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  1. I believeee we spoke, as I was Kellinath from The Scarlet Dawn. Use to have Nixxiom as my second in command!
  2. In addition to this. No campaign, no galactic conquest.
  3. Roleplay with people you like. Staff don't care how bad someone is at roleplaying or how much they break lore. Or about anything, really.
  4. There are also a few spells that allow you to simply summon weapons that are on your person to your hand; or better, you can form a magical tattoo on yourself which becomes a weapon when you touch it.
  5. Feral

    A Question

    god that is so old.
  6. Feral

    Crimson Sun Brigade

    A Knight-Captain wouldn't be able to renew funding for anything.
  7. Feral

    Gladiator Tales

    Gonna remove Salil. IRL circumstances currently prevent me from actively roleplaying.
  8. Feral

    Alterac Valley

    for realsies though, you two, make me and papa drez proud. i have high hopes for you kids. will probably attend based on numbers for each event.
  9. Feral


    dobby is a free elf. (ps i love smeg)
  10. Feral


    A carefully-orchestrated web of political scheming between Naga, a local murloc tribe and the interests of the Burning Legion on some southern isles, all of them seeking a powerful artifact capable of interacting with the legendary "4th wall of the Twisting Nether" - able to make things happen. The Naga seek it out for their queen Azshara, as she wants an increase in her cup size and hot, steamy bathtub with Sargeras; the murlocs want it to transfer Starcraft marine power armor from the realms of not-so-original Blizzard ideas and become the dominant race of Azeroth; and the Burning Legion (aka our players' sayaad) seek it out to powergame into a giant lesbian orgy forever without any consequences in public places like idk, Silvermoon's bazaar. p.s. space marines aren't a warhammer idea.
  11. remember that group on imperium that was entirely composed of men roleplaying as female draenei, blood elves, high elves and night elves and all of them were 'sisters' and engaged in incestual ERP?
  12. Honestly, there's more evil/neutral players than there are good.
  13. Feral


    good nobles for once