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  1. So is trading in items for a better item a legitimate thing that is already possible in the server? If so, that's basically half of what I'm talking about already.
  2. Hello! A thought came across me recently as I was taking part in an event, and I felt the best thing to do was to make a thread about it to share my ideas for a possible solution. Many Paragon events give rewards, and very often, the rewards of those events are some kind of magical or otherwise special weapon or trinket. Rather than these items being incredibly powerful and unbalancing, they tend to be minor and plentiful, in order to promote fair play on the server, and I completely agree with this. However, one side effect is that, if a player takes part in multiple events with the same character, they can end up with a slew of magical items, and in some cases these items can be redundant (imagine someone having two magical bows and a magical crossbow, for instance.) While trading and selling these items might be a possibility, I stopped and asked the people I was playing with at the time "What if we could combine these items?" Now this is some new territory, and a few rules would have to be established before such a notion could be considered fair, but my suggestion is as follows: Is there (Or could there be) a mechanism by which players could combine pre-existing event rewards with new ones (Under the watchful eyes of the staff!) in order to obtain something with some of the functionality of both, while only occupying the inventory and in-hand space of one? (As an example, my character Shrike has recieved a Staff that can add a fire effect to spells, and a Dragon Gun that can shoot flames. If the two were combined, it'd be a staff that adds a fire effect to spells, but can also shoot a jet of flames on its own) This is obviously a very Meta concept right now, and the actual IC method behind the combining process (Be it trading in items to NPCs, using magic to fuse them together, or the like) or what items can or cannot be combined, I've yet to put much thought into.
  3. Curious as to its properties, Shrike would ask for the Serpent Staff.
  4. Ideally, if there was a small group representing each race or creed, they'd each have their own leader, and then all of those leaders would co-operate. I think the whole idea of the Alliance is that Beurocratic Glue you mention, though it is supposed to be a very real thing. A common understanding and need to work together under a single lion-headed banner, as opposed to the rule of strength that governs the Horde. Its worked before, in many Alliance events the assembled players and troops have barely had anything in common save for a healthy respect for the colour Blue and membership to the Alliance faction. I'm certain that what has been happening in Pandaria is an Isolated event, not evidence that the Alliance faction is flawed or more difficult to roleplay than the Horde. Just a few people who need to look at each other on the level and work together as equals, so the rest of us can have a nicer time and they can have a lot less stress at the beginning of every event.
  5. I might not be able to shed much light on a solution, but I can say one thing for sure, and that this all began as a problem of the markedly few being blown out of proportion by the many. When I took part in an early Alliance event, true, there was an argument over leadership that seriously delayed the actual event. I think the embarrasment of that, and the NPCs remarking about the lack of co-ordination, was more than enough punishment for us, but I noticed a great deal of mocking and jeering directed not at whoever was responsible for the argument, but towards the entire Alliance faction in the Local and World chats for some time afterwards. And it hasn't really stopped. Both here on the Forums and also ingame I'm seeing a lot of resentment towards both the Alliance and its constituent races as a concept in the game, and also to all the players who run Alliance characters. How much of this is in jest, and how much of it is legitimate sneering I'm not sure, but there's definately a Horde majority giving Alliance players a hard time, and I've got no doubt in my mind that this casual mocking is making the issue of Alliance leadership seem an even bigger problem than it is, because its a prime piece of ammunition for the more... patriotic Horde players to berate the Alliance over in OOC channels. Now I'm not saying the Alliance players are totally innocent in all this, I do often see similar remarks, and I seriously hope that this is all in good spirits and that nobody actually is bitter or hateful about any faction OOCly, but all I'm saying is that the buzz in OOC channels has made a mountain out of this irritating but ultimately transitory mole-hill.
  6. I raise you this with RPing on Gaia Online. I was ASKED to, okay? Seriously! They came onto my Furaffinity page and asked me to- Wait a moment, I'm digging my own grave here... Keep digging, boy. C: Alright, but you're not allowed to laugh -too- hard or I'll twist your neck. Basically, someone liked my artwork on FA, and invited me to go and join their Roleplaying Forum on Gaia Online. It was kind of funny, because though a lot of the RP there looked fetishy on the surface, Gaia's strict rules regarding content meant that all the RP had to be PG-friendly, so it was basically like a bunch of awkward teens RPing their wildest, sue-est dreams while being forced to wear chastity belts, and the whole thing was just thoroughly uncomfortable. I joined in for a while, as I was eager when I found out I could actually legitimately be a Centaur (Or at least, have a tiny pixel-sprite Avatar that resembles a Centaur) on there, but after a while I got bored of the same old routine of: RP Begins > Characters become friends > Characters open up to each other > Characters pause awkwardly because this is where horny teens want sex to happen but can't have it. Oh, right, and a load of the RP there was Pregnancy-themed as well, which is uncomfortably close to muh fetish as it is!
  7. I raise you this with RPing on Gaia Online. I was ASKED to, okay? Seriously! They came onto my Furaffinity page and asked me to- Wait a moment, I'm digging my own grave here...
  8. Is there a criteria for what match-ups we can say here, or can we literally say anyone's character against anyone else's?
  9. You sure like to answer your own questions! Still, I'll do my best to shed some light. The reason why people use the 'Currently' tab for just about everything is because it is the only tab that automatically displays on mouse-over. People are far, far more likely to read only your 'Currently' tab and not bother with Background or Appearence unless you are in a long-term RP with them, so most people simply make a concise but all-encompassing 'Currently' description and roll with that.
  10. I have no idea what the original was like, but given people's reactions, I can't help but want to go for it as well...
  11. I didn't consider this. How would I go about them, PM on the Forums, or wait to catch him ingame?
  12. I plan to come up with that after I've gotten permission, but it'll likely be them starting on a progression path into one of the Druid variants.
  13. Whatever the reason, I'm hoping my logic that a .morph doesn't nescacarily have to represent exactly what it did in Retail WoW is accepted... ideally I need, like, GM feedback, but we'll see.
  14. Hello! I'm putting this thread up here to make a request, of sorts. I didn't believe it would count as a Character Application because I am not asking for a restricted class or race, so after a quick discussion with a friend I was told to put it here. I'm hedging my bets on this one because I've had mixed reactions to the idea from random players I've discussed it with, but I'm being optimistic all the same. I'd like to preface this by stating that I absolutely understand why all Dragon-related characters are not allowed in Paragon, and believe me when I say I am not asking to play a Dragon-related character in any way, lore or abilities wise. I've had the idea in my head for an Aquatic Druid, or some derivation thereof, with Croclisk based transformations. However, and this is the complex part, I had the idea of a nifty Hybrid form for more general use, and the WoW character model that immediately came to mind was that of one of the smaller and more naturally coloured (Lets say Green) Dragonspawn. They don't have wings, they have six limbs, but they have an upright torso and gear on their character models. As a result, the request I'm making is this: Would it be Kosher to use a Dragonspawn .morph to represent this character's Animal-like form, under the notion that, though the model is OOCly related to dragons, the character is not, and cannot call upon the Dragons and their immense powers, influence or W/E else, and are just a Druid with some nifty Nature powers?
  15. Harpsong

    Elemental Bonds

    Well, its either Salem shows up, or one of my other characters suddenly gets a ton of progression in one evening, because I don't think any of them would be up to something of this magnitude!