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  1. Drak

    Montarville's Bane

    Depending on the day & time I'll try and join on Thyldris, my Highborne Necrolyte, just to see what the fuss is about and then tell Montarville it wouldn't have happened if they bought security from him.
  2. Due to something having come up the event's been moved to Sunday. Time has been added, it'll be nice and early compared to most events being hosted by EU folk.
  3. "This was supposed to be a Call to Arms!" ________________________________________________________________________________________ Noblegarden has made it's way to Azeroth once again! It's been a few years since the Horde adopted this Alliance celebration where the Nobles hide coloured eggs of candy, often with coins and other goodies inside, around their respective area. This year however the Legion's invasion seemed to have been a bad omen even for this joyful event. Occasionally the coloured eggs would be replaced by tricksy eggs, being rotten eggs instead or containing different gasses and bombs. During the week children and adventurers alike fall into comas, some are cursed with near permanent rabbit ears, and other times the cloud of gas that come out seem to attract a horde of rabbits. Not the friendly and honourable Lok'tar O'gar kind of horde either. At first they seem friendly, following people around like loyal companions, but within a few hours they start nibbling more than they should. They've gone bloodthirsty! That's a lot of O'gar! ________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC Information: With the Legion getting comfortable in the living room, no longer at Azeroth's doorstep, it seems nothing is safe. Not even lovely holidays. That is to say.. It's not necessarily the Legion behind these pranks. I've just been in the mood to DM something light and focus on fun so I'm using the Noblegarden holiday for exactly that, especially since Paragon hasn't had more than one or two of these before. However because there isn't a 'story' for Noblegarden on retail, like there is Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's day (Seriously, check WoWpedia, it's just Nobles hiding eggs!) I decided to take not just Noblegarden but one or two other micro-holidays that hasn't been given any attention before and mash it up into one event! I must warn you, reading this, if you're still reading this and the picture didn't scare you off that this isn't a Hack 'n' Slash, Tank 'n' Spank, Peel 'n' Heal event. If your character's supposed to be at War leave him there. This isn't for the battle-hardened veteran and I will turn most of them down. You will not fight a Pit Lord (maybe a Nathrezim..) nor will you receive a tank or an iron-star launching cannon as a reward. So do avoid bringing your almighty Edgelords, especially the ones who'll try to One-up the main villain and do something like controlling the rabbits in the area for their anti-fun evil needs. No, Sindoh, Baltux can't have a rabbit. Not even for the Horde. Notice: Will be two or three 'holiday' themes mixed into one No Baltux allowed There will be a limit to how many people I invite. If it gets high praise I'll think about hosting a 2nd one for those who missed it (with tweaks so it's not completely spoiled by other people). No promises though. Don't bring a murder-hobo. Just a normal, violent, hobo. Party requires at least one person with brain. There will be a fun, in my opinion at least, twist. There'll be a reference to one of my last holiday events. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Rewards: Holiday-themed rewards. Nothing fancy that boosts your power, political status, or makes you more attractive to everyone who wants a quickie. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Date & Time: Sunday - 28th April 2019 (28/04/19) 11:00 Servert Time
  4. I'm curious will there be any mention in storytelling, be it from NPCs or how the area looks, about the camp in Nor'danil having been attacked multiple times? I think it'd make previous events around the area kind of pointless if everyone acts and everything looks as good as when the camp first popped up. Other than that I'll make it on my Demon Hunter, Elrhadas to help out. He already promised Farondis in one of Kaiba's events he'll always be there to help Azsuna and I haven't left the area with him yet.
  5. All around Azeroth under the cover of darkness random streaks of bright light appeared in towns, forts, campsites and cities. These flashes of light didn't last for more than a few seconds before disappearing completely leaving people with an unnatural feeling of comfort. Making it clear someone or something was watching over them during these dark times. Those more attuned with their faith could swear they saw what looked like a specter for a brief moment flying around in search of something, but left it alone, unlike the Undead this specter didn't inspire fear in one but rather a brief sense of hope. The only people that claimed these flashes of light were more than anything were the Draenei who claim it's the Naaru blessing the area with good fortune, and the Trolls claiming the Loa is watching over those in the area.
  6. Disclaimer: There are two variants of this ad so depending which one a player goes for the 'reason' for these items will be different. One will be advertised in normal market areas, something about a group in Pandaria encountering Sha that overtook their camp, the black market area for criminals and the likes being about a private collector. Name of Bounty: Sha related items or information. Description Bounty: Seeking any item or information that can shed some light on the Sha. Local libraries have insufficient information. Prices will vary depending on what's brought to the table and the quality of it. Prices may be negotiated but if any information is brought that's already know you won't be paid. Should there be a physical item one wishes to sell; A Courier will be send a day or two after the meeting to collect the item and provide two-thirds of the payment, while one-third will be given by the merchant. Please send a letter beforehand to make an appointment. Either coming to us or we can come to you. Possible Locations/Last Seen: Below are the names of possible Merchants to make contact with along with an address to send letters to. Either notifying them you'll visit their stand or requesting them to come to you. Duncoon Firebeard - Ironforge Ophelia Ambermane - Goldshire Kandice - Tanaris Tenorith Duskbranch - Astranaar Gomzo Flashfinger - Winterspring "Sly" Pete - Booty Bay In the event one can not go to them and request the merchant to meet up with you there will be a small travel-fee to pay of 50 Copper within the area and climbing 1 silver for longer distances (Example: Asking Ophelia to travel to Lakeshire would cost 2s 50c) Reward for the Bounty: To give a rough idea of prices (subject to change on the meeting): Stories/Gossip; 5-8 Silver Coins Books or Scrolls; 20-35 Silver Coins Items touched by Sha; 1-5 Gold Coins Again prices may change depending on the quality given. If you try to sell, for instance, a book detailing the Sha and how they can be used in professions the merchant might buy it for 40 Silver or a sha-touched fist weapon can go for 8 Gold instead. It'll all depend what, if anything, is brought forth, the quality, and how well the Characters can haggle.
  7. Drak

    Barrens Bonanza

    Ah yes, the initiation to making Horde RP and events; The Quilboar. If you need any help with prep or even during the event give us a shout Drakbro, I can even help further down the line with DMing things connected to your event or aftershock if you want.
  8. Drak

    Assault on Lor'lathil

    Druids and Demon Hunters alike aided the Night Elves in a fight within Lor'lathil. The Druids brought in a dangerous Moonkin, wielding a mighty blade, that struck down more Demons than anyone dared to count. So mighty was the Moonkin that even the Demon Hunters have grown a respect for the mighty beast. When the bodies were cleared out and civilians returned to Lor'lathil they were shocked to find the town was fully repaired, the stores over-filling with food and clothes, and even the Moonkin that stayed behind seemed at peace. In the center of the town was several bowls of cookies and glasses of milk, with a note reading "Merry Winter's Veil!"
  9. Drak

    Feasts in Westfall

    Almost as if out of thin air the less fortunate of Westfall woke up to the smell of stews and fresh roasts. Sentinel Hill and Montarville had five caravans full of food delivered to them by an unknown figure in a red hood. He left just as quickly as he came, leaving behind enough food to feed the people for a week. Some claim they heard a faint voice in the wind echoing "..and to all a Lok'tar!" Peasants claim it's a Winter's Veil miracle, Nobles claim it's just trickery by the Mages, but all are thankful none the less.
  10. Thank you to everyone who attended. There were lots of snowball fights and Razton defeated Groodge (players helped a little).
  11. Remember I'll be hosting this tomorrow, the 26th, so any who attend remember to leave your axe and arcane tome and bring your holiday spirit. This event is about fun, laughter, and the unexpected. Not about who killed Deathwing or who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
  12. Drak

    [Zone] Azsuna

    Finished Defending Azurewing Repose Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 Attendees: Azumak, Ainsley, Lorelei, Cephirian, Ronric & Corvin After assisting the Blue Dragons of Azurewing Repose, and saving them from a large assault, the Blues have allied with the forces of Azeroth in defeating the Legion. Heroes may rest at Azurewing Repose and visit anytime, although they are not allowed to sample the pools, delve too deep in the caverns, or harvest the crystals. Some of the Valarjar and Earthen Ring will be remaining by the Repose for a while to help guard Senegos and his brood. Reward: Azurewing Pendent. So long as you have these tokens the Blues of Azurewing Repose will come to your aid. -- Can bring 1 Azurewing Keeper (Melee or Caster) to an event. Only valid on the Broken Isles. ---- The Casters (displayID: 25250) are more knowledgeable in Arcane, Highborne, and the Nightborne while the Warriors (displayID: 66614) are as durable as an Orc, as strong as an Ogre, and will be able to take threat off of you. They fall under the same catagory as trinket-NPCs, meaning they don't count for you "5 free NPCs" nor do you need to apply for them. However you can only bring them to Events on the Broken Isle. Not Broken Shore, not Argus, not Kalimdor or Northrend and especially not Pandaria or Eastern Kingdoms nor any future Continents popping up. ----
  13. Drak

    [Zone] Azsuna

    Pt.2 of the Dragon genocide will be on the 23rd 13:00 Server Time. It'll follow the same rules as the previous one so for those who didn't attend: I'll only take up to 7 people, there won't be any sound because my macros always break (I tried Friday a macro again and we all know how that broke), and it won't be a complete cut+paste of retail quests. Only taking inspiration from them.
  14. Drak

    [Zone] Azsuna

    Unless another DM takes it soon I'll be doing Azurewing Repost Pt 1 on Friday the 21st 12:00 ServerTime. If things go well I might do Pt 2 immediately after. Keep in mind I won't do a copy+paste of Retail's quest. I might not even add the voices' soundfiles. The basic idea'll be the same but it won't be a cookie cutter event. Failure, while difficult, will be possible and result in unnecessary casualties and the Dragons knowing to be a little wary of those present.
  15. Credits to "Nocturne" on Discord for the name. Links to the last two Winter's Veil events: 2016 & 2015, unfortunately I never made a post for 2014. Winter's Veil is finally here. It only comes but once a year, And it's a time to spread good cheer To those we love and hold so dear. Winter's Veil is a time of glee, A time when peace and love run free, A time for those like you and me To sit beneath the Winter's Veil tree. Winter's Veil is a time of joy, A time to sit back and enjoy The smile on each girl and boy, As they play with a Winter's Veil toy. Winter's Veil is a time to share The passing of another year. To show loved ones how much we care. Winter's Veil is a time for song, A time for us to get along, To make us feel strong, Forgive all those who did us wrong. Winter's Veil time is a time to pray, Put love and kindness on display, Show compassion along the way. Winter's Veil should be every day. IC Info: Ebesleezer Groodge is back and once more dealt a horrid blow to Great Father Winter! It's not enough to steal the presents for him, not this year, instead Groodge has done something far worse! OOC Info: Winter's Veil is back and that means Drak's making another Holiday event! Like every event I try to bring a new approach to the season by having players do something other than mindless fighting but this year I wanted to bring some of my favourite parts of previous Winter's Veil events back. I still have new things with a brand new plot! Don't worry it's not all recycling! Notice: There will be no bloodshed from the NPCs. If Players decide to PvP they'll be seen as helping Ebesleezer Groodge, which is fine, but Father Winter's watching. I have a specific loot system with Winter's Veil events meaning every reward is something personal but rarely what you'd expect. While Undead and other Edgelords are rarely seen as the Festive Types they are allowed to join. Keep in mind if you've been extremely naughty this year, or you're very naughty in the event, you might get Coal. This event theme is fun, meaning you don't hack and slash dragons or pit lords. If you want that please don't join. In the past there have been those who'd rather stand in a corner and look 'cool' instead of helping with silly, fun, tasks. If this happens you will be ported away via Father Winter magix. I'll try to avoid putting a limit on it but please understand if I say "I'm not accepting anymore" it means I can only handle so many players! I'm not Razmataz that can take 60+ people in events. Day: Wednesday, 26/12/18 Time: 21:00 GMT+2 -- 13:00 Server Time Times subject to change depending on real life I will not be hosting it on 24th or 25th due to Christmas reasons.