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  1. Mercy

    Lunar Festival

    Thanks to the folks who joined the events! Rewards? Who likes rewards? You guys do. Available to folks to participated in either of the events. [Lunar Festival Mooncakes] - Small, dense pastries filled with a sweet and rich filing of lotus paste or red bean paste printed with iconic festival markings. A typical treat for the Lunar Festival! (It's just a pastry, guys. Enjoy) [blessed Moonstone Dream Catcher] - A handwoven dream catcher decorated with feathers and glass beads. Set in the center of woven catcher rests a small piece of moonstone. When left out to soak in the moons light the stone in the center of the dream catcher will glow with the radiance of the moon for several hours. Makes for a good light source. [Lake Elune'ara Gold Fish] - A tiny, chubby gold fish. Legends say that if you share you wishes with these tiny fishes and set them free they'll bring them to Elune personally, but only if your wishes are innocent and pure of heart. They also make for good pets. --- Thanks again, guys. Hope you had fun <3
  2. Mercy

    Lunar Festival

    First of the Lunar Festival events will be held tomorrow, Tuesday the 31'st at 11:00 AM server time, give or take a few minutes. If this doesn't work for you then I apologize but it's the best I can to unless I schedule it after work.
  3. Mercy

    Lunar Festival

    I'll try my best, guys. I get my work schedule tomorrow.
  4. Mercy

    Lunar Festival

    Kindly sound off with availability time-wise for next Tueday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Due to a limiting time schedule and a busy work schedule I won't be able to make things work for everyone, but I will try.
  5. Mercy

    Lunar Festival

    The Lunar Festival; a yearly gathering of an ancient alliance's great defeat over the Burning Legion thousands of years ago. In these times many from all walks of life gather in celebration of Azeroth's great victory, as well as a time of great remembrance to honor the valor and wisdom of those fallen in those ancient days. The Druid's of Nighthaven welcome many of Azeroth to join them in observation; where both Horde and Alliance alike come to honor their ancestors and join together to celebrate in a vibrant display of gifts and treats and fireworks.. ..but while most may celebrate something sinister lurks within the Moonglade's Lake Elune'ara. The Ancient Omen, corrupted by the Legion in his years of tormented slumber, awakes each year in time for the festival. Blessed by Elune the being lives undying. It's up to the heroes of Azeroth to aid Nighthaven in their yearly ritual to send Omen to the depth of the lake to slumber.. Till next year. - OOC Information - Hey there, Paragon. It's time for the Lunar Festival! I'll be hosting a small chain of events based around the protection of Nighthaven by the rampaging Omen. The initial line-up events will be limited to a small amount of players while the final event, a feast, will be open to anyone and everyone. If folks would like to enjoy a decorated, holiday appropriate Nighthaven before the events the teleport is set to .t lunarfestival. - Event Information - Event One - Gathering in Nighthaven: The Cenarion Circle has asked for the aid of adventurers in gathering the components necessary to enacts the ritual to soothe Omen back into the lake. (Date and Time: Tuesday the 31's TBD) Event Two - The Ritual: The adventurers must protect the Druids of Nighthaven from Omen's fury while the ritual takes hold. (Date and Time: TBD) Event Three - The Feast: A great celebration to honor and thank the adventurers and their victory against the raging Ancient. (Date and Time: TBD) Special thanks to Dominus for helping me decorate the zone!
  6. Mercy

    Bonus ID List

    Chase your dreams, patchman!
  7. Mercy


    Yeah if you aren't part of our click you may as well stop roleplaying. I mean, what's even the point? You'll never be good enough. Shit posting aside, basically what Roundabout said. I'll be making some gossip posts with more information soon enough. Really wish this wasn't necro'd.
  8. Mercy

    [System] Fight Club

    Thanks for hosting some seriously fun fight club tonight, Rag!
  9. Mmhmm. Alright. Well, good luck with all that.
  10. Hey so obviously correct me if I'm wrong but I thought after the complete shitstorm the last event you hosted caused, you weren't allowed to do host events anymore..?
  11. Could you do yourself, and all of us, a favor and include the loot lists with the initial post?
  12. Mercy

    Wailing Caverns

    Awesome! Thank you for the clarification, Drak.
  13. Mercy

    Wailing Caverns

    Assuming we can't make the first event there isn't a chance to join later, is there?