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  1. This seems good, I'll try be here.
  2. I'll be gifting my luck in a box so sure.
  3. Benitar brings his full company over from Westbrook Garrison to face the threat on that faithful day, as he had promised (forces here minus two guardians and a golem).
  4. The DWARVES will gather here.
  5. Helping another front? Count me in, lad. Grudges must be settled.
  6. I'll be updating my business affairs as well. Probably.
  7. I'll be back. Character Name: Benitar Stalagtos Race: Dwarf Class: Warrior / Mountain King Brief Description: Out for a walk in the park. Maybe.
  8. I was wondering when we would witness Tyrande getting lectured. Hreh.
  9. Wow, uh. I have a Ranch and a Mine for my dwarf character. These both count as businesses. The teleport to the ranch is stalagtosranch, where as for the mine there is no teleport, as it accesses an area Ironforge would normally have, but does not.