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    This is too creative for the server. Delete this now.
  2. Mine is not based on their validity. Mine is based on the fact that people attribute evokers the spells which conjurers use. Conjurers conjure elemental spells we all like to shit on by all sources we have. They conjure fireballs and blizzards. Elementals and deal with elements really. Idk what Evoker even does essentially. The only two spells I can relate that school to with sources to back it up is Evocation and Incanters Ward. Neither of them throw fireballs.
  3. Idk considering this is a lore discussion thread about an Envoker character this seems like a good place to talk about it really. I mean since there is no canon SOURCE for what Evocation school actually directly is about, and the fact that the spells like blizzard, fireball and so on are attributed to CONJURERS, one could talk about it a lot. Like how the evocation spell indicates that drawing power is what the school is about.
  4. "Evoker R awful". Oh yeah. The ability to draw magic from anywhere is really bad.
  5. Wowpedia is all you need. The arcane fantasy is very well rounded up in a few sentences there. As long as you stick to it in as reasonable manner you should be alright. Look at the actual ingame spells and their descriptions too. In Legion blizzard did a good job of presenting the fantasy of the class spec through actual gameplay. Apply reason too - it needs to work in roleplay. And always remember - the arcane/fire/frost specialization are merely paths of development for your mage to follow. Think of them as teaching programs in a irl school. Being an arcane mage doesn't lock you off from other magic. Cetrain spells like frost nova are too essential to not learn them at all.
  6. The arcane path is much more than just shooting off some bolts of arcane. The arcane mage controls energy, the flow of mana. They manipulate the instabilities of the universe. Forces like gravity and excell at chronomancy and teleportation. A good arcane mage can virtually never empty themselves of mana, as they can always borrow more from the magic surrounding them. They shoot lazers too yeah.
  7. The short answer is - there is no short answer. When it comes to what your characer can do - FIND A CLEAR VISION. Everyone wants to be Jack. (Of all trades.) Don't be Jack. Characters with a focus are much more interesting in my honest opinion. If you are a mage - stick to it. Not religiously, a mage is always more than just her class - but remember that to excel at any path you need dedication.
  9. There are 36 artifacts. I am sure we can rotate them without anyone feeling left out really considering how much shit is done with them. But hey I am not fully against custom ones. It's not me who decides anyway.
  10. The difference is that the lore artefact have class-hall stories that are knit to their specific artefact abilities. They are not just strong weapons. They are key to the story. You -would not be able- to easily control the Felhammer if you didn't have the Twinblades of the Deceiver. They are not just weapons. You can -already- have just powerful weapons. But they don't have a Legion-specific story.
  11. But you can just have a strong weapon already. It's allowed. You can have a DM dm you getting titansteel and making a retarded weapon that slays shit. Artefacts are not just -weapons-. They have specific abilities which may be useful in events and can be used to create specific event scenarios. Like, Aldrachi Warblades can -shred a soul- into pieces. Perfect when you need to deal with demon permanently.
  12. Custom artefacts create unnecessary headache. You can fight the Legion with all and every weapon - fighting the Legion isn't a problem. Artefacts are only -specifically- required when dealing with specific things, like using them to purify a Naaru in priest class hall story. Or to defeat a very specific, strong foe, like Kil'Jaeden. Or using the Legion markings on the Twinblades fo Deceiver to transport the demon hunter ship. You can easily rotate these artefacts for the necessary events. And fight the Legion as we normally do - with weapons.
  13. No, because -Wardens- have their own things to do. They have a -canon- storyline. They don't help in class halls, they have the vault to get back and then assisst Maiev later in the Legionfall push. They are a -canon- class which has a -canon- place in Legion. Runemasters however - do not. Custom artefacts are a possibility, but I don't think its such a good idea. The actual lore artefacts have stories that are built into them and they fit in perfectly into the Legion story. If you make a custom artefact then you also need to make a custom story for it, which relates to Legion. Also, artefacts are knit tighly with their respective class halls. If you are making a custom artefact, it needs to belong to a class hall, where it is improved using a lore-specific method.
  14. That's the problem with a non-canon class. They wouldn't HAVE A CLASS HALL to keep the artefact in. Neither would they have a CLASS HALL storyline which builds around that artefact. That's the sacrifice you make yourself when you decide that to give your character a demi-canon class. You can't expect canon lore to support it. Most classes fall into a certain fantasy. An elven ranger falls into the hunter fantasy. Blademaster falls into a warrior fantasy. An Assassin falls into a Rogue fantasy.
  15. So yeah. We are the adventurers. And we can be "God tier" if your clique recognizes your char like that.
  16. Yeah but if we give THE TRUE artifact wielder the weapon, one can build that event around the idea of protecting that artifact wielder and their artifact. Say that there is a demon whose armor is so strong - only Ashbringer can truly hurt him. It would be a situation where everyone is scrambling to protect the wielder and give him an opening to strike. Or, perhaps a certain attack can only be blocked by Truthguard .
  17. Tbh I like the rotational idea. Everyone has their chance to wield it and if not - the artifact is going to be returned after the event anyway. No drama. DM constantly has control over what happens with them. In addition, the sense of LEGION CLASS COMMUNITY is created as all class fantasies work to improve their specific artifacts. Having everyone carry copies would just be stupid.
  18. We literally do all the same things that adventurers do all the time. Time to stop pretending and just accept that yes , we fulfill their role when this is required. We are the adventurers, but we can be something more too. Like generals, Archmagi and so on.
  19. Alternitively, adjust the lore to make the artifact weapon -choose- its wielder for every big event where the weapon is required. People roll or maybe some other system decides, and the one who comes on top gets the weapon for -THIS EVENT- and then they return the weapon in the custody of the class hall, which takes care of it. Meanwhile, all the classes that fit the hall fantasy find ways to improve these weapons through grindy random events. Example: Group needs to kill KJ. Group of Paladins roll for Ashbringer. Then the hammer. Then the Truthguard. 3 Paladins are chosen by their respective artifacts (the ones who won the rolls + som arbitrary requierments, like morals/whatever.) The same goes for every other class fantasy. Raid goes to murder KJ. KJ is dead. Everyone returns their weapons to the class hall until the next attack.
  20. Yeah but having an artifact weapon which you constantly improve -is- a part of Legion experience. Having a certain thing is -special- and makes a character special. And why would it be a problem? It's not like people aren't allowed to carry OP weapons already. Thus, the characters -with- these artifact weapons will be these heroes, who can do crazy shit. Really. Seeing some NPC dude go and -do- things that -you- are supposed to do, like take down a huge Pit Lord or whatever, is really boring. Legion is an expansion about being a god damn hero. So let us be just that.
  21. That would be so UTTERLY boring.
  22. Its simple. The expansion is centered around artifacts and -classes- who carry them. Unfortunately we can't have 50 people with Ashbringer. So...allows us apply to have our own, "weapons of legend", thus turning at least -some- of our characters into the "heroes" who stand against the legion. Thus, the flavor of legion is already there. The rest is just a matter of effort. And grinding strange shit to improve your artifact with artifact power. It's not like paragon is a canon server anyway.
  23. Allow us apply for out own artifacts. Perhaps, max for 2 characters per player. Do similar shit, while subtly ignoring the presence of the HERO of LEGEND.
  24. To explain this is an exercise in futility, to be sure.
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    Compliment Thread!

    One of the few people that always reminded me that behind the veil of paragon there are actual polite and kind human beings present still.