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  1. This is exactly the reason people stop coming here. I don't know, maybe I have an educated opinion as a former staff member on the state of things and how poorly they continue to go? It's almost as if this problem is endemic to the community, but what do I know? I've only been here forever and only recently decided to stop RPing here, but clearly that means my opinions must be discarded. hmmm.... Your opinion was immediately discarded the moment you made the above statement. It means you care little for the "issues'" that plague paragon, you just care about your friend and fellow clique member which got banned(and rightfully so) and you're trying to blame it on "le toxic XDDDDDD community" You basically said that you can no longer play on paragon because of how poor things have been going, but you're ready to jump back to a server you dislike so much as soon as your friend does? Funny thing is though? 90% of the people that left for Epilson, calling Paragon a "dead end" with "no room left for progress" will be coming back 3 months from now with their tails between their legs applying for Staff and DM saying things like how they've always been a pillar of the paragon community, how they'll make a change yada yada and more of the same. Exactly the same happened with Ascendant and it wont be different this time. Its always been the same with the """"""promiseland""""""" FoTM servers. Screencap this.
  2. Is there any particular reason for this? I know one part of it is cliques coordinatedly leaving for some shitty FotM server but still, was thinking of coming back for a bit of rp, only to find no one online. Isnt this a concerning issue? Shouldnt we be talking about this?
  3. Le our clique moved to another server bye xDDD
  4. An awesome builder and quite a cutie.
  5. Hideouz

    IRL Pic Thread

    We can arrange something ;)))))))))))
  6. Has improved a lot since he joined the server.
  7. Hideouz

    IRL Pic Thread

    how do i into snapchat
  8. Hideouz

    When you're Slav

    Lmao yeah fam atom bombed DUDE WEED LMAO!! 100 100 100 lit
  9. Hideouz

    IRL Pic Thread

    you look like stranger's older brother, explains a lot :^) >:)
  10. Hideouz

    IRL Pic Thread

    How about you three accompany me to my crib ;)))))