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  1. Castiel. Thurs/Friday. Even tho I'm Murican, don't really care for 4th of July festivities.
  2. I see no relation between "position" and the value of "message content."
  3. "And when the world needed him most' date=' he vanished."[/color']
  4. Updated with the contents of the recently completed spontaneous event, Flames and Spirits.
  5. Today. Really soon. Gonna try to find people now.
  6. Updated: new event added, "The Blades of Ignis." To begin whenever there is enough interest for the start of the event. Outcome will be posted either here and/or on the gossip section.
  7. "Salvation cannot be earned easily, and it must never be earned for some." CODE OF CONDUCT Information will be revealed on this thread and in gossips as it is discovered IC. Some OOC notes, however: -: There will be events in territories that include humans, dwarves, quel'dorei, and sin'dorei. This includes Alliance, Neutral, and Horde territories. -: All event information will be posted up here, to prevent issues that occurred from my forum silence for an event series last time. After-event information and discoveries will be placed here as part of "event information." Any differences that occur in the campaign due to player choices will also be noted here. -: This series was created out of the suggestion that I expand and create upon a concept within WoW. I hope this will come to be an enjoyable roleplay. Events: The Woman in Black Spontaneous Mini-Event, Introduction, Storyline Difficulty: 1 / 10 Faction: Alliance Post-event information: Gossip Thread Status: Completed The Blades of Ignis Event, Quest, Storyline Difficulty: 2 /10 -- New(er), unprogressed chars are welcome/desired. However, any Alliance may join. Faction: Alliance Synopsis: Status: Completed Post-event information: Flames and Spirits Spontaneous Event, Quest, Storyline Difficulty: 2 /10 Faction: Neutral Status: Completed Post-event information: "All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night wake to find it was only vanity. The dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes to make them possible."
  8. +1 to Dunerat for making this all possible. c: The amount of RP this has stirred on both sides is phenomenal.
  9. I was simply thinking of someplace neutral that's easy to access by the nobles. I have a GOB in mind for the actual place.
  10. Still want feedback on where you want it.
  11. CLEARING TUNNELS has been completed. Stage Unlocked: THE CRAZED. Next Stage: DRASTIC RECOVERY.
  12. CLEARING TUNNELS has been completed. Stage Unlocked: THE CRAZED. Next Stage: DRASTIC RECOVERY.