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  1. So, out of the half a dozen great answers, which was your favourite? I think this has been answered to death.
  2. An event requires an event request. Alternatively freeform RP can transition from RP into an event when a DM begins implementing a guided storyline (Note: not necessarily a written one. It can be as impromptu as killing a bear, but what defines it as an event is the DM's control and direction.) with a larger group of players, out into the wilderness, often with a reward but not necessarily.
  3. Ozymandias

    IRL Pic Thread

    Haha, you're so silly Incandessa.
  4. Ozymandias

    IRL Pic Thread

    Stinky inky, you're not blonde, nor are your eyes blue.
  5. The player fights with them as a representative of their Class Order Hall. You don't join the Army of the Light. If you could show me you joining them at any point, rather than representing Azerothian factions such as, at their most basic level, the Alliance and the Horde, then I'll take this into consideration. But as it stands, it's as valid as saying for example you join the Frostwolf clan because you do their missions, fight their battles. Warsong Outriders. Mag'har Orcs. Ashtongue Deathsworn. etc etc etc for every reputation faction in the game. Given we can see that Xe'ra cherrypicked Turalyon from the half a dozen LEGENDS that were on Draenor, motivated by her visions of the future, it's safe to say she's not looking for mass recruitment. Otherwise, why didn't she take all the Sons of Lothar? Seems like a waste of Khadgar, Danath Trollbane, and Kurdran Wildhammer, doesn't it? Not to mention all the armies of Shattrath City, the other Naaru there. You can argue it's blizzard writing backwards, and certainly that might be true, but we aren't rewriting the setting. As it stands, in Blizzard's canon, only Lightforged Draenei are in the Army of the Light until the war against the Legion is settled. After that, I have no doubt they would consider strongly recruiting able bodied individuals if they pass the trial to become Lightforged. Until then, it's up to Xe'ra who becomes Lightforged rather than the Forge of Aeons, and Xe'ra isn't going to recruit anyone and nor is Turalyon going to start immediately after Illidan turns her into ice cubes.
  6. Ozymandias

    IRL Pic Thread

    Reviving this thread with the most anticipated face reveal of the server since Razmataz. Brace yourselves boys. Contain yourselves, ladies.
  7. Well, I can guarantee until BfA it'll be Lightforged Draenei only.
  8. Congratulations, Gambit. You now have a Brotherhood of the Light (if you want to be really fucking hardcore and cool) or Argent Crusade (If you're a square loser) Retribution Paladin who has exceptional zealotry and intense skill with not only their physical prowess but their affinity for holy magic, too. Enjoy killing Demons for the Light. The Light protects.
  9. Wow jake looks like you've always been an ass kisser
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    IRL Pic Thread

    idk man I think you'd still have thin shoulders it's just your build You're a pencil!
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    IRL Pic Thread

    God you've got thin shoulders Vykax
  12. Seriously are you on leave or something? What's going on big guy?