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  1. While the original article did not survive the overhaul of the World of Warcraft Official Website, the Warcraft Encyclopedia is still considered canonical by Blizzard, and may be expanded upon in the future.[1] Blizzard Historian Sean Copeland on Twitter, RE: The Warcraft Encyclopedia ^ Wowpedia. So no, Warcraft Encyclopedia is canon until it is not (modified by something else). Nothing from Warcraft Encyclopedia in the guide is modified by other sources, however. ^ This is a good article about how one should navigate in the shit-storm that is warcraft canon.
  2. Oh, Trolls are smart. Damn smart and cunning too. And Trolls interact with the nature of the world arguably better than most, in many cases, even better than Kaldorei. Culture =/= intelligence. And you are right, they -could- exist. That is of no doubt. However, that is a very slippery slope when it comes to making actual decisions for server-canon - if only because many things could exist in the Warcraft universe. It's a very open and derivative setting. What we tend to value on paragon most is what -does- exist and by extension, what can be -proven- to exist in the current canon. That eliminates the uncertainty of possibilities and theories and creates a stable environment for all to RP in.
  3. Why? It's in Creative Forum for a reason. It's very al right to get creative here. While I do believe that a tribe like that may only exist in theory, at least for now, it could give birth to interesting characters and interactions.
  4. This sounds a lot like a tribe of trolls. The hunter-based religious society. The Witches could be replaced with Witch Doctors and the Loa. Don't get me wrong, its a good concept. However I think this kind of fantasy has already place in wow in the form of trolls. In fact, I think this looks a lot like what the society of Dark Trolls would look like in the transition period between being Dark Trolls and evolving into the Kaldorei. In fact, it sounds a lot like what would happen if a small, very well hidden tribe of dark trolls did evolve into Kaldorei, but the societal reforms and changes in tradition went completely past them. Evolved physically, but not as a society.
  5. Character Name: Dellorne Silverstream Written Work Name: Dimensional Dynamics. Written Work Description: A Thesis on the dimensional structure of all known dimensions and the dynamic interactions between them. This thesis earned Dellorne Silverstream his Archmage of the Kirin Tor status. Written Work Type: Arcane magic tome: Transmutation/Conjuration/Ley-line knowledge focus. Language: Thalassian. Common (Translated) Orcish (Translated) Gnomish (Translated) Darnassian (Translated) Ease of Discovery: Kirin Tor Official Library of Arcane Knowledge (Restricted Access. Apprentice Status required. Restriction reason: Literature contains knowledge on the Twisting Nether classified as "moderately dangerous".) Character Name: Dellorne Silverstream Written Work Name: The Salvation of Time. Written Work Description: A two-part tome. The first part is an essay criticising the Bronze Dragonflights past in keeping chronomantic knowledge away from the hands of mortals. The second part - an introduction to advanced chronomancy in text-book form. Written Work Type: Arcane magic tome: Transmutation/Chronomancy focus. Language: Thalassian. Common (Translated) Gnomish (Translated) Darnassian (Translated) Ease of Discovery: Kirin Tor Official Library of Arcane Knowledge (Restricted Access. Magus Status required. Restriction reason: Literature contains political arguments of controversial nature (Mage Supremacy) and dangerous chronomantic manuals.)
  6. Silvr

    Demon Hunter guide

    Not corrupted soul. A soul like his own. Demon soul. I may agree that not all DHS go to the twisting nether based in that source. Yet I am unsure if that alone means that the DH has a demon soul like Illidan does. If Illidan avoided being eaten as a spirit then I don't see how that would be a problem for Varedis, considering that Illidan was a much higher priority target.
  7. Silvr

    Demon Hunter guide

    Or perhaps because his spectral sight is so honed he can discern a Demon Soul from a regular soul. Besides...if Varedis could return to his body - why didn't he do it and beg Kil'jaeden for revival right before his death? His body wasn't destroyed in the last DH CH quest.
  8. Silvr

    Demon Hunter guide

    But the Illidans "intrigue" could be referring to the fact that the PC DH has the ability to -return- without outside help. Similar to how he did. Varedis was "revived" by Kil'jaeden, rather than returning himself. He then begged to be revived again, pointing at the fact that he has no such ability. So, while it may be true that not all DH souls risk to be taken into Twisting Nether, that thing alone does not necessarily mean that they have a demon soul. Rather than their regular soul is whisked away. A Demon Soul would then refer to their ability to -return- from the Twisting Nether. As in, every soul can become tainted and fall into the TW. But not every soul that becomes tainted is a Demon Soul. Or at least as far as I understand after harmonizing all the sources I have and the one you have provided.
  9. Silvr

    Demon Hunter guide

    Why do you believe Varedis has an immortal Demon Soul? As far as I know, all Demon Hunter souls are whisked away into the TN, if the sacrifice bro is to be believed. And Varedis was "revived" by Kil'jaeden, rather than reviving via the Demon Soul. After his last death, he even asks to be revived again. It is my belief that a Demon Soul allows one to revive with no outside help, the same way PC does or Illidan did. Like a true demon. (Perhaps with the caveat that the body must be still there, as Illidans and PC bodies are presumed to be there. But I am not sure how valid that assumption would be.)
  10. Silvr

    Custom NPC Entries

    Man. It'd be so nice to make a generic Warden NPC using the new models...
  11. YAY for bugless leaving of group/raids!
  12. Silvr


    I still wonder where does warden-commander come from.
  13. As RPed before, Archmage Dellorne Silverstream has comitted 3 squads from his elite strike force. One squad consists of: 1 KT Battle-mage: elite field-officer unit in command of the squad. Excellent offensive magical capability and knowledge of combined arcane warfare. Special ability: Kirin Tor Brilliance - all spellcasters around the battle-mage have their magical capacity increased in a moderate radius. 8 Violet Guard: far from mundane infantry, these soldiers utilize advanced enchanted weaponry and armor as well specialized tactics involving their spellcaster allies. Special Ability: Barrier Barricade - when two or more guards close to each other raise their enchanted shields - a spell-matrix is activated projecting a one-way magical barrier from the shields in front of them. The barrier is resistant against mundane and magical attacks, however it allows spells to be cast or shots being fired from behind the shields - creating excellent cover for their ranged allies. The effectiveness of the barrier increases in tandem with the number of shields raised in such manner. The barrier repulses those who run in it, however it will fail under prolonged abuse. Also lasts a moderate amount of time and the energy in the shield has to be recharged double that time. DMs decide the definition of "moderate". 4 Covenant Spell-bows: Quel'dorei archers of great skill, empowering their ranged prowess with magic and enchanted weaponry. Special Ability: Arcane Barrage - Spell-bows draw a special, enchanted arrow empowering it to split into multiple magical arrows after being shot in the air, cascading on top of their opponents like an arrow storm. 3 KT Magi: The magi of the Kirin Tor are renowned to be among the best in Azeroth. These are no exception. Very versatile spellcasters. Special Ability: Summon Water Elemental - a preferred ally for most KT magi. The ability is self explanatory. 1 Arcane Construct: Kirin Tor magical construct have seen much success in warfare. While expensive, they have proven to be excellent Sentinels. Capable of fighting physically as well as shooting blasts of arcane energy like walking turrets. Special Ability: Advanced resilience protocols - Archmage Silverstream modified the constructs to activate more measures of protection dependent on the damage the construct experiences. The closer the construct is to destruction - the more barriers it will put up. However, putting up more barriers also automatically reduces the energy given to the constructs offensive protocols, increasing the recharge time of its arcane attacks. As a note: All subjective terminology mentioned are up to the DM to decide, in accordance with his event-style as long as it is reasonable in relation to the canonical capabilities of forced mentioned. Contact me if one requires further, precise information.
  14. Silvr

    Battle for Thelsamar

    EHHEheheheehhehehee EheHEHEHEHEheahehahah. Might consider joining this on me gnome tho. Troggs are severely underused as slaughter mobs.