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  1. I think if we added on top of what Paragon currently offers that we could solve many of these issues. For instance Cali, you went and saw that the imprisonment rule is kind of bad and you fixed that. I don't see why we can't do the same for how we roleplay and what types of roleplay are on offer. I don't see why we cannot fight the stagnation by giving more things to do rather than taking the chance of upseting half the playerbase, from which some already pointed out and said they'd quite frankly leave. Deleting everything while not adding anything to the mix won't really change the long term.
  2. I think you're missing the fact that there can only be so many roleplayers that will actually exist at a point in time (and share similar interests). Where do you propose we grow these numbers? Not every roleplayer out there wants to come on and RP on World of Warcraft or even Paragon. Our standards widely differ from the standards on RPH for instance. We approach roleplay very differently and yet roleplaying is a niche hobby, especially online on some server/game. People who play on RPH atm won't really drop their shit and come over without a reason, same for many other communities. 50 is good, it works even if it might seem a little bad. The first time I logged onto Paragon it had 3 people online. Now that's a red alarm for dead. Fortunately my initial conclusions were wrong and here I am.
  3. I don't think we're playing on the same server at this point, we had 50 people online the other day. Is this a sign of a dying community?
  4. Reminds me of Sunless Sea somehow.
  5. I can read it on discord xd
  6. Ah The Crucible, we meet again. Like in Mass Effect 3, I'd prefer the outcome/ending of this to not be painted in three different colors and grounds for almost identical things. So how do we warrant that following the wipe this won't happen? The name is a little ironic for me at the moment so bear with me. Nothing prevents people from doing the same shit again. The idea you present doesn't seem to have all the issues worked out nor addressed. I don’t even think I can go over all the issues in this post because in whichever way you think about it, it’s so much more than just hitting the restart button. You can recycle an idea indefinitely, but if the core of the problem remains the same then nothing changes and thus this brings me to my next point. The core of the problem is within us, the players, and in addition to what specifically Razmataz and Data Core want for this community. Example: the idea to be Blizz-like. Now with the players, you can't wipe their habits and you certainly cannot wipe their memories. You cannot change how they feel about Paragon especially if they've been here for several years now. This is all connected because you cannot change how they feel about other players either. I damn well won’t go looking to roleplay with someone who I don’t like because I have that choice and it’s a choice I’d very much like to keep because it makes my time here pleasant. There is also the problem of roleplay tradition where spontaneous walkups seem to be frowned upon. Do you like random people walking up to you who entirely fall out of your roleplay style and theme? I doubt it, I know I don’t. But that’s how you enable spontaneous - yet it ruins the mood; it destroys the scene and is demotivating. Say what if two monks are meditating together and John Doe walks up in the middle of the Temple. “Ayo sup!†Five minutes later. “Wow you guys are weird bye!†But the damage was already done. The immersion was broken and the control of what could have been a good session is lost. Not to mention I have no will or care to roleplay with certain type of characters that Celes has so kindly pointed out. MrEdgyIWillBreakYourSpine can kindly fuck off. I also do not like the undertone of the suggestion and I have a feeling absolutely nothing would change in the long run. The only reason I would perhaps consider this is to cut the dead weight of the RPG bloat; if we are removing it entirely. This would remove any issues with deciding what do with characters who were entrenched in the RPG and items that perhaps have no room in our accurate-to-Blizz server. I’d like to remind that even with a wipe we would be once more accelerating to the same point we wiped from if not a little faster because of the collective server/community experience. People who previously had established groups, would reform them with either new or identical characters doing different things but getting ultimately similar if not same results. And then you say people wouldn’t create the same characters, but how can you be so sure? What if they enjoyed them so much that roleplaying something else is out of question and entirely removes the subjective opinion that it might be awkward? Paragon is part game and part platform for hobbies. These hobbies range from writing to pretending to be someone else. These are repetitive gameplay elements for us, if we consider ourselves to be conscious and rational beings we might notice the issue with this. It becomes repetitive without enough variables for every time we do it. The way to remove the issue of boredom and stagnation is to add additional gameplay elements for players to get engaged in and perhaps change up the rules a little so the players do not feel as disconnected but rather grounded in the world they’re supposed to be immersed in. However, this requires a level of responsibility from Paragon that I’ve rarely if ever seen. One has issues telling players to RP stranded on an island and find a solution together on how to leave let alone to push an entire story forward. In part this relates to several mechanics Paragon offers us and that is to teleport anywhere and kick off RP, removing however an entirely different part of roleplay which is TRAVEL. Worse yet I have a feeling there’s a stigma towards travel RP as if it is frowned upon - expanding the problem even more to not needing Mounts or investing into them as valid traveling companions because the World is a Very Big place. This further more removes additional things like the point of even roleplaying bandits when you can’t create a chokepoint and wait for people to come along. It removes the idea of hiding because literally everyone can fly up and float all around Stranglethorn and potentially spot things they’re not supposed to see while comfortably sitting under the invisible veil of morph 28077. Paragon makes The World in Warcraft feel too safe by giving too much power unless you deliberately join an RP that has baddies in it, this is in part why there isn’t any spontaneous things happening. Many communities outside of Warcraft had bigger interaction among players with simple things that Paragon for some reason leaves out. If you want fun then you have to design a mechanic that will create fun and in part Paragon needs to stop removing things from the variable I previously mentioned. Paragon for instance has no economy to distract the player, Paragon has no player lead detachments of factions who actually have official support from the community this makes PvP utterly optional and ultimately a measure of who has the bigger dick, it has no adequate and approved trader characters and professions are little more than TRP gimmicks unless you’re forging an epic sword or creating armor to withhold a dragon’s fart. I really don’t get it, we have interiors, we have gold, we have events and their chains, we have all the tools but it’s almost like we’re using them incorrectly. Sort of like giving an ape a screwdriver and anticipating him to put something together using screws and parts. Paragon has features but it only implements them halfway. It refuses a certain depth that I have a feeling you people crave for. It comes down to being a sandbox that’s driven by nothing except whims of people and I think that’s not enough. You point out events and that’s actually accurate. The events we do, need to capture the players in the place and forbid them from going back by giving them something meanwhile to do. This isn’t after event RP or before event RP. This would result in an effort for event chains that are actual campaigns. "Do we have enough wood for the fires? Is anyone running out of bullets and arrows? How about food? Are we in present danger? Who’s next up for the watch? Are all the torches lit? Did the last patrol come back? Where did they go? What did they find?" All things on Paragon that are practically taken for granted; and once more I go back to traveling. Every character out there whenever you ask them about traveling they say they can handle themselves. Why? Because they are never in danger. The way we think about our roleplay needs to change if you want the changes you are arguing for. The way we think about others too. Look this post is already way too big and I didn’t even intend it to get this big. TL;DR the issue won’t be solved via wipe, we just have to change the way we RP.
  7. I don't think I'd mind it to be permanent. I think it'd make things a little more exciting.
  8. I wonder what's next. This might actually be interesting for once.
  9. Name: Theia Race/Class: Night elf Monk Utility Consumables(Just need vague quantities / qualities for the first event ) : A jar of cookies The real consumable list:
  10. I am not sure if this is the right place for this but I am looking for more sources about the monks and their Chi other than what we have on gamepedia. If anyone has anything relevant to procure that'd be great.
  11. On that note the population and consistency of roleplay with an average of 50 with so much diversity just doesn't work out. Lolporting simply has to happen if you hope to RP a character that you are currently interested into.
  12. All fair questions I feel like if I answered would cause a shit storm. For that purpose I probably won't, although one thing I can say is that I make these questions every now and then. Amusingly enough the answer is always the same and I realize nothing will ever change. It has come to a point that if a new community popped up and could resolve at least one of these questions it wouldn't take long for me to start RPing over there instead of here. I know a fair bit of people who feel the same way, unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of choice for us, perhaps few.