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  2. Nice welcome back!
  3. True aaaaaaaaaaaand... Yeah, that's pretty true. That's true and- yeah that's true. That's true. That's true- That's pretty true. That's pretty true, I mean- inhales ... That's true. Yeah. That's true. Uhm- That's true. That's fuckin' true. Uhm... That's how it is dude.

  4. (First attempt at something like this so pardon me for being shit at it but it seemed like a fun thing to do. I'll update with a new chapter every few days! If anyone wants to pass me some pointers please do! I am open to criticism!) Chapter 1 A sudden gasp for air, a breach from water! She awakens from a nightmare, nearly having drowned herself in the tub. The draenei's lungs working desperately to get oxygen to her heart and brain, her eyes frantically dart around as the serene scene of her candle lit room came into view. She had fallen asleep during her bath, not surprising. While she had only just shut her eyes for a moment, the huntress felt like she hadn't had a good rest in days..weeks..months..maybe even years? A sigh of frustration came from her lips. Better to finish bathing and get out before another incident. She clutched at the towel nearby before pulling herself out of the tub. Drying herself off, ah how much better she smelled, and felt! A welcomed relief from the past few days. A few moments of meticulous drying to then slip into some undergarments. Her body though toned and sculpted was littered in scars, mementos of battles past. Once semi-dressed she eased over to a table at the end of her room. Upon it rest an assortment of her equipment. Guns, holsters, explosives, potions, elixirs, oils, bandoliers, gadgets and several bags. Some of these items she had some recollection of but much of the rest was a blur to her. She stared down at her belongings for several minutes in silence as a recollection of the day came to her. -Upon arriving to Dalaran she did as she had been suggested too and sought after a priest. Fortunately it didn't take long to find one. She was a human, brown hair in a bun and green eyes. The name was lost upon her but the face..she could remember the face, every detail. "Oh hello!" The priestess greeted the draenei with a glowing smile. "Hey" She weakly replied, it didn't take long for the priestess to see there was something wrong. Having darted across the room to reach the huntress and guide her to a bed. "By the Light, you look awful. Are you injured?" Immediately the human began checking for any obvious wounds. "We need to get you out of all this armor and weaponry!" The huntress nodded and with the assistance of the priestess she was disarmed. The priestess blinked, finding only minor bruises and cuts. "Is this all you came to me for?" The huntress shook her head. "No." She simply replied before brief pause. "I.." She hesitated. "Speak up! Come come..I am here to help! But you need to help me help you first." The priestess pressured the draenei further, anxious to assist. The draenei cleared her throat. "Right sorry..well..this may sound strange..but there's a bit of a gap in my memory of recent events..and I was wondering..." The Priestess interrupted. "Say no more! Here...lie down." The priestess assisted the draenei in gently laying her down upon the bed. "Alright..let me see what I can do" She placed a hand upon the draenei's head and with a deep breath began to hum a prayer. The priestess's hands began to shine with a golden luminescence that soon enveloped the draenei's head. The priestess delved deep into the draenei's mind. "I see...a portal...you..stepped into it...and then..." The priestess stopped, removing her hand. The draenei blinked. "You saw?" The draenei asked. "Nothing." The priestess replied. "I saw nothing. Something or someone has blocked your memories with a powerful spell...or removed them." The priestess frowned. "Here..let me try again." The draenei nodded and closed her eyes, the priest attempting the same ritual, this time taking longer but only to get the same results. Worry overcame her expression. "I..I don't know what to say...I can't peer deeper.." The draenei's brow furrowed. The priestess continued. "Ahem..normally I can find something..fragments...blurry segments..something to work with, something to connect the dots...but you, in your mind...I see nothing...I see you stepping into the portal...and then you being thrown from it. I was able to see much leading up to the portal even but nothing beyond." The priestess expelled a sigh of frustration. "I am sorry.." The human looked down at the foot of the bed, helplessness in her eyes. The draenei piped up. "Hey it's alright...you did your best." She attempted to sit up as a spike of soreness crept up her body. An audible groan followed as the priestess sharply turned her head to stare at the draenei. "Well one thing is certain...you need to rest. Your eyes are heavy with fatigue, if you have coin I recommend checking in at the inn for at least a few nights. More if you can afford it." The draenei frowned. "Could I not stay here?" The priestess shook her head. "I'm afraid we don't have room..there is a war going on..and would you believe you're first patient I've seen all week that could walk on two feet...err hooves." The draenei smirked, checking her belongings to discover her coin purse. It was quite heavy of coin. "Guess I'm staying at the inn. Thanks anyway." The draenei stood up and gathered her things before making her way to the exit. "Hey!" The priest stopped her. "I know your going through memory issues but..if you're forgive me for asking." The draenei glanced back. "Yes?" The priestess nodded before resuming. "You are strong..very strong..I can feel it. After you've rested up we could use someone like you against the Legion..if you're up to it." The draenei paused for a moment, smirking sheepishly. "Heh..thanks..I'll consider it." She nodded at the priestess who in return nodded too. "Light be with you draenei." The priestess bowed her head, the draenei doing the same out of respect before stepping out. "And to you too!"- The huntress snapped out of her daze, staring back down at her equipment. There was some sorting to do and it would take time. She has been told to rest..may as well make some use of these few days. As she started shifting through she found many of her firearms worn, decently kept but definitely far from their best shape. Much of her ammunition was also gone. She shifted through her bags and discovered a small book. It was locked! Immediately she began searching for a key. It wasn't in her bags, not in any of the holsters or bandoliers either. She checked her armor. None of the pockets contained a key. A audible huff followed as she stared down at her gear. The plats on her leather armor, she checked them and sure enough. Stuffed behind a plate the rested upon her one of her gauntlets was a key. She'd slip it into the lock and with a turn the small book opened! She'd pull back the cover to discover a ledger, a record. Her own handwriting for certain. Maybe there was a clue in here to help with her memory! Enthusiastically she began to read! End of Chapter 1! Chapter 2 will follow in a few days!
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    Well folks it's fall. Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and MTG Throne of Eldraine are here. I'll be on and around and i'll rp upon request but my activity is going to take a dip for a while. I'll be around on Discord if you need me.
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  7. The Dark Riders are always behind this!!!
  8. Isabel Korvus has sounded the horn for a meeting as soon as possible. A Speaker must be elected and a grave issue of internal estate defense is to be brought up. Traitors are about and must be ousted immediately!
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    State of the Worlds

    The Athenaeum within Shen'drelar is now back in Highborne control. Caranthir has taken on the role as it's keeper at this time until the knowledge within can be safely relocated to Darnassus.
  10. Name of character (as it appears in-game): Caranthir Full name of character: Caranthir Balesinger Affiliation: Alliance Number of forces (including type): None Force placement (if hidden send a PM to Verum): None
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    Guns & You

    30 gold is too cheap. Revolvers are 60 gold and above.
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    Guns & You

    That would be me, and just to point out here so I dont get people on my back, the gun was purchased ICly from a Gunman PC, Namely Emile 'aka Howie'. How much did you pay? Revolvers cost more than a house.