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    With your power level, I suggest you forfeit instead.

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    Level 10 housewife
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    Ranger Esthiara Arrowsong, Knight-Captain Azthine Highsworn, Matron Mother Lorelei Heartsinger, Lucy of the Wolf and Hound Bistro, Senior Headhunter Sal'ze.

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  1. This looks like something for lucy, cool!
  2. More troll events. <3
  3. Nattypie

    Dank Juju

    Looks really cool! Sign me up! Name: Salzea. Race/Race Variation: Jungle Troll. Affiliation/Tribe: Darkspear, Horde. Class: ​ Wilderness Stalker.
  4. Looking forward to this! ^_^
  5. It looks great! I'd love to be part of it with Suz'ija but i cant on saturday, would it be impossible to move it to Sunday? That would work better for me.