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  1. Bobbles

    The Evil Within

    Alignment - Lawful Evil Name - Nelkiar Frostheart Brief Description - A recent addition to the Stormwind military after his decided return from the Ebon Blade, Nelkiar's past caught up to him, assigned to what the military calls a "Suicide squad" it was unfortunate that his five supposed comrades were infact former slaves of the scourge, and were personally caught at the time by Nelkiar. Perhaps some corrupt noble or military force was behind the "Random" group, but when the mission began Nelkiar found his supposed "Allies" disabling him mid-combat and trading him to the Horde dogs for a few gold peices. Weakness - Mental Conditioning from the scourge is a hard thing to break, it's addiction is described to be so great that even the Sin'dorei's need for magic is dwarfed by it, Nelkiar is certainly no different, with a need to inflict suffering lest he go mad. Trigger - Mortal things, I.e. weaknesses associated with being alive, anything from giving up due to exhaustion or complaining of hunger can set off his need to purge the weak from his group.
  2. 9.5/10, Dat facial hair
  3. Just had my DK get signed up with the alliance military actually.
  4. I knew I'd eventually find somewhere to bring my Pit-lord
  5. Banned for stealing my innocence
  6. Bobbles

    The Lucid Dream

    I have a mild need to create a nightmare druid for this, or maybe an escapee Flame druid!
  7. Aye they're included under the link I provided and all make use of the summoner abilities, they meerly offer slight changes and Flavor to the class. Make sure if you guys do use them you signify it's a class name not a Title as there are a few variant names that can easily get mixed up like Master Summoner and Eidolon Master
  8. Yes, a summoner can multi-class or come into the class but generally it is -exceedingly- rare for them to start taking levels in a class after becoming a summoner. "A summoner begins play with the ability to summon to his side a powerful outsider called an eidolon. The eidolon forms a link with the summoner, who, forever after, summons an aspect of the same creature. An eidolon has the same alignment as the summoner that calls it and can speak all of his languages." A quote from the summoners page I have a link on, after taking your first level (Which in some cases can be so early on they don't even realize it and don't actually summon them until later. They can be brought into existance for the first time by extreme trauma, being alerted and aided by an already experienced summoner (someone of at least 5th level, that is five levels of summoner), or by practicing their innate magical talents and discovering it on their own. Really any way works, as long as it relates to the lore around them (Also no to the pokemon comments)
  9. I'm thrilled you asked that you see with new books coming out on summoners you'll find that question is rather open in that there are many different answers. Some Summoners eidolon are undead and act as though they were bound to the will of a master (Though that is only common usually in cases of /severe/ trauma involving death/undeath or in sadistic individuals who delve into the perverted realm of the shadow or void, the more common example is very much a whole nother individual with personal preferences and likes and dislikes ect.) however they generally are the same alignment as their Summoner, when it comes to liking their summoner however they usually get along very well having a Sibling, Maternal, or Friendship that goes beyond blood, but some Summoners find their Eidolon does not care to coorperate or show any companionship traits and others even have a Hate relationship, however the Eidolon is always aware that it only exists because of their summoner. To touch momentarily upon the existance of the Eidolon they are usually composed of the plane your character would call upon, or exist from somewhere in the great dark. Some have existed for ages from previous summoners or simply not being bound (i imagine Eidolon heavly based on the elemental plane of fire would generally be considered fire elementals untill the pact is formed but it's generally assumed these Eidolon are made from the lifeblood of the plane/Nether/godknowswhat and simply are created into existance at that time, their knowledge and life experiences range from newborns to ancient beings full of knowledge.), now this could change at some point depending on whenever I can get access to the knowledge i need.
  10. Rage has beat me to it! #Proud
  11. Well I'm going to be working with Feral on the event/Event chain, ideally what I'm planning on adressing and providing the players with are as follows. 1) Impliment a sort of... "Leader" for the Summoners, a figurehead of the class. This will be an NPC for this eventchain, in turn I hope to use him to better explain the origins and abilities of the Summoners. 2) How they work in Blizzard's Universe, that means seeing how the different race's summoners have manifested and just how diverse this class is and how individually based it can be, as well as exploring a unique set of lore exploring Eidolons. 3) An environment Summoners can enjoy, while the event will of course be open to all there is no lying the event-chain will be heavily summoner based. Aside from these three top things I'm still working into how the event is going to go along.
  12. Well if they are approved by staff members they're approved, I'll try to work with the player in question should this occur but ideally I'll be able to make it so all parties are capable of role playing what they want and enable for summoners to be better kept track of to ensure mis-communications do not occur ^^
  13. Yes! However you want to represent your Eidolon and yourself works perfectly fine, that's a "Flaw" as it'd be called and works perfectly fine with your character.