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  1. To Capture Gul'dan - Part One, is likely to happen around 5-6pm today. Khadgar and Cordana need the Horde help to be accepted by the Frostwolf Clan, then aid them in destroying the Shadow Council's plan for Frostfire Ridge!
  2. Long overdue and I apologise, just finished moving houses and all that nonsense. To Catch a Shadow Part 2 will happen sometime tomorrow, where you'll finally assault the Shadow Council base of Gul'var with aid from Khadgar! It's time to bring Gul'dan to heel! I'll be posting an exact time in advance on Announcements so stay tuned!
  3. Looking at continuing and finishing the Elodor Storyline today involving Exarch Othaar becoming Socrethar. Keep an eye on announcements for confirmed times.
  4. WARNING: So like, a lot of these are pretty rude and can be inappropriate depending on the individual. But know all have been done in humor and nothing here is to be taken seriously. Also some content is pretty lame and can cause you cancer, but you'll be fine. You already play Paragon how much worse can it be? Well it speaks for itself. I am gonna get shit for this, but I would love to know what this tasted like. I just do, okay? Always a learning experience with Adore around. iamnotsorry Just chatting about Sage's knowledge of the sexual anatomy. Its true though. It was bad, I am sorry. It -MIGHT- be me again. What? Don't judge.
  5. And the best thing to do in that scenario is to come upon this thread, caps-lock'ing your heart out to the point where you say you'll make the DMing on Draenor a living hell? For an ex-DMM and GM you ought to know better than that wouldn't you say? Speaking of which, posturing about those positions just because a DM told you you couldn't do something and you disagree with it is just making yourself look worse than the DM in question. Rag is the DMM, you could've just gone to him and inquire about it. When Rag's not available, you can also come to me to all things related to WoD and DMing. From what I've seen so far, you were told you couldn't do something and decided to throw a fit instead of cooperating or trying to reason. Going about saying "I can go there because I'm a dragon and I can just transform" and "I'll make sure to make the DMing a living hell" gets you nowhere but on a quick road to potential revoke. _____________________ That out of the way, there are no real restrictions as to where you can and can't go. However we as DMs are responsible for the people in WoD by advancing the storyline. I have no issues with people going to places, but there may be moments where the common Paragon-character mentalities (the "Let's kill whatever we see!" mentality) get the upper hand to do things that are to be included in events which in turn can impede on the plans of a DM. All I'm asking is to have the patience not to rush off into every possible area right off the bat. All official events and what-not can begin (doesn't mean they will) on monday, and if there is a potential problem with something to poke Rag, as DMM - or myself. You know, I might not have thrown a fit if the DMs in question who spoke about this actually described the situation in a better way. They made it come off as "Do this and we have the authority to punish you icly even if we don't have IC proof outside events and even if you didn't do anything wrong." (Or that's how they made it sound.) I'll admit I went over board...but the entire situation just sounded incredibly stupid to me. Now, while I did go off a bit I did refrain from calling out any individuals names and insults. I got loud about it because I would never have advocated such a decision and would have handled any possible issues on a case by case basis. All the DMs had to say was hey. "We ask you not to go here and there as this or that. If you cause any trouble we are permitted to take action icly." But what we got was what I pointed out above. As if even if we didn't stir up anything ic and just showed up at these specified locations we would get ousted with little say. Provided this restriction is lifted in a few days..not weeks I'll let the dust settle. It is only a few days we stated this. I do not know where you been getting 'weeks' from but I did try calmly explaining the reasons that i was familiar with while you went off your rocker, which by the way was the first thing you did instead of being reasonable and asking questions. You immediately assumed we were out to get you, like we wanted to make you suffer unnecessary restrictions and imposing authority from out of the nowhere. While you didn't use childish insults, your attitude in general was pretty offensive and insulting. So again I'll repeat, we only ask that people just give the Dark Portal events a chance to finish before rushing off to every faction city possible. We know you kids are excited and eager to get involved with everything possible, but it would be nice just to get everyone whose doing the Events to Dreanor first before we go insane. In saying that, we do still highly encourage exploration RP and even making requests for events or Interactions with local forces from a DM as long as it doesn't intrude into story driven events. Cause as stated, once Monday comes, we should expect a lot of Zone story line being driven into action throughout the week.
  6. Like shown, we asked AU to avoid Garrisons and MU to avoid major hot spots for their aligning factions. Why? Well if the answer isn't obvious you kids sort of just shown up out of no where with no prior warning of diplomacy. Can you really expect respective fashion to just immediately give you free reign? It like meeting someone knew that you find friendly but know absolutely nothing about, if they asked you to let them go into your home to stay as long as they like, you'd likely to say; 'Uhhh not today... maybe when I know you better.' That is basically the situation, call it a grace period of adjustment to allow proper diplomacy take root between respective factions to allow more free movement and open borders. This isn't a very long wait and likely to change within a few days. It just common sense you don't go marching in major cities when the faction barely even knows you. So once the Story progresses more, likely after the Dark Portal events end on Sunday, the freedom to move more freely into other faction strongholds will be allowed. So just be a little patient~ On an IC level it basically just saying the guard will turn you away for now as we can't be around 24/7 to DM that out and so you kids know what sort of reaction to expect.
  7. "M'uru was once the sole naaru guardian of Tempest Keep, but was overcome by Kael'thas Sunstrider's forces and sent to Silvermoon. There, the blood elf magisters manipulated his energies and kept him bound, using him as a power source from which the Blood Knight order could siphon the Light. After Kael'thas' forces stormed Tempest Keep, the prince sent M'uru back home to Quel'Thalas for his people to feed upon. Back in the capital of Silvermoon City, Magister Astalor Bloodsworn and his wizards were not content with this idea, and instead learned to manipulate the naaru's energy. The blood elves had experienced a mass loss of faith in the Light following the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas, but through M'uru the Light could be seized as a force to control without the need for faith. The Blood Knights were founded with this in mind, and Grand Magister Rommath summoned Lady Liadrin, a former priestess, to induct her as the order's leader. M'uru, now bound beneath the Hall of Blood, was linked with prospective Blood Knights with the aid of the magi. Exposure to M'uru could be testing - the naaru's voice was distorted and reminiscent of shattering glass - and some knights had to overcome physical and emotional pain in order to invoke their powers." Boom. A divine being manipulated and abused by magic Not only that, its implied it could be a source of power to feed the Blood Elves addiction before the Sunwell was restored. This implies one of three things. They could siphon its life way with fel magic to feed the populace, that the light is enough to ward of the temptation of magical addiction or thirdly, the Naaru are both beings of arcane and light. While not much of a clear cut answer, it does show the Light of the Naaru can be abused and manipulated by less divine magic. Working on theory, if Elune -is- the titan of Azeroth, the World Soul, this gives more credit to the theory that Arcane can hold mastery over the light. Why not confirmed, its stated that its highly likely that Elune herself created the Naaru. Now if this is true, a titan that primarily consisting of arcane created beings of pure light. Does this mean Arcane can be a form of divine magic? Or does it mean there isn't such a big of gap between divine power and magic? Brought to you by the independent research of Orochi, this is not a conclusive argument, more so to serve that this likely a subject you can't go in with dead certainty or with a closed mind.
  8. On the note of healing. There is a comic about Saiden/Balnazzar getting injured, he was questioned by a crusader why he didn't just use the light to heal himself. In his response, he just smiled and drained the life of the crusader to heal his body to its entirety. However not sure it is counted as canon and it doesn't suggest that others using light would be harmful to him. But it's something interesting to consider nonetheless might be able to research that line of interest to try to garner further information about it. At the very least, it seems to imply that Dreadlord doesn't acquire every skill and ability this previous host once had if it's a corpse body. There are a couple of scenarios where a Dreadlord can do possession with the host still alive. Of course, that bring up the problem of constantly battle them for control mentally. Just a few things to look at.
  9. IC Information " The vile gnolls that once stormed the plains of Westfall linger in its extension and the safety of the Viscounty of Alderville in Westfall's southern shores won't be left untouched for much longer. Gnolls gather in the vicinity, many of them running from Sentinel Hill after the combined forces of dwarves, humans and worgen had retaken it from them, driving them further south, while many others had fled into Duskwood. Moonbrook is the Gnolls last great bastion of resistance in Westfall and peculiar something is keeping the gnolls here united and organised. With the arrival of a squadron of Marines from Stormwind and the assurance of a strong resistance, Viscount Archibald Alderney organises a resistance from inside his walls with the aid of the Marine Officer, Lieutenant Commander Amanthos, to break free of the gnoll threat once and for all. " OOC Information The plan is to liberate Moonbrook from the Gnolls with a force composed of both adventurers and soldiers. There's also a small squad of Westfall Brigade that has taken refuge within Alderville when the gnolls attacked the region. The forward base of operations, for now, is a camp in the Dagger Hills. (.t aldercamp) The main base of operations is Alderville, only accessible by ship at the moment. (.t alderharbor) Mind you that you will follow instructions. The main officer in this is Lieutenant Commander Amanthos so he'll give strategies to act in the field. Viscount Alderney will instruct you in his lands. Players: We'll get 8 more players on it. Restrictions: We don't have many restrictions but since there's already a good force of NPCs in it (35 NPCs: 30 Alderney Troopers and 10 Marines) and we must be nice to the DM we would encourage you to not bring sizeable forces if you are military/noble. Adventurers are welcome. Date: Sunday, 13:00 Server Time Let us free Westfall #MakeWestfallGreatAgain!!! (Regards to Diana Dos Stanos for writing up the event with edits by yours truly, Batman)
  10. IC For months the gnolls have held onto Westfall and infested the place with their numbers, however, during these months the Alliance has made small retaliation strikes as their army prepared to retake the much need farmland from the mongrels. Sentinel Hill will be the decisive battle in determining who'll have control over Westfall and it lands. The wait is over, the men in blue are marching upon the fortress with their allies as Gnolls sneered at them from the ramparts of the walls. The siege was about to begin and the Alliance was determined to put this matter to rest, once and for all. OOC So finally we have come full circle as we're back at Sentinel Hill, reaching the conclusion of the Gnoll story arc in Westfall where more answers may finally be revealed! For those of you who wish to bring forces, please include them as a message in this post, if you suddenly show up to the battle without letting us know beforehand we'll discount them and write it off as you being a poor organiser of troops. You have been warned! Time/Date: Tuesday 13th, 1pm Server Time. We're going to try cap the player limit to around twenty people giving priority to commanders and those who have a genuine reason to be involved. If we feel we can handle more at the date we'll increase the limit.
  11. Xa'thul decides to wait.
  12. Apologies this has been postponed to Thursday 10th, 6pm Server time.
  13. Warlocks won't be welcomed in general.
  14. Xa'thul waits patiently for now. (Skip Turn)