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  1. Can you define weak and not over-powered? I want to participate, but I have seven characters and don't want for the number to grow, with all having at least a tad of progression.
  2. Name: Adonna Dragonsteak. Announcement: Doesn't have a specific announcement wish. Is Representing: Is representing herself and everything that she is. Timezone: CEST Timezone. Favored opponent: Melany.
  3. 12/11 left me breathless - IGN Seriously though, this is the first one that made me feel like I influenced the story.
  4. Foolish Raz. Believing that I need a bug to whine at him.
  5. Their present self dies, because it's their present self going to the past. There won't be anything weird going on, if that's what you're talking about.
  6. I shall bring Adonna here, if she's considered to be strong enough, that is.
  7. Oh no, your item's name is orange not purple. How in the name of three heavens will we solve this?
  8. Same. I'd prefer it one month later or so. But eh, I guess I have to deal with it.
  9. Sounds interesting. I'll try to get involved on my noble.
  10. At least everyone got something. Stupid me thought that Raz was still going through with a ceremony (because he never denied any of the comments made by Shredder and Iso), to which none of my characters would arrive to, so I didn't apply at all. But at least now I can brag about how morally superior and flawless I am whenever someone brings Firelands up.
  11. Shame that I've brought so many different characters to the events.
  12. #EasternEuropeanScum #SrslyWhatIsItInMeters