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  1. Love that game. When I was first installing it the first thing I did was gather up all the graphical mods I could, including ENBs. It ended up in a half decent game for its time hence why I'm easy to jump for the idea of a ReShade for WoW. As for contrast: It's not that bad and it's definitely for people who like a more vibrant colorful experience (not to mention if you flick off all the options it looks just like vanilla did so you can edit to your heart's desire if contrast isn't your thing - there's literally a contrast meter in there). On that note the screenshots that are up use a high contrast option there for are optional. You could run the thing in grey if you liked, hence why I said it's customizable. I'll tell you one thing though, I adore the sharpen effect. I find it lacking in many games because things like FXAA make things blurry. To expand on the things I previously said, you will find if you install this preset to own a variety of editable variables for different options including brightness, gamma gain, power of certain effects, intensity of bloom and other. Sure some of them aren't really intended for WoW and tend to misbehave (and if they do you can just tick them off) but the others can still freshen up your experience dependent on your taste.
  2. Hello there, Dug here - previously known as stale Bread and now under the guise of my favorite drink. I've recently made a quiet return and when I did come back I was spoiled by the likes of Fallout 4 & Skyrim ENBs and there for ReShades. If you want to know what I'm talking about open the spoiler below, otherwise carry on. This is something called PRC (Photorealistic Fallout) on the Nexusmods. It's coupled with some other wonderful creations that were NOT made by me but by talented modders who posses skills I don't. On that note the ReShade for WoW was also not made by me it was made by a user called "Seaclean" who posted his modification here. Example (Warning Image Heavy): Looks pretty don't it? But. Before we carry on I can't stress this enough. DISCLAIMER: I did not make any of the mods presented within the screenshots, I do not own them they are property of whoever made them. I also didn't ask the user who made the ReShade Preset if I could put this on here. Even so I doubt he'd mind given Blizzard's stance on these modifications is at best "???". Private servers like ours benefit most from it. Now onto the real deal. Warcraft HD: The Definitive Experience by Seaclean I'm of the assumption that not many people ever wondered how WoW would look with an ENB slapped onto it or how it would look with ReShade. It's an old game that has aged well in some parts and then in others not so much. People have varying tastes and these tastes are satisfied differently. Thus this modification might entirely not be your thing or it might be just what you're looking for. There will be example screenshots below, but no before and after because I am lazy. You can find some before and after images on the page of the preset. Link is below. * A Simple Q & A: * Q: Is it hard to install?: A: No. Q: Should I expect an FPS drop? A: Yes, this modification is not made for weak rigs or what I call wooden PCs. You should have adequate cooling and a rig capable of handling the effects brought to you by ReShade. I'm not responsible if you melt your chips, use at your own risk. Q: How does it work?: A: Imagine World of Warcraft is a woman and that ReShade is makeup. Q: What effects does this add? A: Sharpening, Film Grain, Color Correction, Bloom and Lens Flare, SMAA, FXAA, Depth of Field and so on. Make note it's probably a smart idea to turn off SMAA from your game options if you for instance use ReShade SMAA. It's common practice in FO4 and Skyrim. Q: Is it customizable? A: It's fully customizable and easy to customize too, so you aren't stuck with what the mod creator strictly intended. You browse tick boxes through SHIFT + F2 in order to enable and disable effects; and have a box below to adjust variables for different options. It doesn't get more simple than that. Although I hadn't seen a restore defaults option so try not to mess up everything. Q: Didn't Xeno post something similar to this? A: Yes, but two years ago. Some of it could be currently outdated, but don't let me stop you from experimenting. * General Tips: * FXAA for some reason makes the text jittery, turn it off if it bothers you. The mod appears to come with TEHNICOLOR ON which seems to wash out colors, if that bothers you... turn it off. Reflective Bumpmaping causes weirdness. Try not to turn on too many sharpening presets it'll make your character look like they have some really badly drawn mustaches under their noses. You can turn off sharpening effects entirely if you don't like them. Remember that you can modify how vibrant the game is, colorful, bright etc. This is for people who don't mind playing around with settings until they get the right thing for them so patience is key. Don't be afraid to tick and untick things, it won't break anything. Each reload of ReShade will allow you a glimpse into how ugly WoW was. If you take screenshots, don't go to your screenshot folder in your WoW Folder. Because you will basically get a BEFORE version of your screenies. All your screenshots should appear outside the screenshot folder where your WoW.exe is or well Paragon.exe. They should have the bmp extension. Backup your god damn WoW Folder before installing this. I didn't see a way to uninstall anywhere. Example screenshots: LINK TO MOD: The install instructions are inside of the link as well as the mod/preset/instructions how to get ReShade. It's all very simple. If for some reason you don't want to go there...
  3. Name: Theia Race/Class: Night elf Monk Utility Consumables(Just need vague quantities / qualities for the first event ) : A jar of cookies The real consumable list:
  4. Name of IG character: Theia Profession, class or path: Monk Something the DM should be aware of when dealing with your character(you are allowed to leave this blank): Abs
  5. Name of IG character: V I K T O R I A the Victorious Profession, class or path: Unpredictable Disaster / Warlock Something the DM should be aware of when dealing with your character(you are allowed to leave this blank): My power level is over nine thousand
  6. Update: DeadOfPool was permabanned so his event is indefinitely suspended. Today's event did not happen because Griffith (the one who asked for the event) did not show up.
  7. The second part and altogether finishing event for Griffith's career quest will be this Sunday at 6 AM server time, Europeans stack up this is usually a 1 PM / 3 PM time for us. There might be spots open for other people to join. Max amount of players is 4.
  8. First part for Griffith's career event is complete. Next one is probably next Sunday. Deadnest's event is ??? since GMs disagreed about what he wanted.
  9. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I am not at home at this time god damn it
  10. J3loodT4lon's Quest - Lord James Griffith II Career Event/Quest This is a personal event for the mentioned player. He has opened two more slots to other players. We are looking at a group of four this SUNDAY, 2 PM SERVER TIME. The difficulty of the event will be MEDIUM. With enough teamwork character death can be easily avoided. As a note this is a military event for the ALLIANCE SIDE. All you need to know is that your character will be briefed by a superior and that you will be following James Griffith as your commander for the mission. Your character must be capable of taking orders. The area of operation is within Westfall. Rewards will vary from military commendations or promotions to mere gold.