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    Get out while you still ca- I mean hai hello!
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  3. True aaaaaaaaaaaand... Yeah, that's pretty true. That's true and- yeah that's true. That's true. That's true- That's pretty true. That's pretty true, I mean- inhales ... That's true. Yeah. That's true. Uhm- That's true. That's fuckin' true. Uhm... That's how it is dude.

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    Well folks it's fall. Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and MTG Throne of Eldraine are here. I'll be on and around and i'll rp upon request but my activity is going to take a dip for a while. I'll be around on Discord if you need me.
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  6. Name of character (as it appears in-game): Caranthir Full name of character: Caranthir Balesinger Affiliation: Alliance Number of forces (including type): None Force placement (if hidden send a PM to Verum): None
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    Guns & You

    30 gold is too cheap. Revolvers are 60 gold and above.
  8. Dusk

    Guns & You

    That would be me, and just to point out here so I dont get people on my back, the gun was purchased ICly from a Gunman PC, Namely Emile 'aka Howie'. How much did you pay? Revolvers cost more than a house.
  9. Dusk

    Guns & You

    Examples do exist of higher grade technology do exist, but not easily replicable or maintainable, your character may be able to figure out how to use said weapon, but lack the skills, tools and ingenuity to reverse-engineer it. the times between the 200 years for the percussion cap weapons for example were filled with often weird and highly experimental firearms that try to be more convenient, I wish I had some examples of these weird weapons to link, but I don't, again these make sense for tinkers and engineering focused characters, but they should REMEMBER to have that tech be as reliable as a goblin boiler. I'd rather not have SMGs, BARs, and MP40s running around right now. I'd say a lever-action is the top end of the spectrum of what is capable in the WoW universe for firearms right now and even they would be rare. Anything beyond that is pushing it.
  10. Dusk

    Guns & You

    How about not making lever-actions unless there is a proven case of them existing. To say that that one gun is evidence is not necessarily valid, as the supposed lever doesn't look like it can even move. As for regulating guns: I don't think you're doing a good job with that when we have people walking around with .44 revolvers, lever-action winchesters being used, and someone reportedly walking around with a BAR. Why, just last Saturday, we had someone who casually pulled out a .44 in Goldshire and fired a shot in the air. The point I made earlier still stands: Unless you are a VERY experienced Technomage, or a MASTER Tinker, there's no chance in hell that you're even gonna be able to revolutionize anything. It took the world 200 years to go from the first matchlock, to just a regular flintlock. Then it took another 200 years before percussion cap weapons were a thing. It took another 30 years before the first lever-action appeared. Between the 1400s and 1860, there have been only 3 revolutionary designs in firearms that changed warfare. Do you now see why it's incredibly lame that we decided to just condense about 460 years of firearms design into a span of 30 years? First off I've had a lot on my plate recently so pardon if a few slip through the cracks. It's bound to happen and I'll say that without me it'd be far worse. Secondly if you see a suspected new player/character brandishing a revolver, bolt-action or lever-actions do not hesitate to bring it to my attention as I do not tolerate it one bit. As for this rumor of a BAR..it better stay just that..a rumor. Given how WoW tech has advanced in such a short time it's not farfetched to say there is a chance for lever-action to exist however..the process could be likely less refined, rare, and far less reliable. Players tend to forget several factors, malfunction, jamming, misfires and accuracy. These are the factors that keep technology..including guns on a balanced level. It's why guns are majorly mistrusted aside from a few races.
  11. Dusk

    Guns & You

    I just wanted to prove the potential for bolt-action, lever-action repeaters and maybe a semi auto rifle to exist. I'd never expect any common soldier or starting adventurer to even possess anything beyond a flintlock or percussion cap. Revan there is a reason I regulate firearms on the server. Notice how everyone isn't running around with revolvers, bolt-actions, lever-actions or semi autos? Yeah you have me to thank for that. I keep such things restricted and every time the word revolver comes up I ensure everything is taken into consideration when said players start drawing such weaponry. I've had Mally for a loooong time now and only recently has she even stumbled on the concept of lever-action and it will still be some time before she builds a functional rifle. Let alone a masterwork one. Oh yeah, here's my guide: http://www.paragon-rp.com/forums/index.php/topic/2769-a-guide-to-guns-wip/