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  1. gotta get me own homies. :(
  2. when do we get to do a blue gang vs purple gang thing?
  3. Here's the hope this won't end up like the rest of the scarlet guilds. Good luck.
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    10/10 because Gordon Freeman, clearly. "Speech was given to man to disguise his thoughts." - Charles Maurice de Talleyrand
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    Step I: The Bet

    It will be to the server once people VOTE?!?!?@?@?! freedom! democracy! vive la france! but...seriously...dragons?
  6. ffs first you steal my [interest check] and now you go with hunting down? this is unforgivable
  7. Apologies for the vague response I'm writing, but I'm not really on my PC right now. I'll start by explaining what Athena mentioned. Now, by "people" I meant the simple minded rabble - They are well aware that magic is dangerous ( it is that way in the WoW universe, along others ), and, because of that, it is only logical to assume that peasants would expect a demon to pop out while a mage is conjuring water. In my RP experience, and that's hardly only Paragon, people want to have mages on a tight leash. Moving on - Goarn, yes, of course, that's true, but points expressed in the post are my character's views, not mine. He believes that not taking that much action is the same as a peaceful agreement between the sides. Lastly, Jale, I must have overlooked this, my bad again, but for Wendel, allowing undead inside the city is preposterous enough. I'll correct the mistakes in the op, once I'm home.
  8. The Spellflingers League Table of Contents: 0. Introduction 1. General Info 2. Ranks 3. Relations 0. Introduction: “Practicioners of the dark arts have been a thorn in Azeroth's side for many years now. Warlocks, necromances, shadowmages and priests worshipping creatures of destruction and chaos were, are, and always will be posing danger to good folk of both Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Factions that originally upheld a strong hate for the Scourge and the Burning Legion are now puppets of organizations considered no more active. The Argent Crusade, just like the Horde before them, accepted undead into their ranks. The Kirin Tor allowed undead magi to walk their streets! Those wizards and in case of the Argents, Crusaders, could just as well be agents used to make sure the guard of defenders of this shattered world is down! The Horde, The Argent Crusade and The Kirin Tor are all traitors not only to Azeroth itself, but also to her people. This cannot stand. The Spellflingers League, a small order of magi created by an ex-Kirin Tor magus, Wendel Chunderspell, took upon itself to restore the peoples trust in mages and their ability to protect the common folk's homeland. Taking for symbols of their cause prominent magi such as the fameous Magna Aegwynn, they seek to root out every necromancer and warlock out there to ensure Azeroth's safety. They won't be known for mercy, no, for they consider those who succumbed to the dark arts a traitor to their own race.†1.General Info: The Kirin Tor is viewed by some as the greatest, and oldest organization safeguarding magical artifacts and arcane knowledge. However, to a select few calling themselves “The Spellflingers League†consider the Kirin Tor not rigorous enough, not firm enough in their views. The League cares little about the Magocracy’s “magic for all†approach - what worries them is the stance on necromancers that Dalaran recently assumed. To The Spellflingers League, the Kirin Tor are taking magnanimity to a whole new, unaccaptable level, and that, the newly formed league, cannot tolerate. They believe that if the Kirin Tor forgets all about necromancers after the Cult of the Damned’s fall, the threat will rise anew, and practicioners of the dark arts, whether they forsoke their original calling or plot in hiding, must be brough to justice. The League will have it no other way. The organization itself consists of a number of wizards and sorcerers alike, hating the undead and necromancy in various degrees. They are either freelance magicians or ex-Kirin Tor mages, such as the very leader of the order, magus Wendel Chunderspell. Dealing with necromancers requires some experience, and the League doesn’t do any kind of apprenticeship. Of course, members of the order share knowledge about spells and incantations to counter the dark arts, but do not take on apprentices, contrary to the Kirin Tor. Members of the League are already somewhat experienced mages. 2. Ranks: Associate - You’re the League’s latest recruit. A new blood, you could say. Shortly after you prove yourself to the order, you will get promoted. Spellflinger(Spellblade/Wizard) - An ordinary member of the order that’s been around for a while. Spellblades are usually titles assumed by sorcerers, warmages or battlemages, while those of the League sticking to the more “mystic†side of things consider themselves Wizards of the order. Magician - A long standing member of the order, his counsel is respected by both the Master Wizard and the League’s associates. Magicians usually lead Spellflingers into battle, or take their time gathering intel on necromancer groups. Master Wizard - Wendel Chunderspell, the League’s founder, proclaimed himself a Master Wizard. This has to do with his own magic “specializationâ€, but if someone was to replace him one day, even as a spellblade, the title would stay for tradition’s sake. Master Spellblade doesn’t sound too good. The Master Wizard is rarely seen on the field of battle - he coordinates the Leagues movements and ensures that the League goes on. 3. Relations The League is a small, yet formidable order, struggling to remain as incognito as only possible to root out the practicioners of the dark arts quickly and effectively. The Kirin Tor - The League itself doesn’t even bother with contacting the mages up in Dalaran, for they view them as puppets of the Cult of the Damned, even if the Cult itself doesn’t exist. Officially, anyway. They try to compete with the Magocracy wherever they can; whether it is finding a magical artifact first, creating a whole new spell or finding a new use for an old spell. The Horde - The order is far from neutral. Perhaps they would be, if it weren’t for the presence of the Forsaken within the Horde. The current Master Wizard, Wendel Chunderspell, did not frown upon the undead that much when he was in Dalaran. Now, however, due to Stormwind gossip and Alliance propaganda, he was led to believe that the Forsaken of Undercity are becoming more and more alike the Scourge. The Alliance - Wendel Chunderspell is a mage, first and foremost, but also a dwarf. The Alliance’s interests are the closest to his own. The League itself is hardly an underling of the Grand Alliance, but the order is likely to accept help wherever it is offered. DISCLAIMER: Images used by me in this post are not my property. I took them from the Rift site's mage tab. I borrowed them because they were pretty.
  9. 9/10. That weirdness. O.o
  10. 6/10 since,'s sort of odd. For me, anyway.