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  1. Name: Alandrius Lightstar Race: Quel'Dorei Class: Wizard Additional Information / Reasoning: After his mysterious disappearance he's been missing for a while and so missed out the earlier action, now he intends to return to his duty of repaying his debt to Trollbane dynasty, while his own forces have disbanded and left the cause that was without their leader.
  2. This guild is disbanded due to lack of interest in community for it and it's activity, as for an IC reason, Alandrius Lightstar has mysteriously disappeared one night from Stromgarde and is missing ever since.
  3. From my short RP with them, they seemed like nice and honorable people :) I wish you the best luck in this, however I'm not really proficient at Vrykul RP so I will not be joining you guys, however you have my support whenever you need either advice for something or someone to ICly appear to RP with you when you're bored ^^
  4. Guild info updated with allies also listed. As soon as staff gives us approval we'll be ready for action and ask the community to support us and enjoy all of this RP together ^^
  5. CyberLord

    The Fel Horde

    As soon as I get my Nathrezim approved, you can count on an ally :)
  6. A very interesting guild, looking forward to watching your RP develop :)
  7. *Alandrius smiles at the letter where the support of House Royce is mentioned and gets even more high spirited that he might actually be able to do something about this seemingly hopeless situation* You're welcome and I'm thankful :)
  8. Everyone's welcome, as you see we're recruiting and seeking allies :)
  9. Maybe in the future, I'm new to the server and if I start pestering the staff right off the bat...I just don't want to be annoying, so I'm trying to organize as much as possible without having to bother them :) Thanks for the suggestion though. And thanks Drez :)
  10. Fixed the typo, thanks for pointing it out Cam :) And yeah thanks for the good luck wish :)
  11. Alandrius reads the proposal and smiles with satisfaction seeing how his efforts are well accepted and appreciated. He takes quill and paper and quickly writes a response: "I Alandrius Lightstar, High Commander of Justice of Stromgarde, veteran of the three great wars, appreciate the fact that we've been noticed by someone as noble as your majesty and accept your proposal which honors us greatly. I would like to announce that I will come in person soon to establish this Alliance and suggest we hold a council meeting to discuss our future goals."
  12. Stromgarde's Justice ((Since we're following retail lore I know many goals that were set here cannot be done, but what's to stop us from trying and having fun?)) Guild alignment: Stromgarde Goals: Arathi Highlands: To clear Arathi Highlands from trolls, ogres and an attempt of driving the Horde away. Building fortications and securing the borders of Arathi to make sure that no enemy shall ever pass again. Rebuilding Stromgarde. Hillsbrad Foothills: To capture and rebuild Durnholde and take over towers from the Forsaken and establish patrols on roads from Southshore-Stromgarde-Refuge Pointe. To drive the Forsaken out of Tarren Mill and rebuild it. Rebuilding Southshore and re-taking rest of the locations within Hillsbrad. Securing the borders of Hillsbrad and establish patrols on the roads. Ranks: High Commander (Guild Leader): Alandrius Commander (right hand): 0/1 Captain: 0/3 Sergeant: 0/3 Private: (unlimited) Recruit: (unlimited) Members: Thaecas - Recruit Asgrimson Mukade - Recruit Rosemarie Recruit Georgen (pending forum name) Kraahlix - Recruit Lymlysea Alliances of the guild: Drachmore Strahlbrad - House Strahlbrad House Royce Viscount Theirin - House Theirin