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  1. Granodd

    Oh No

    It's too late.
  2. Granodd

    Oh No

    It keeps happening.
  3. Granodd

    Oh No

    I shitpost. A lot.
  4. Granodd

    Oh No

    You keep doing it.
  5. Granodd

    Oh No

    What have you done?
  6. I miss you Vykax. The winter has been so cold without you. Please hold me. no homo
  7. The dirt caked frontiersman, part-time spelunker, full-time tree hater pokes his head from a nearby mineshaft. "You're welcome."
  8. I can't imagine any natural or otherworldly force preventing anyone from becoming a demon hunter. The issue is finding a teacher who's willing to teach you, which in all honesty, shouldn't be an easy task given the fact that it's a lot of elves.