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  1. h ï½ ï½” i n ï½” h ï½… ï½ ï½ ï½”
  2. I like being called retarded, it sure helps spot my mistakes.
  3. Alright, let's put the Thesaurus down for a moment and speak in way that a native English speaker can, alright? The original intent remains, but the Alliance characters aren't aware of that. Until Azuremyst is done (which will probably not at all last as long as SoO, and by probably, I mean it won't), people aren't going to be able to just switch between the two whenever something happens in one area or the other. That's all there is to it. Should I take offense to you formally insulting me being foreign, Roundtable, only for you to completely dodge my concerns? Unless those issues are addressed people will be moaning for your more-than-a-month-long exposure to the radiation. Have fun with that.
  4. I mean. RPing there? Seeing things going on? Getting a couple of reports from dissatisfied parties? The general stuff. So many questions. This is silly, but understandable to a degree. However, some characters should have leeway to come in and "sniff" for specific parties. What? lol Forces are tied to their characters, so yes. duh, you're not going to leave your babies behind Not at all. As I stated earlier in the thread, this applies only to significant efforts. This counts as threshhold, then... Also brought up earlier. Why would the mage leave? In that case, why would the mage even arrive if it wasn't that important? Again, this is the character thinking. Not the player. Of course the player can think, oh, this is just a player driven event that won't have far reaching consequences in a few month, but a demonic invasion in quaint and quiet Azuremyst is something a character would take seriously. Unless they're a sociopath I suppose. But as I said, it's ultimately up to you to get involved in Azuremyst or not, but these are the stipulations. Because that's what canon mages do. A single mage would not think of approaching a threat alone, because not all of them have the discipline or focus required to approach a task alone as some form of godlike, perfect being. Naturally, they would do it as a team, according to certain guidelines Silverthorne is kind enough to still use on his developed character, Dellorne. As I keep saying, your character can leave. If you would like to retcon involvement, go ahead, too. Please read the thread before voicing repeated concerns. That's an "okay" thing, but there are inconstistencies at hand... I would also have many questions regarding the nature of how the "conquest" of Bloodwatch was handled given the nature of its inhabitants, and as to why the Hand hasn't already dealt with this issue yet... or how this demonic "forwarding party" of around 200+ could have conquered Bloodwatch with the Vindicators' officials there, vindicators who would be at the forefront of the whole shindig of operating against Demonic incursions. I was told all of the losses were on the Draenei end, with only around three fel hunters having been felled on the demonic side. It's been boiling in me for a good long time and I am still irked as to why the Man'ari players are given this much leeway in shoehorning demons that can slay a collection of Paladins, Priests and other dirkheads with such minimal losses (seriously what were they using, Draenei kryptonite? antimagiczone arrows that explode into anal moonfire for player characters like mine? pls). The only other details I could reach out to is that the Draenei had not resolved to offer too many a forces to the War effort, mainly due to some blockade, which resulted in their forces being centered in their capital. This would prove to be in absolute favor of the Vindicators, but we don't see that happening. Instead, a secondary RP hub is opened up with such quirky inconsistencies, followed by an extension of the issue as though it would be a larger threat than it may seem, and that this issue should be followed through with great precaution, furthering my frustration. Velen might not be on Azuremyst due to the whole Bell incident, and due to having wrapped his tentacles around Pandaria and Anduin (hreh), but I doubt they would leave the Exodar unprotected like this, especially after similar past incidents. If Blood Watch were to fall, I'd expect the hammer to follow with swift justice. Why are the players making such a great issue of this threat and why is Staff chasing the phasing, weakened red dot from a sickly old laser right after? This should be nothing more than a distraction in the long run. The original intent was freeing Fizzly's Man'ari. Conquest is a little too far from the too soonâ„¢ considering that we're one expansion away in regards to story for any major legion invasion from happening. If anything, the forces there should be comparable to what the Demonic influences would have been in Felwood or Ashenvale before they were squashed away by the locals and their kind "adventurers", and at this point in time, either our non-loophole adventurers or the NPC's in question would be capable to deal with issues like these. The IC/OOC world of NPC's has also not been touched and the aforementioned Man'ari Eredar NPC is still located in her den, potentially capable of assisting against the efforts of the Draenei to the sheer benefit of the player conquest. Voidwalkers are pouring from some unstable prison of sorts, and there are other things that could have had draenei deployed to in order to contain or deal with still, even at this time. Instead of having acted as though Bloodwatch's story was kept in stasis, greater efforts could have been delivered to counter the Evil characters to make them more threatening than the way they were presented. So far it's as though they're another invincible bad guy waiting to slam their thirsty gaze onto a prize, only to be slammed away and forgotten like villains past. I'm taking issue over this because it bears many similarities to conflicts past, and consider that solving them would ease the tensions that have been raised. It's not cool playing a game with broken rules after all :/. We're not voicing concerns here just to piss you guys, gals and attack helicopters off. Please.
  5. My best buddy at this very moment, and hopefully to the end of all times.
  6. Giving too much importance to player Man'ari right now.