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  1. To Capture Gul'dan - Part One, is likely to happen around 5-6pm today. Khadgar and Cordana need the Horde help to be accepted by the Frostwolf Clan, then aid them in destroying the Shadow Council's plan for Frostfire Ridge!
  2. Long overdue and I apologise, just finished moving houses and all that nonsense. To Catch a Shadow Part 2 will happen sometime tomorrow, where you'll finally assault the Shadow Council base of Gul'var with aid from Khadgar! It's time to bring Gul'dan to heel! I'll be posting an exact time in advance on Announcements so stay tuned!
  3. Looking at continuing and finishing the Elodor Storyline today involving Exarch Othaar becoming Socrethar. Keep an eye on announcements for confirmed times.
  4. IC Information " The vile gnolls that once stormed the plains of Westfall linger in its extension and the safety of the Viscounty of Alderville in Westfall's southern shores won't be left untouched for much longer. Gnolls gather in the vicinity, many of them running from Sentinel Hill after the combined forces of dwarves, humans and worgen had retaken it from them, driving them further south, while many others had fled into Duskwood. Moonbrook is the Gnolls last great bastion of resistance in Westfall and peculiar something is keeping the gnolls here united and organised. With the arrival of a squadron of Marines from Stormwind and the assurance of a strong resistance, Viscount Archibald Alderney organises a resistance from inside his walls with the aid of the Marine Officer, Lieutenant Commander Amanthos, to break free of the gnoll threat once and for all. " OOC Information The plan is to liberate Moonbrook from the Gnolls with a force composed of both adventurers and soldiers. There's also a small squad of Westfall Brigade that has taken refuge within Alderville when the gnolls attacked the region. The forward base of operations, for now, is a camp in the Dagger Hills. (.t aldercamp) The main base of operations is Alderville, only accessible by ship at the moment. (.t alderharbor) Mind you that you will follow instructions. The main officer in this is Lieutenant Commander Amanthos so he'll give strategies to act in the field. Viscount Alderney will instruct you in his lands. Players: We'll get 8 more players on it. Restrictions: We don't have many restrictions but since there's already a good force of NPCs in it (35 NPCs: 30 Alderney Troopers and 10 Marines) and we must be nice to the DM we would encourage you to not bring sizeable forces if you are military/noble. Adventurers are welcome. Date: Sunday, 13:00 Server Time Let us free Westfall #MakeWestfallGreatAgain!!! (Regards to Diana Dos Stanos for writing up the event with edits by yours truly, Batman)
  5. IC For months the gnolls have held onto Westfall and infested the place with their numbers, however, during these months the Alliance has made small retaliation strikes as their army prepared to retake the much need farmland from the mongrels. Sentinel Hill will be the decisive battle in determining who'll have control over Westfall and it lands. The wait is over, the men in blue are marching upon the fortress with their allies as Gnolls sneered at them from the ramparts of the walls. The siege was about to begin and the Alliance was determined to put this matter to rest, once and for all. OOC So finally we have come full circle as we're back at Sentinel Hill, reaching the conclusion of the Gnoll story arc in Westfall where more answers may finally be revealed! For those of you who wish to bring forces, please include them as a message in this post, if you suddenly show up to the battle without letting us know beforehand we'll discount them and write it off as you being a poor organiser of troops. You have been warned! Time/Date: Tuesday 13th, 1pm Server Time. We're going to try cap the player limit to around twenty people giving priority to commanders and those who have a genuine reason to be involved. If we feel we can handle more at the date we'll increase the limit.
  6. Apologies this has been postponed to Thursday 10th, 6pm Server time.
  7. Warlocks won't be welcomed in general.
  8. Ancestor's Wrath IC Information: Even defeated, the Twilight Cult never seems to learn or give up. Unsettling reports have reached the ears of the Earthen Ring and shaman alike about a jewel causing some turmoil in Azshara causing the spirits and elements to prove disastrous upon the land. The Goblins defilement of the land serves nothing but to aggravate these natural forces further into violence at the whim of the Twilight Cult. Senior Shamans have concluded that recovering this jewel and forging it into a weapon may help quell the chaos that is beginning to form in Azshara. OOC Information: This event chain is primarily for Shamans with Sazaras playing a leading role in forging a new weapon meant for those with spiritual connections. The chain will be placed into three events with about five people per event. Rewards for players will general be spiritual tools or items due to the nature of the events. Time/Date: Tuesday 8th, 6pm Server time
  9. The first event shall be at around 4pm server time on Friday 30th, come join the Valorstride with a feast and dancing at around 3pm server time as a prelude and introduction to the chain event.
  10. IC Information A gnoll army was at the doorsteps of Sentinel hill. No, it was multiple gnoll forces have surrounded Sentinel Hill and an all out siege was imminent. The canine humanoids had brought weapons to tear down buildings, devices to climb walls and tools to bring down the firm gates of the men of Westfall. Preparations were made, the walls sparkled with light from the sun reflecting off the Men and Dwarves who have cleaned their rifles and donned their armour. Westfall conscripts ran too and fro the buildings, barely equipped with a shortage of weapons. Emissary from the Westbrook garrison have informed the forces of Sentinel Hill no reinforcements will be coming from Elwynn as gnolls raidings parties had a sudden increase in activity keeping the defenders of Elywnn tied down. No word would come from Duskwood, but one could imagine the Nightwatch had plenty of their own regional issues to deal with. The Westfall Brigade, the Fusiliers of Stahlbrad and the Dwarves of the Mountainbreaker company have answered the growing threat along with numerous heroes of the Alliance. Numbering over just six hundred brave men and women, they alone will have to hold off the tide of the Gnoll Horde to keep Westfall safe or fail and watch it burn. OOC Information The IC information provided basically outlines the hours before the siege itself, but as implied it may be too late for any other militant leaders to bring in forces to bring soldiers to Sentinel Hill. Fear not, this is only one of many military opportunities to come to kill some dogs. We expect the event to be fairly large as such Watsiro/Darnam and Bradley shall be aiding me as DM partners in making sure the event flows smoothly. We are limiting the player cap to twenty with Drachmore and Kazmir as priority players. Date: Saturday 24th, 1pm server time (Times may be subject to change)
  11. Event has been completed. Whooooosh.
  12. I'll be happy to take on this event if there are no issues with anyone else.