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  1. I suggest having a DM who's good at it ride shotgun. Give pointers. Otherwise, how else are people going to get better at things they're not? Can't get better if you don't.. Well. Do it.
  2. Kage

    Legion of the Dead

    More this Than this
  3. Bu.. Bu.. It's the internet, as you would say. So. As such I'm going to go insult some foreigners who have no idea what I'm saying. Why? Because I've got nothing better to do, and despite knowing how rude it truly is, they won't know or understand. Wait. If it doesn't matter, why am I posting all this?
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    The S.I.A.

    Because Elf RP is totally Horde RP. The Horde has truly fallen today.
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    Legion of the Dead

    Three groups, one goal. All dead. The Legion of the Dead are not one legion, but three separate groups working together for one single goal, freedom of all the undead from those who would control them. They work together out of necessity, but bonds are far from partnerships. More often then not there is competition, but at the end of the day each will do what is needed. -Ranks- Imperator The Imperator is the more official head of the three group union. While he commands the union, he has no tactical say in what each of the Legions do on their own time. The captains of each of the Legions act as advisers on decisions made by the Imperator. Blood Blood must be spilled. Those on the front lines. Those who fight. Blood Captain The Captain of the Blood has proven themselves time and time again on the front lines. Not only are they skilled fighters, but smart tacticians. They are the ultimate leaders of the Blood and make all final decisions on Blood matters. Blood Guard These are the basic infantry of the Blood. They have proven themselves capable fighters, earning their place within the Blood through determination, skill, and strength on the battlefield. Blood Initiate New Bloods, so to speak. They've yet to prove themselves, or are training to become Blood Guards. Frost The cold can be used to build if you know how to use it. Those in the workshops. Those who build. Frost Arbiter ​Lead Engineers, powerful Necromancers, master smiths. These people lead the Frost to new technological heights or master the skills of reanimation and construction. They oversee the makings of the war machines, designing and even operating them on the battlefield. They are the highest voice in the Frost, and what they say goes. Frost Architect Engineers and necromancers who have proven their skill as useful on the battlefield. They fight with their machines of war, either building in or away from the fight itself. They help create the weapons of war for the whole of the Dead and create the fearsome weapons the Frost employs. Frost Initiate The Initiates have yet to get their hands on machinery to prove their worth or have no skill with construction. Dread Dread is another word for fear. Fear is the ultimate weapon. Those in the shadows. Those who sabotage. Dread Master The Dread Masters are, as the name suggests, master assassins and spies, leading the Dread from the background. They coordinate all Dread missions, know all the intel from all the legions and more. They are the highest acting power within the Dread. Dread Disciple The Dread Spies are the operatives who go out into the field to do the various jobs assigned by the Dread Captains. They have proven themselves capable of handling said missions time and time again. Dread Initiate These initiates have either not proven themselves, or have no skills in this field and are in training. -Races- All undead races aligned with the Forsaken are allowed to join, pretty straight forward. Living Horde races are also accepted, but it is doubted many will want to hang around a group of corpses. -Joint Operations- More often then not the three groups will have to work with one another. While there may be friction between the groups, a leader will be selected by either the captains should they agree, or the Imperator should they not. -OOC- An idea I've had sense the formation of The Dead itself. It is indeed a Horde Guild​ open only to Horde races and undead who align with the Forsaken like above. The guild is separated into three sections to (hopefully) keep it active with multiple leaders, and more than one group to hang with. -Updates- The post is done. A base will be started at some point.
  6. Can I use then like Pokemon? And if so, can I catch them all? On a more serious note, I plan to make my character the street runt petty theif kind of person with their Elidin(Forgive the spelling, on a phone and I don't remember the exact spelling) assisting. Would it a) be possible for a summoner to start off as an entirely different class and b) how do they summon their lil buddy? Is it random, on purpose, etc?
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    Tol Barad

    Good stuff, good stuff. I hope it lives up to it's potential.
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    Feedback for Kage

    Wasn't sure where to put this, but here it is! I'm personally rather tired of listening to "Kage does it wrong." Without what is wrong. Can't change the color of a blue car of you don't tell me that's what you want. So in the light of it all, here it is! Pretty simple rules. Any comment that has no critiques will be removed. I'm not looking for a pat on the back or trolls, just feedback so I can improve how I RP. Second rule, don't care how you put it, so long as its criticism and not an attack. Shouldn't be too hard to put criticism in, no matter how rude it may seem. Follows the above. Third, do this yourself. You post, go make your own thread to better yourself. No reason not to. Let the abuse begin. All the butthurt shall be mine. (Really, I do wanna improve as an rper, if this thread says anything)
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    Arathi Basin (RPPvP)

    B... Bu... Drezzzzzzzzz :<
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    The S.I.A.

    Seva'nis will join.