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  1. ah nevermind im fucking retarded 13 and 20 are saturdays i thought they were thursdays it's okay then carry on
  2. Why not fridays tho I think it's best for everyone who has work/school the next day
  3. Now I want my character drawn like that..
  4. That's fucking amazing.
  5. rhukz

    Romeoean Stuff

    Can I have one too Great work though
  6. i'm gonna pound some meat with some orcish fist
  7. rhukz

    Giant's Bounty (M)

    Name of IG character: Kipper Profession, class or path: Warrior / Tinker Something the DM should be aware of when dealing with your character (you are allowed to leave this blank): He has prosthetic limbs that do stuff
  8. rhukz

    Battle for Thelsamar

    I'll join on Reuben if the event is hosted in a weekend.
  9. rhukz

    Legion Teleports

    Great addition my friend. Cheers!