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  1. What about just the one necromancer? It doesn't have to be all of them, just mine.
  2. Title pretty much says it all. I know the alliance (last I heard) have sanctioned warlocks, so what about Horde sanctioned necromancers? I don't really know the process behind being sanctioned either. Basically, I have a necromancer in the guild that has to hide her powers in public for very obvious reasons. BUT if she is given authority by the horde to use her abilities in my organization, then all she has to worry about is those alliance D bags. So?
  3. Syvenn

    Wraith Walkers

    I've updated our main post to include a public bulletin board using google docs. I figured this is a hell of a lot easier to organize things than the freakin MOTD and add some more details for each job we are doing. We are always looking for new members, but RP is a bit slow these days, so just bear with us. I'm trying to re-pick it up again.
  4. Okay before I go running around claiming my warlock can now use fel ice, are we now saying that warlocks can use a form of corrupted acid ice magic or are we still in the discussion phase?
  5. I can tell you for a fact they did not bother classifying them. They just come from the tomb of sargeras.
  6. Obviously, according to all three RTS games, plus the MMO, there is a very clear difference between the demon species. The only thing they shared in common was the burning legion. There is also a clear difference in in-game models, as well. In wc1, they closely resemble doom guards. In wc2, they fly, and are bright red, but they have very different models and looks in the cinematics. As seen here. So, my question is this. I wanna say wc1 demons are doom guards. But what are warcraft 2 demons? are they sort of lesser doomguards or something? Or are they simply 'Daemons'?
  7. Syvenn

    Wraith Walkers

    Givin this a bump. We got ourselves a boat and now we're lookin to recruit again.
  8. Boss man again. We've pushed it up to 10/3 at 11 pm, and we have a new DM.
  9. Hello! I'm Svenn, the guild master of Wraith Walkers. Just to give some updates, the event will most likely be moved to 9/28, and to about 3-4 am server time. Our DM is Lemons. I will post if there are complications. That is all.
  10. As slaving overworked engineer I can say that this company is number 1 and does not endorse public announcements of sweat shops. This message sponsored and paid for by The Goldwick Company.
  11. Syvenn

    Wraith Walkers

    STALKERs, and people looking for RP. On september 26th, 11 PM server time, we will be attempting to capture a boat from crazed northsea pirate slavers for a mobile base, as well as rescue some tuskarr slaves. If you would like in on this, let me know and I'll see what I can do. The guild itself can't pay you, but we'll get a DM, and I'm sure he'll come up with some kinda booty you can loot.
  12. Contact Zhakdak, the supreme god emperor leader of the axehound outriders who is the also the ultimate champion and bravest of the Horde, to see how YOU can fight for the Horde!
  13. Syvenn

    Wraith Walkers

    I really hope I know you Rose...
  14. Syvenn

    Wraith Walkers

    Oh heck, that's your biggest worry? Damn man you had me scared for a second! I've had this talk with so many of my friends it's ridiculous... I almost feel like george lucas when he showed off star wars to his friends (with some obvious exceptions...) Personally, and this isn't a jab at your or anyone, I didn't make the guild to be a special snowflake or to stand out in the crowd and be popular or even as an 'lolfunny' name. It's a very serious name with a very real objective. I've had this idea (not to name it STALKER, that was just at a whim) since I started RPing and now, it's taking off like a rocket and I've got a great team who are willing to help, even with the unintentional goofy name. They seem pretty excited. If the name doesn't get me taken seriously, well, I hate to be that guy, but it really won't bother me. I want people to come to the guild to be excited about the idea, not the name... You know what I mean? I get it's not the most original but, hey, I like it. I truly do. And don't worry about lolctopus, he's cool people I swear. Seriously though, if the name is like a server rule issue, then if need be I'll bring the discussion somewhere private so no one has to make a scene and go from there. I'm willing to work with people on this. But, as of now, I like the name. Hell I love it if I'm honest. I do appreciate your concerns though, man. It's refreshing to see.