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  1. Don't except this offer.. Its a trap.. Well I was going to accept this offer... my human monk would need a master/sensei sort of thing , why it is a trap? xD
  2. Firstly , I wanted to ask if MoP expansion is coming anytime soon here on Paragon ? Secondly , what are your first thoughts when Paragon goes MoP ? For myself , I will make a Human (in training)Monk , drinking in every inn he can find and ERP with all the b*tches that want my chi. So , what about you?
  3. Probably just my opinion , but it would be nice if we could use Raz's health system on duels , the same that was used on DS/HoT. Two different players with 100 hp each , fighting each other. The battle shall usually end at 20 hp or so , or even lower if the wounded player accepts to still go.
  4. Name : Dante Edgemore Announcement : No idea yet Is representing : The Stormravens Time Zone : GMT+2 P.S: He already passed through the first round of the first tournament , all of it got retconned or something?
  5. I am thinking of making a -magic- sort of character. So I might join this.
  6. You have luck , Stormravens is a mercenary/sell-sword guild. You may create one like that and enjoy RP with us. (not making adverts or anything like that lmao)
  7. vladandrei1996

    LFG - DotA2

    I just achieved 1000 hours on Dota2 , so it's up to you if I am a noob or not. My name is Xenor on steam , or it should appear the same as my name on the forums here. I will add you just to be sure.
  8. If it hasn't been destroyed , I will be interested in some Scarlet RP. Never had the chance to do it.
  9. I joined a blizzlike server and I think I will stay some time there , but I will be back on Paragon for some Stormravens RP. Send me a PM if something interesting and major is happening.
  10. Daario? I hope you are not going to let this guild die.
  11. Dante Edgemore Damage-Dealer Trained: - Let's duel. - I like the scent of clashing swords in the morning. Selected - Yes? - I'm ready. Move - Where's my enemy? - Let's go further Attack command: - Taste my blade! - Come on ! Special (optional): - I'm not -THAT- Dante. - You , me , ERP. Got it? Repeatedly selected - Stop it! - Just stop it... - That's annoying. Revival (optional) - If you want a duel , then I shall give it to you. - You raise a sword , I raise two. Death - I...was...defeated! - Unfair... - You won this time.
  12. Any day between 7 PM GMT - 9 PM GMT , or if it can happen earlier : 10 AM GMT - 1 PM GMT
  13. Can I still join if I wasn't there the first time?