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  1. the deylen one deserves a solid 10/10 the rest are 9.9/10
  2. Exatly how I finger my not-underage (?) girlfriends 9/11
  3. ah nevermind im fucking retarded 13 and 20 are saturdays i thought they were thursdays it's okay then carry on
  4. Why not fridays tho I think it's best for everyone who has work/school the next day
  5. rhukz


    you know from me, brosky welcome back
  6. Ryze (first pentakill, season 1) Zac (jungle intensifies) Sion (bruiser cruiser) . . . Sona "Support" (carrying games since silver 5)
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    IRL Pic Thread

    what a pretty boy you are romeo
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    Compliment Thread!

    Pretty good rper and chill gal.
  9. rhukz

    Compliment Thread!

    I like cocaine too
  10. rhukz

    Compliment Thread!

    boubalos is a character i still like to this day
  12. if this is a thread for comedic relief, it's a good one
  13. Intro: Surrender at the might of my magic! Attack: I will blow you to pieces! Death: My fight is over... Intro: Behold the might of the Horde! Attack: EAT THIS! Death: My..destiny... And an Old God themed card: Intro: The masters beckon. Attack: Time to harvest! Death: I failed you, my masters... Special: I bow to you! (Whenever an Old God is played)
  14. i'm gonna pound some meat with some orcish fist
  15. Play Quote: "Hedge Wizard, at your service." Attack Quote: "My spells will reduce you to dust!" Death Quote: "BURN ALL MY WORK!" Play Quote: *Rumbling noises* Attack Quote: *Deep guttural roars* Death Quote: "Plant...kingdom..." Here, quotes for my two cards, since you asked for quotes.