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  1. Drak

    Montarville's Bane

    Depending on the day & time I'll try and join on Thyldris, my Highborne Necrolyte, just to see what the fuss is about and then tell Montarville it wouldn't have happened if they bought security from him.
  2. Due to something having come up the event's been moved to Sunday. Time has been added, it'll be nice and early compared to most events being hosted by EU folk.
  3. "This was supposed to be a Call to Arms!" ________________________________________________________________________________________ Noblegarden has made it's way to Azeroth once again! It's been a few years since the Horde adopted this Alliance celebration where the Nobles hide coloured eggs of candy, often with coins and other goodies inside, around their respective area. This year however the Legion's invasion seemed to have been a bad omen even for this joyful event. Occasionally the coloured eggs would be replaced by tricksy eggs, being rotten eggs instead or containing different gasses and bombs. During the week children and adventurers alike fall into comas, some are cursed with near permanent rabbit ears, and other times the cloud of gas that come out seem to attract a horde of rabbits. Not the friendly and honourable Lok'tar O'gar kind of horde either. At first they seem friendly, following people around like loyal companions, but within a few hours they start nibbling more than they should. They've gone bloodthirsty! That's a lot of O'gar! ________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC Information: With the Legion getting comfortable in the living room, no longer at Azeroth's doorstep, it seems nothing is safe. Not even lovely holidays. That is to say.. It's not necessarily the Legion behind these pranks. I've just been in the mood to DM something light and focus on fun so I'm using the Noblegarden holiday for exactly that, especially since Paragon hasn't had more than one or two of these before. However because there isn't a 'story' for Noblegarden on retail, like there is Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's day (Seriously, check WoWpedia, it's just Nobles hiding eggs!) I decided to take not just Noblegarden but one or two other micro-holidays that hasn't been given any attention before and mash it up into one event! I must warn you, reading this, if you're still reading this and the picture didn't scare you off that this isn't a Hack 'n' Slash, Tank 'n' Spank, Peel 'n' Heal event. If your character's supposed to be at War leave him there. This isn't for the battle-hardened veteran and I will turn most of them down. You will not fight a Pit Lord (maybe a Nathrezim..) nor will you receive a tank or an iron-star launching cannon as a reward. So do avoid bringing your almighty Edgelords, especially the ones who'll try to One-up the main villain and do something like controlling the rabbits in the area for their anti-fun evil needs. No, Sindoh, Baltux can't have a rabbit. Not even for the Horde. Notice: Will be two or three 'holiday' themes mixed into one No Baltux allowed There will be a limit to how many people I invite. If it gets high praise I'll think about hosting a 2nd one for those who missed it (with tweaks so it's not completely spoiled by other people). No promises though. Don't bring a murder-hobo. Just a normal, violent, hobo. Party requires at least one person with brain. There will be a fun, in my opinion at least, twist. There'll be a reference to one of my last holiday events. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Rewards: Holiday-themed rewards. Nothing fancy that boosts your power, political status, or makes you more attractive to everyone who wants a quickie. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Date & Time: Sunday - 28th April 2019 (28/04/19) 11:00 Servert Time
  4. I'm curious will there be any mention in storytelling, be it from NPCs or how the area looks, about the camp in Nor'danil having been attacked multiple times? I think it'd make previous events around the area kind of pointless if everyone acts and everything looks as good as when the camp first popped up. Other than that I'll make it on my Demon Hunter, Elrhadas to help out. He already promised Farondis in one of Kaiba's events he'll always be there to help Azsuna and I haven't left the area with him yet.
  5. The majority of Naga do have free will, yes, and I say majority because it is possible that some of them may have their free will taken from them instead of being killed. As the quote of Azshara says about taking her people it doesn't mean directly mind control them. We do see some Naga that didn't side with Azshara at one point and some still don't, like the Coilfang that's with the Illidari instead. Considering there's tribes that worship/worshipped Neptulon instead of Azshara it just goes to show not all of them are zealots that are willing to die for Azshara. To quote Wowpedia Even before the Naga, the Highborne were insanely loyal to Azshara due to her magical prowess and most of them remained loyal to her during the War of the Ancients. Add a bit of old god influence later and power suddenly they have more reason to believe she'll take over the world and it'd be a good idea to serve her. Apologies if my response is short but I didn't want to just copy+paste half of what you've said and I didn't want to just say "Yes.". Keep in mind if you do RP a Naga, whether an Azshara loyalist or not, don't get OOC and IC mixed up. A player might like you and your character but their character, in RP, might hate Naga and view them as mindless monsters. Some characters are more open to working with other races and easier to persuade.
  6. Welcome to Paragon @Abefroeman , It doesn't really matter if you're a RP Veteran, brand new to it, or you're rusty. As long as you're willing to take criticism and comments with a pinch of salt you'll be fine, despite what rumours of Paragon fighting over little things might be we have a rather helpful community. When it comes to rules I suggest you read the Rules 7.0 thread here as these'll be the most up to date rules (the ones in the "Rules" section on the forums are 6.0). For Characters (Classes, Races, etc) that you can RP freely at any moment, and which you need to write a short application for, you'll have to read the [Template] Details - Formats and Lists thread here. If something isn't on the list you wish to RP feel free to contact myself or any other Moderator. As for timelines we're currently in the Legion Timeline and currently doing the Stormheim story. We've finished Val'sharah and Azsuna's storylines. When it comes to RP like Dunerat said we're mostly Main-Phase or Main-World RP. Phases do exist but those are strictly for Interiors or Event Areas and our idea of 'custom lore' is a little different from other servers. While we allow some gaps in Blizzard's lore to be filled in here and there with the Lore Clarifications section on the forums it's for the main part Blizzard lore, like you'd fine on retail, with small differences that were player changes. Things like DMs making the Legion invade other areas than retail did (example we had the Legion invade Swamp of Sorrows before we went to Broken Isles) or how players can have important figures here and there such as Alliance Nobility. If you have more questions feel free to ask anyone or poke me on Discord directly. Hope you enjoy your stay with Paragon and happy RPing!
  7. There hasn't been any OOC or IC changes done involving you or your characters that I can think of right now.
  8. Drak

    Considering Returning

    I killed Paragon after getting rid of a few weeds. Ignore the 30+ people during peak hours and 5-10 people during EU's mornings (which was dead before). I'm a power hungry dictator. I've also removed Staff and replaced them with Moderators. Essentially it's a less corrupt version of Staff that are enforcers, while I ask advice and opinions of Mods, they do not make the rules and the changes anymore. There is no circlejerk anymore. The Admin makes the big decisions and the Devs (Data & Raz) can nullify my decisions or order me to make a change. The way Applications work are different. You have two versions now: Trial & Restricted. Trial is a short & easy application and you get to RP as soon as you get the stamp, which can be even an hour after posting the app if you're lucky enough While Restricted is the hard, air-tight, apps where you're looked over with a magnifying glass. The wait time's also been reduced from 2 weeks since approved to 1 week, and 1 week from denied to 3 days. DM, Builder, and Mod apps are all open 24/7 and the Admin can choose a player to be a Mod without them needing to make a Mod Application. Tass is the Event Manager (new DMM) and Jordy is once again Builder Manager. As for what's gone? Well the Paragon lawn has more flowers and fewer weeds. Most of the cracks in the pavement has been sealed and even though there's still some cracks we're slowly fixing what's left and the porch now has a new BBQ. My back hurts a little and I still have sinus problems but things are going smoother than ever. By players RPing and DMs (Dungeon Masters) making events. The Event Manager oversees most of it and I poke Tass with a hot rod often. Even during your time as Staff pruhgrshin wasn't the be-all end-all but even now it's "better" than before. People focus on storytelling more now. Although you can't outprogress me, sorry, only Data & Raz's /played can be used against the Tyrant Drak. Well I mentioned the Applications & Moderator changes already. There's also a shorter "no bullshit" tolerance but the current Mods at least have a better way to communicate with people, as the current Mod team actually understand how to handle human beings and what respect is. While Punishments aren't easily given out they are, however, 'worse' than before so if you get a punishment you quite likely deserved it and it's worse than a slap on the wrist. You might also want to go over the Rules 7.0 in Moderator Discussion area before I push it out later to see all the changes. In some places things were re-worded, other places things were removed, and here and there small things added. P.S. me being a tyrant & killing the server's an inside joke. You'd have to PM me sometime or ask any of the regular players what the joke's about if you come back.
  9. Drak


    For Nobility / Military seek out Nathaniel. Progression is just another word for "Stage Presence".
  10. Drak

    Barrens Bonanza

    Ah yes, the initiation to making Horde RP and events; The Quilboar. If you need any help with prep or even during the event give us a shout Drakbro, I can even help further down the line with DMing things connected to your event or aftershock if you want.