kaahrj - Friday, May 24th: 3 pm server time. Ring of Mind-Shielding - Some decrepit ring made out of dead coral and other materials, banded together with dark magic. It will protect the user from up to two high-powered charms, or fears or mind controls a week before recharging. Tendril of Darkness - A concentrated body part from the Mindflayer, it oozes with his power and holds unspoken bondages with the worlds beyond your own. Wearing this anywhere on your body, shall allow you to triple the power of any shadow or void spell twice a week with it's resonant energy. (relic) Chain of a Hundred Maws - A despairing necklace that'll earn you too many looks of disgust. It fortifies your armor of choice with a high powered shadow barrier once every three, lasting three turns if not broken anywhere during. Festerface - Monday, May 27th: 3 pm server time. Festerface's Rotted Gut (Relic) - Claimed Ring of Dead Rubies - Claimed Pustulgous Girdle- Claimed Millificent Manastorm (!) - Sunday, June 2nd: 12 ST Designs of the Grand Architect (relic) - Claimed Adamantite Power Sword - Claimed Millificently Magnificently Magisterially Powerful Leggings! - Claimed Blood-Princess Thal'ena (!) - Sunday, June 2nd: 12 ST Drop of True Blood (Relic) - Claimed Reflection of Sorrow (Relic) - Claimed Jewel of Insatiable Desire - Claimed Breathless Choker - Claimed Shivermaw (!) - Sunday, June 30th: 4pm ST Runes of Darkening (Relic) - unclaimed Shivermaw's Jawbone - claimed Cinch of Freezing Fog - claimed Band of Crystalline Bone - claimed ------------------------------------------------------ Sael'orn - Friday, August 16th : 3 pm server time. (DM: MissBooks) Fel Lord Betrug - Friday, August 16th : 3 pm server time. (DM: MissBooks) Combined Loot Table (Sael'orn & Fel Lord Betrug) Eligible Participants: Zyranni, Azumak, Rothilion, Alvia, Logan, Urdren, Ruis, Novani, Aelid, Ghesik, Allynna, Elidyr, Ethallour, Marcelson, Altaius, Vantheol, Nilstrasza, Lethril, Karn, Dalton, Caemesh, Kuluza, Renald, Eliswynn All eligible participants listed above are entitled to ONE of the following items, each. In addition, they are also paid 6 gold. Loyalty to the Matriarch [Holy Relic] - Whether they were created as relics for indoctrination or submission among loyal troops, these golden fixtures modeled after a spider's mandibles contain curious power that, when attached to a weapon, realizes some part of the vision that Sael'orn had hoped to promote in their wild attempt at conquest. The relic fixes itself to a weapon when presented. Only one relic may be equipped per weapon, and removing it will destroy the relic. The attached weapon is granted a passive boon of a moderate holy damage enchantment and, in addition, grants it an ability that can be activated once per three OOC days: Aura of Supremacy - For the duration of two rounds on activation, the user emits an aura up to a 10 yard radius that grants identified allies within range a temporary boon of holy damage to their own weapons, and further impresses dominance on foes within range by attempting to cow them into hesitation, inaction or submission (DM discretion; depending on the strength of the enemies and their numbers, and bosses may be entirely resistant). Phase Spider Mandible [Arcane Relic] - Perhaps more precious for the fact of how elusive the phase spiders are, their salvaged mandibles still possess some of the properties of their former hosts and the magical power contained within could potentially be put to better use in the fight against the Legion. The relic fixes itself to a weapon when presented, melding with it. It cannot be removed and is a permanent enchantment. This makes the weapon reject future relics, as the mandibles claim it. The weapon itself becomes partially ethereal and incorporeal to all but the wielder, making it pass through non-magical, inorganic materials as if they do not exist. Additionally, the relic's curious power can be tapped into once per three days to force the weapon to bypass, for one attack, any magical barrier. This does not affect the barrier, as it simply phases through it, but the phasing does not extend to the weapon's wielder. (DM discretion applies during events, as some barriers may still be too powerful to bypass.) Loop of Eightfold Eyes [Ring] - Spiders are curious creatures and their perception of the world, perhaps even more so. The purpose of these rings is as of yet unstated in the grand scheme, but one can theorize to their potential purpose in the siege of Azeroth and subjugation of its inhabitants from within. Passively, the ring grants its user curiously enhanced perceptions where they find themselves seeing better in low light and dark conditions and that they become more acutely aware of vibrations in the air, the ground, and their surroundings become perhaps, at times, cripplingly difficult to ignore. They are effectively treated as aware of all movements within 10 yards of them, even of what they cannot see so long as it has a physical presence. While useful, it can easily and quickly grow overwhelming to wear this ring constantly. Additionally, once per week, the user may elect to link their visual senses together with up to four other allies for the effective duration of three rounds. These allies need only be known to the user, and they may be anywhere within the same geographical zone for the effect to work. All currently affected targets are able to perceive through their own and each others' visual senses simultaneously through magical means. If they are outside, the effect simply does not activate. This is, by far, too disorienting to be effectively used in combat scenarios, however, and should be treated as appropriately penalizing if used during them. Thrumming Gossamer [Trinket] - Collected from Sael'orn upon her death, these rolls of gossamer silk thread appear to be curious inventions with dubious implied purposes, though their magical properties can't be ignored. Salvaged from the spider demon, they are deemed to be too useful as tools to leave behind in Legion hands. By themselves, these rolls of silk webbing appear to be ever replenishing as they can be slowly rolled out to create magical bandages to wrap around and treat injuries. Spinning them about injured body parts, the recipient will find their injuries replenishing quickly over the next few hours to a couple of days depending on their severity, where surface wounds are treated quickly and deep wounds like internal injuries and broken bones take longer. If used to reattach a freshly severed limb within half an hour of it being detached, the webbing may successfully reattach it after a week (50% chance, a result of 11 and above required with a "/roll 20" as overseen by and confirmed by a DM--failure results instead in disease from the rotting limb at the end of the week). The web, when attached, sticks and cannot be removed. When it has fulfilled its purpose, it melds into the recipient's flesh and vanishes. Betrug's Vigor [Iron Relic] - Chipped from the bony protrusions on the Fel Lord's body, these remnants of the demon contain residual power. The powerful and ambitious Fel Lord leaves behind some parts of his embodied ambition in the pieces taken from his body, offering unique opportunity to draw from his strength and use it against his masters. The relic fixes itself to a weapon when presented. Only one relic may be equipped per weapon, and removing it will destroy the relic. If fixed to a large weapon that for the user would normally require two hands to wield, it passively imbues them with the strength to wield it in only one and further grants the wielder a conditional defensive boon. When subjected to and struck by a melee attack, the wielder’s skin is automatically reinforced to become metallic and protect against the strike, soaking it. The effect can only be activated once per day (an effective cooldown of one OOC day) and cannot be consciously or voluntarily activated or triggered. In addition, the wielder may tap into the residual strength of the relic once per three OOC days to deliver a strike to attempt to shatter and destroy any weapon, piece of armour, or object up to the size and dimensions of a regular table. This is rendered ineffective against items or objects with magical resistances and magical properties, where the damage may not destroy or break them completely. (DM discretion if used during events, and counsel of DM or moderator if used in PVP if circumstances require.) Brand of Tyranny [Fel Relic] - A testament to the cruelty and ambition of the Fel Lord, the brands were a tool of subjugation for use in his invasions that may have well seen use in the conquest of many other worlds before this one. These subtle discs of polished stone of unknown origin fit within an average adult human's palm and can be attached to a weapon to make full use of its inherent power. The relic fixes itself to a weapon when presented. Only one relic may be equipped per weapon, and removing it will destroy the relic. When equipped to a weapon, it grants it the passive boon of a moderate fel damage enchantment. In addition, it grants the wielder access to an ability that is available once every two days: The Master's Chains - Tapping into the brand's power, the wielder may elect a target enemy who will be subject to the sudden appearance of chains that shoot out of nowhere, imbued with fel, to wrap around the intended victim and constrict them for the duration of one round, inhibiting physical movements and limiting their ability to struggle for the duration (but does not stop magical abilities). If the intended target is a demon and is successfully held until the wielder's next turn, the demon is subjugated into service of the wielder like a Warlock's demon minion for the remainder of the day. At the end of it, the demon will then either flee or turn on the wielder. (DM discretion for stronger demons.) Chaos-Forged Necklace [Necklace] - Crafted to be tools of the forces under his command to bolster them and empower them in a predictably chaotic battlefield, these necklaces were a rare boon granted by the Fel Lord to his subordinates and minions, salvaged in the aftermath of his demise and far too useful to not use against his former allies. When worn, the necklace grants the user the passive boon of being able to partially absorb the damage of fel-based attacks targeted on them (up to half of the damage mitigated and absorbed by the necklace), and that can then in turn be used by the wearer to either rejuvenate themselves and heal other injuries for the equivalent damage absorbed (as if using Healthstones conjured by Warlocks), or to instead use the collected energy to launch chaos bolts at enemies at a rate of one chaos bolt per two fel-based attacks dampened by the necklace. Note that the damage mitigated is solely the fel-based damage. A weapon enhanced by fel will have part of the fel-based damage absorbed, but the physical damage caused by the weapon itself is not affected in any way. Chaos Talisman [Trinket] - Perhaps one of the more troubling aces up Fel Lord Betrug's sleeve, these talismans were crafted in great numbers to be used by minions and agents alike for the sole purpose of dramatic and effective devastation and chaos. These talismans outwardly appear as little more than obviously demonic in make with the power radiating from them as proof, but they light up like beacons or flares in the eyes of any with spectral vision or those who scry with magical senses, making their presence impossible to hide and serving as a one and only warning when the wielders rush into the frey with the intent to use them. Equipped with the talisman, its wielder is granted the once-a-week ability to inflict great harm upon themselves by permitting their bodies to be engulfed in chaotic shadowfel flames that explode outwards to infect all living and unliving targets within a five yard radius, similarly engulfing them and causing explosive chain reactions where all afflicted targets---ally or foe---within range explode to continue infecting targets nearby until no more targets find themselves within range or it's resulted in three waves of explosions in total. Each afflicted individual is immune to the effect (until the cooldown refreshes) after initially afflicted, but are still affected by the explosive aftermath if others explode near them.
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    Call to Arms!

    Blackeye's agreed to help.
  4. available for another dm to take up
  5. A strange malaise has begun to grip Montarville, the noble port town of Westfall. Sightings of missing people and strange behaviors from the Montar guard have proliferated. The holy men called into investigate the city have found something disturbing. In fact, a greater tragedy yet is suspected and it may be far too late to stop it. Jean Philippe has called for any willing adventurers, soldiers and holy men to help him investigate this terrible curse looming over the city before it's too late. Access to Montarville for the time-being has been restricted and the rules tightened. Meanwhile in the Dark Lady's ranks, a precision strike on the Alliance for the trifling of Genn Greymane has long since been in order.. all those willing to strike true and hard to the heart of the Alliance are invited where the shadows cloy and gather.. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This will be PVP/PvE event orchestrated by yours truly. If the PvP aspect disturbs you, I suggest not joining. There will be a high risk of character death and or mutilation on both parties (this does not mean murder-hoboing will occur, but it is a battlefield, so don't be surprised at a turn of fate!). Forsaken/undead players and or anybody in service to said parties/or tied allegiances will be allowed to attend (even Horde, if they're more closely aligned with Forsaken goals, etc.) The Alliance side is self-explanatory, anyone's welcome to join if it serves their interest or if it aligns with their agenda. Saturday (14th) 12 ST Put your name and character down.
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    The Pride

    On the eve of victory, the Alliance has decided to reward those that participated in the battle against the Scourge that gripped Port de Montarville, both for their bravery and willingness to participate against overwhelming odds, and for the fact they were an arm of the Alliance when it's body is still out there, indisposed with the countless tides of demons swarming out across Azeroth. Amongst these people, a few have been recognized for especial service and or bravery & courage on the battlefield. Lionheads have been given out to their respective families, handlers and or independent bodies. The following have been commended or recommended for their show on the battlefield. - Kira Rivers of Montarville Trading Co & former naval soldier, Silver Lionhead. - Sir Arthedain of House Strike & the Eventide, Silver Lionhead - Sir Kaulder of House Strike & the Eventide, Bronze Lionhead - Lady Culter of House Montarville, Bronze Lionhead - Kevyn & Hobbes of House Strike, Bronze Lionhead - Ainsley Harrington of the Arkanford, Silver Lionhead - Petra Ravenbane of House Montarville, Bronze Lionhead - Jeremiah Aimes, Sergeant of the Alliance Army, Silver Lionhead & Master Sergeant (Lieutenant Alderic's charge.) - Lord Logan of House Theirin, Bronze Lionhead - Bevin Thorne of the Silverhand, Bronze Lionhead - Linara, Freelancer, Bronze Lionhead - Sindan & Irithiel, Bronze Lionhead Silver Lionhead: an important commendation, this medal is adorned with a blue and gold piece of cloth from which a lion head made of silver hangs. This piece of silver signifies commendable acts in service of the Crown as representative, defender or soldier and is common among the Knighthood officers. Bronze Lionhead: a symbol of recognition for those that fight for the Crown and display commendable acts in their service while in the field of battle or as its representative. Common among NCOs and junior officers, this is the lowest of the Lionheads in prestige
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    Deaths Rising

    updated once again with new requests. cheaters paradise finished/claimed
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    Deaths Rising

    Duskwood is a tumultuous zone, known for its blighted skies and cursed woods. There's never a shortage of work for intrepid adventurers to carry out. Duke Dawid Strike has sent out a call to arms for anybody interested in expanding the Hamlet's faculties and slaying monsters or whatever troubles come to be. The gates of Dyrwood have opened and a mission board's been posted in Darkshire for those interested. Mission Board: Cruel Nights Khadgar's Whiskers Cheaters' Paradise Dead man Walking Ogres Trouble 1/2 (!) T/L Ogres from Deadwind have dredged up an old tunnelway used in the First War for noblemen and commonpeople to escape Brightwood's destruction. They're moving in force, stirred by something and fiercely migratory. An evil sorcerer at the helm. Lothar the Second There's been sightings of a crazed man calling himself the second coming of Lothar, the Alliance War Hero! Bring him to justice to the Night Watch. Farm Troubles A local farmer's prized turnip has been stolen strategically before the hamlet's annual turnip competition. He has reason to believe it was another farmer to sabotage him. Investigate and help him out. Weavers' Love (!) A local tailor needs a small group of people to fetch her some special spider silk from a rare breed within Duskwood. The only problem is they're venomous and dangerous creatures! She's promised to reward the people handsomely for any trouble. Duke's Bid Lord Strike is heard to have been hiring secondhand mercenaries to do some acquisition work for him - he's looking for monster hunters, in particular, and beastslayers and wildermen. Two Tails' Somehow, someway a thresher's gotten it self lodged inside of the river cutting between Elwyn and Duskwood. Now it's attacking ferrymen and eating unsuspecting fishers. Deputy Mayor is hiring anybody able to fix the problem by relocating it without upsetting the local D.E.H.T.A. footnote: this will be a series of event chains with fun rewards for everybody. all the geralts of paragon are invited and mercenary companies or people that otherwise find this aligning within their character interest. dm me on discord if you're interested so i can plan the events accordingly. the first few will be limited slots, small groupings. then the last shebang will be open to a larger party. ANYBODY CAN TAKE THESE EVENTS UP AT ANY TIME, CONTACT ME VIA THE FORUMS OR ON THE DISCORD WITH THE TIME MOST FLEXIBLE FOR YOU AND YOUR GROUP. Legend (!) dangerous / death potential T/L = Time Limited (sensitive)
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    Deaths Rising

    updated once more
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    Deaths Rising

    updated with recent events/finished events, will be adding more soon.
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    Seeking Interest

    House Strike has sent out a few posters to popular kingdoms boards looking for a weapons trainer for hire. Somebody that can teach the use of the shortsword, rapier, daggers and or the longsword for anybody interested (any of the one listed weapons) in training one of his daughters. The pay is said to be high. The Eventide has also begun recruiting people once more for anybody interested in such a rare opportunity! Sir Gregory, veteran of the wars and hospitaler of the Order will be vetting people. Meanwhilst troubles brew in Duskwood. Dawid's issued a warning to any passing noblemen to be safe on the roads. He has also spoken with the Night's Watch to tighten the chokes around the Three Corners and the roads closeby.
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    Operation: Red Dawn

    Griffith has been retrieved via the efforts of some freelancers, members of House Strike, and an Si:7 Operative that preferred to keep his identity unnamed. The SI:7 has handsomely rewarded these rare few for their efforts. The Red Dawn is being investigated more closely now.
  13. For about a year, the disappearance of James Brenden Griffith II has mystified his family and his close associates. The mans disappearance has left his House damaged. Now word has resurfaced of the forgotten lord, helped by SI:7 intel. The organization is employing anybody within their ranks and outside of them (within certain parameters) to retrieve Griffith who is believed to have been held in a hideout deep in the Elwynn mountains. His captors are highly trained political assassins and field soldiers. Anybody bold and true to the Alliance is invited in retrieving Griffith. Wednesday, June 5th 12 ST. 10 slots.
  14. Will be holding a re-run for Millificent/Thal'ena on Sunday 12 ST. (Millificent will be done first and Thal'ena secondly.)
  15. Updated loot tables, and difficulty ratings. Those with a critical sign are, you guessed it, very hard fights that'll require coordination. (extreme lethality/danger & difficulty. So come packing. If the threat spooks you, don't. ). These bosses will be the main event of the Violet Hold besides Fel Lord/Sael'orn who're being hashed out still! Twenty five slots will be open for the Attack on Violet Hold.
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    Montarville's Bane

    thursday, 1pm pst folks be there or be square
  17. Edited post, added some more counters and dates for the bosses/events!
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    Montarville's Bane

    All g. Event happening this saturday at 12 servertime.
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    Montarville's Bane

    Updated with a date. Those interested, now's the time to jot your interest down if you've got the availability. It'll help me keep a roster.
  20. the mind boggles..