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  1. Postponing to an unknown date due to lack of interest in-game wise.
  2. "A while ago, a group of adventurers ventured into an ethereal prison, testing out it's defenses with their own...bodies." A voice chuckles, his his features unreadable. "And when I do want to call it a success...We had a demon hunter do something beyond stupid. Venturing away from the designated zone, she thought it would be a bright idea to release one of my...personal prisoners. Of course, she couldn't of released a tiger, or a bear. No. She unleashed the wraith of Xun'derai'cial on this world. What he is, you ask? A collosal being, devoted to the forgotten old gods. Commander that survived the purge of Anh'qiraji. A bug. A nasty, nasty bug." The voice lost it's light-heartedness. "I lost his trail a few weeks after that happened, and he did a good job at staying hidden. Now, however...I think I know where he is. He has taken over a small human settlement within the Eastern Kingdoms, and began to summon his forces back." The voice then turns to you. "You'll help, of course. I don't usually ask for help, I have 'accidents' do that for me. But this time, it's a little bit more urgent." A portal openned behind you, it's pull gently beggining to drag you towards it. "Don't worry. if you die...Your body will be used to store new hatchlings. So no pressure." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And not for the all-special OOC part of the event. I am continuing my old quest chain regardingca fragment of qiraji and their buggy ways of bugy goodness. But for easier guidance and obviously planning, I am posting this on the forums. For science. So, basically. I will require: - Maximum of seven people - No highly progressed characters. (Really, it wont be fun for anyone) Event will probably take around four hours, so I will be splitting it in two parts, if people can't stay around that long. One part is openning the keep, and the other part is getting things done inside. It will be probably done sometimes this week, starting tuesday ,16.9. , at around afternoon GMT+2 timezone. You may ask questions here, ask questions via PM, and you pay ask for a spot on the event here as well. Those who asked, will have priority getting inside.
  3. Deaysat

    All is dust

    Theoretically, yes. :) In addition, no I am not openning a drug run job.
  4. Deaysat

    All is dust

    Static buzzing. All around. Artificial dim purple light illuminating the small circle shaped room. From what it appeared to be, there was no solid ground, merely a forcefield that would prevent someone to drop down into the abyss bellow. The room wasn't adorned with anything. No pictures resting on its walls, no rich closets. merely a table, and a chair. On the chair, a ragged thing sat. Covered in bindings that appeared smooth on the outside, yet written and scribbled onto on the inside. It had no head, nor limbs. It's body was pure energy. The faceless creature sat up straight, rummaging through the various papers around the table. "And no...We wont repeat the same process like before." It spoke. The voice was emotionless. Without any sort of facial expression. Though he was speaking to someone. From the back of the room, behind the chair, another body walked out. This one looking like it had flesh on it. Yet the person was covered in black and blue garments, with a hood over the face, so even that was unable to be pointed out what it was. Yet the voice in which it spoke was female. "Oh, come on, Dhazy. Cheer up. Personally I loved seeing them struggle and almost die." A giggle followed, and the energy-coated being placed his gauntlet on a piece of paper. "That's the problem. If they die, there is no profit. And this little trip will be...Quite a challenge." The ethereal creature decided to stand up, making almost no sound doing so. It was like he weighted nothing. He walked over the room, where an invention of odd shapes stood, buzzing lightly in the purple shaded room. "They might not know... But solving this little problem will solve a question..." Yet he was interupted by the female, who walked up behind him, and prodding him in the hood he wore over his head. "You're being overly dramatic again. They wont need to know a thing! Just tell them there's rewards in the end, and that He is merely someone they need to dispose off. Easy." From bellow the room where they stood, a growl errupted. Unnatural. Beastial. Chilling. "I think that's all the time we can afford. Set the preparations in motion. When the time comes... I'll search for willing subjects." The ethereal spoke, before his body vanished. The lights in the room were turned off, and it was like the whole room just ceazed to exsist. ...With only a whisper following. A tone that belong to neither of those. "All. Is. Dust." ...............OOC info following............... Well there, hopefully I at least partly got your attention. If not, it's fine. Hello there, Paragon, your friendly (but not quite as friendly as Granodd friendly) neighbourhood DM here. I am here to present to you a small event chain I have been developing over the course of the weeks, and I believe it can now be presented to the public. The events will follow the researches from the ethereal Dhaz and his lovely assistant Illiam...And of course the front line "voulnteers", the players. Anyone visiting my old Nightmare event will be comfortable with the style of RP I am giving to the player. If you don't know what I am talking about, even better. You're up for a awe-filled time! Good time. Seeing how I like keeping the players in the event, and give a feeling they managed to progress, I wont be accepting more than 8 players. Now you might be thinking "Ah my character is new, though! he/she/it (we don't judge) might die!" To which I say fear not! Any character can die. All this progression and playtime wont help, if you will do something quite stupid. And that's most of my events in a nuttshell. They aren't inherently bad or tough. All you need to do is use teamwork, and preparations before tackling an encounter. So I hopefully haven't scared ALL of you away. If interested, there is no real set time or date, so keep your eyes open.
  5. And it's done. Thanks to all who participated.
  6. Postponned at 18:00 +1, today. 3 hours from now.
  7. Updated time. 15:00 GMT+1, tomorrow, 12th of July.
  8. Updated time, as I just got told I will not be home tomorrow.
  9. For all those who are interested, the event will be hold the day after tomorrow. Around 15:00 GMT+1. That is two hours ago from the time posting. Changes will be posted here. Edited day. I will not be home tomorrow.
  10. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A rift in the ground has opened up, releasing all manner of strange monsters into the lands near the Blasted Lands. A sorrowful mother waits at the top of the rift for her long-lost son, who has been missing for 25 years. You can journey down into the rift for an adventure full of twisted monsters, all created from the mind of a young boy driven to madness through incarceration. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (OOC:) Hello players on Paragon, my name is Deaysat and I wish to share with you the stroy of Josh. It's a story-based event with an emphasis on thinking and solving puzzles than simply bashing someone's face with a sword. It's my first event like that, so I would ask for feedback once it's done. I do not want to spoil much of the story, or what the players await down the rift. But everyone is welcome to join in, for their own agenda. From saving the little boy, to exploring the rifts of the nightmare. The event plays on negative emotions on the players. So I would ask no marry Sues present, because if you want to feel the true experience of the event, you will be afraid. And angry. And desperate. And confused. (hinthint,winkwink) The event should be a medium long, though it does depends on the speed the players will advance. The event will be held sometimes this week. So I ask to keep an eye on the announcements in game. Thank you for your time, ~Dy
  11. I wanted the staff....But....Now I don't know anymore. :(
  12. In addition, Kalados now has a new piece of furniture. Cho'Gall's throne no longer resides in the Bastion of Twilight, but adornes' the firey creature's domain. :D
  13. Deaysat

    Witchweald Keep

    Well, let me be the first to post my thoughts. It was fun. Clearly it was thought out, and wasn't rushed. Maybe, it did feel that the mobs were a bit "spungie", and taking more hits than neccesary, but I did like how you used the enviorment (aka stairs) to delvier at least some more credibility that a blank room n.1. Would come and join part 2, if only it would be a tad shorter. 7/10 , the broken paladin tank, Clemens. ~ Dy.