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  1. Fixed a few typo's. One of the moments when Drak and I agree. Well, if the replies here are any indication, you're all alive even though it's summer atm. and a lot of people are probably vacationing/sweaty and bored out of their minds lmao. Anything radical changed in the way the the server's run? Are man'ari and dragons free to play these days? :D
  2. Well, us Paragonians always stir up drama but it passes in due time. Can't imagine this time being any different - unless the change to WoD is turning a lot of people off?
  3. Stopping by to say hi and ask you guys whats up. Anything good/interesting happen lately? Just here for a friendly chat :) -Gnome/Erza/BipolarPerson
  4. Oh God xD weren't we seriously considering having a harem or something, though? tbh if we were, i guess it makes the whole ,,gnome is a lesbo erper'' rumor completely justified
  5. Please, I had to fake that orgasm 10/10 wouldn't fuck again
  6. plug or no plug, you'll always be a pain in my ass boi ♥♥♥♥ xD
  7. Yeah, I think that it's perfectly okay as long as it's not breaking the lore or anything. i really have no intention of shaming anyone or anything, i just had to make my thoughts public because as soon as i came back to the server and asked several friends of what image people have of me and my rp, lesbian elf erp was one of the things mentoned D: just had to make it clear that some of us feel too awkward to do it and we're not lying. no judging though, for real
  8. i love you too. meet me in goldshire inn xoxo
  9. you legend xD also i love it how your signature quote contributes to the discussion. oh salmon... @silver: a bit off-topic but this forum is off-topic so who cares. but you are totally right. men are basically socialized to brag about who they fucked to come across as alpha whereas women think that screwing around with everyone means that they're a sexually liberated feminist. it's not that sex isn't cool, it's just that it's pretty gross how our culture is obsessed with it. can't go buy newspapers nowadays without seeing a bunch of twerking pop stars on magazine covers, smh oh my god im so catholic and conservative i can't even @seiryoku: it can go either way. maybe when you actually get laid irl but have other things going for you as well, you aren't as impressed with it. this is turning into a really interesting discussion tho!
  10. That's exactly what i thought all this time lmao. It's just that it's weird because every time I say i'm a loser nobody believes me "because everyone does it" and i've had that conversation at least ten times. maybe it's simply because i include curves in my female character description. It's really not a huge deal, right? I just had to take it out in public to hear everyone's comments (thought it's a subject everyone would rather ignore) to know if i am deluded or not.
  11. OK SO I HAD ONE DISCUSSION RECENTLY it wasn't the first time this was brought up so i just have to make it public now i don't judge people if they erp it's cool i get it im just weird rly but BASICALLY am i the only one on this god damn server who never went beyond having their character take their clothes off as they enter water? I CAN'T BELIEVE ERP IS AS POPULAR AS EVERYONE MAKES IT SOUND again im not judging no'r am i attention whoring BUT I DONT BELIEVE EVERYONE DOES IT maybe i'm too catholic for it but yeah pls fellow virgins unite
  12. Venny is the only one making any sense here.
  13. Venny is the only one making any sense here.
  14. Well, if anything, Rarity won't attack you on sight. ;3
  15. Well, if anything, Rarity won't attack you on sight. ;3