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    The Evil Within

    Alignment - Lawful Evil Name - Nelkiar Frostheart Brief Description - A recent addition to the Stormwind military after his decided return from the Ebon Blade, Nelkiar's past caught up to him, assigned to what the military calls a "Suicide squad" it was unfortunate that his five supposed comrades were infact former slaves of the scourge, and were personally caught at the time by Nelkiar. Perhaps some corrupt noble or military force was behind the "Random" group, but when the mission began Nelkiar found his supposed "Allies" disabling him mid-combat and trading him to the Horde dogs for a few gold peices. Weakness - Mental Conditioning from the scourge is a hard thing to break, it's addiction is described to be so great that even the Sin'dorei's need for magic is dwarfed by it, Nelkiar is certainly no different, with a need to inflict suffering lest he go mad. Trigger - Mortal things, I.e. weaknesses associated with being alive, anything from giving up due to exhaustion or complaining of hunger can set off his need to purge the weak from his group.
  2. I knew I'd eventually find somewhere to bring my Pit-lord
  3. Bobbles


    Rogue=/=The Rogue
  4. Barum Shovelbeard, Fresh Adventuerer, Former Gravedigger, Headstone Carver, and Miner.
  5. If I'm available I'll try to come on my newly made dwarf, it'd be a good chance to introduce him and for me to observe a Trial DM.
  6. Who dafuq posts something that could possibly be considered alliance-friendly shit outfront of garrosh's hold. Dats suicide yo
  7. When is this happening and who is the DM who will be overseeing the event? (Just need to know for managment reasons)
  8. Around Silvermoon's call board, and other horde cities anyone asking around would have seen a Magister of Silvermoon placing these (Except Orgrimmar), was a request from Regent-Liason Zaltharian Felwrath. "Greetings Faithful of the Horde, The Sin'dorei have a need for our fellow comrades in arms. While I do so disdane our weaker kin the Quel'dorei, I've recieved a missive from a group seeking to make a sacred Pilgrimage to the holy fount of power that has rejuvinated our people. As the events that took place there have lead to this Holy Sight being neutral ground for both of our peoples it is understood that no harm will come to Quel'dorei that step upon Quel'Danas' shores. So I call upon those willing to aid and represent Silvermoon and her glorious people as a show of good faith to the neutral pact of this holy sight."
  9. Better fuckin' believe Stromgarde gona be here to represent
  10. I can see how the Spore-folk could use it for good, Zangarmarsh is naturally like that, however most other cases show Fungal signs with fel corruption, corrupt druidism and even the nightmare in some cases, how do you plan to present it as a overall good class? I do really look forwards to the completed product, and if it is as good as I hope you'll def have my support on it!
  11. I am curious about this to say the least, I'm curious if its considered good or evil? But there is evidence supporting this from the sporelings and the troggs in deep home
  12. R.I.P. my orb of first satyrs, gonna be at disneyworld
  13. Bobbles

    Celes's Art

    WTB super muscle guys. Everything looks great tho as usual
  14. ermegered a time I can wake up for! Vahlruun will assuredly be attending these events to smite the Heretics and slay those who would threaten the sanctity of the Army of the Light!
  15. Bobbles

    Conclave Events

    With the lack of recent Twilight Acitivty and their seeming departure from Quel'thalas the Conclave's council now turns their sights to clearing out the remaining threats to Silvermoon, starting with a renewed Wretched hive in the Ruins of Silvermoon (I.e. west silvermoon). The conclave will be moving to clear out this hive so they can begin reconstruction efforts to completely restore their City. Date: 6/25/14 Time 12 server Conclusion: The Wretched were taken care of by three of the Conclave's members as well as Citizens and Visitors to Silvermoon, however a number of them are currently recovering from intense injuries, it was discovered the twilight were yet again behind another insideous plot, the Void stones were apparently collected and re-energized with the power of their fallen gods and combined into a massive crystal, to finish the report an odd twilight device was taken from the scene that seems to turn mortals into hideous abominations, time will tell if the Sin'dorei will prevail.