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  1. In an attempt to not sound long-winded, I'll just make my points brief and explain anything that isn't obvious. I guess. 1) I don't really know what's going on here in general, as I've greatly lost interest for various reasons-- mostly involving certain people no longer being around. It also has a lot to do with the relative mood of the place. I wouldn't go as far as to say it "Isn't what it used to be," but I feel much less apart of the group if that makes sense. It's likely an issue stemming from purely myself, but it does feel strangely isolating to log on sometimes. 2) There's a lot of important things when it comes to Paragon. For me personally, it's about inclusivity and good storytelling. Retail hasn't been in a very good place for roleplay since Cataclysm, and I think Paragon is way too comfortable with doing the easy thing and tailoring their events to what happens during retail. I'm a lot more interested in what the community and it's players have in mind for the future of the setting and the character's on Paragon than Acti-Blizzard's milking of the franchise for more MMO revenue. 3) More-or-less what I said above. I believe Paragon could be summed up (at the moment) as a lore-friendly, event-focused server. It seems to favor reward-for-play in lieu of retail's formula for rewarding people for going through it's content. It's simple and enjoyable enough, but it's ultimately pointless and somewhat boring. To me. 4) It's pretty simple, because Paragon does it from time to time: Distance itself from retail's lore and begin allowing the DMs and players more autonomy over the lore. We've made way more compelling stories and roleplay than anything derived from retail. I'm not saying disregard the lore retail gives us either. I'm saying we should make it our own. Bend it and twist it to our will, so that we're not just a parody of stuff we've already played through/experienced before. This would mean more work for the DMs and everyone involved, but it would certainly make the majority of roleplay had on Paragon feel far less forgettable. It gives people with creative and fun ideas the chance to add more to the server, without feeling like they'll be bogged down by needless restrictions. That about sums it up.
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