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  1. Depending on whether or not my character gets unrevoked, I could see some interaction happening with this group of yours, if there is interest. He's a lich and former lieutenant of the Scourge. Though he is more... Neutral, now that all his allies are wiped out.
  2. Aurimorikas#2246 Anybody in the EU?
  3. Yes, this is amazing as always. I like how these codex pages add immersion to the guild and makes the RP all the more enjoyable, can't wait for the next part!
  4. You're still going to have to listen to the superiors, aka the High Council (The Grand Master, High Cabalist and Scourgelord)
  5. Please, spare yourselves from a crushing defeat. :p
  6. Sweet event, Xii. I`ll try to take part in this.
  7. Would love to take part of this, sign in Kurt if possible.
  8. Looks like something worth participating in.
  9. Is this still active?
  10. Is it still possible to join this?
  11. Well both of our times combined would be nothing compared to those who are in the top 10 :D
  12. :> Been playing since the beginning of season 2.
  13. Sounds quite interesting, I'll be there.
  14. I'd like to join if there's still a spot.
  15. aurimorikas

    Warcraft 3

    Do you guys do this through Gameranger?