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  1. He's had plenty to contribute behind closed doors though plenty about both his own reputation and the state of Roleplay on the server in general. You and me both know that the man actively avoids talking in the Lobby chat in the Discord because he's afraid that people will... I don't know, actually. Call him names? What Data Core thinks will happen is beyond me honestly. A accusation that I personally never made in this post, although I implied others did. If you actually read the post you'd note how I said Nathaniel had his own opinion, he just clearly didn't have the gall to come forward with it until Data Core blasted that door wide open. Maybe if you read the post you'd know that Data Core already closed that door himself and refused to open it. I'm just opening it to let everyone else in now, since he didn't want to deal with our issues like gentlemen. Damn, I didn't even mention that in this post once actually, talk about a guilty conscience. Maybe if you actually read the post you wouldn't make assumptions about my problems with you, assumptions that are clearly moreso based on your own insecurities than anything I've actually said here.
  2. Hello there Paragon, It’s your boy Jordy here. My time has come, and I’m stepping down from the Moderation Team. I’ve got a multitude of reasons, but I feel like I need to clear the air if not for my own sake right now. It feels like this server is stuck in a horrible cycle that has been perpetuating for a good few years now and it’s something that a majority of us have both propagated and been a victim to and I would just like to share my experiences in hopes that they may be able to shine some light on the situation and perhaps this may lead to Paragon fixing itself somehow. This community seems to have somehow festered into the toxic mess that we see before it. Players on this server as a majority only seem to be bothered about two things. Power, either IC or OOC, and how they’re perceived OOCly, people don’t listen to each other or seem to take into consideration that these players are humans beings with their own thoughts or emotions too, at times I am guilty of this. I’ve been pestering the DM team for months so I can actually have an opportunity to both create and participate in roleplay with my event request but now I realise that this maybe wasn’t the best course of action and I should’ve just kept my mouth shut and let them get on with what they actually wanted to do that is my fault, that is my flaw, I was too persistent and stubborn in getting people to work for me, and I admit that now. In opposition, I’ve been a victim to it with the very same Roleplay I tried to create. A few months ago, I tried to recreate a guild named the Greygarde, and I noticed Sage has also tried to create a guild with pretty much the same core concept. For a while, I was a little annoyed that this resurfaced while I was trying to get my concept together too but I realised that perhaps I should put that annoyance to the side to try and work something out so our guilds could work together and we wouldn’t ‘cannibalise’ each other by stealing potential members from either side while the community was dwindling. I didn’t expect Sage to accept so readily, but to his credit he was ready and willing to work something out as an officer to the guild I was running. I would’ve perhaps have been able to work something out if he wasn’t as willing but he was fine with it, and later on in the chain of events I wasn’t given the chance unfortunately. Eventually I found out through Sage himself that I wasn’t particularly liked in his old guild and that they would rather I not be in charge at all. This was after he’d left and I poked him about it, figuring that he still wanted to go through with his guild. We had a discussion, I got names from Sage eventually but I won’t name them here because I don’t intend to call out every member of the community here on this post, but I will be more than willing to reach out to you in private now that I’ve got nothing to lose. At the end of the day, knowing that people see me as that unapproachable was a harsh blow, enough to not even approach me and work out our differences? I was not happy, this was my wakeup call, and given what I know about these situations now, I can’t help but see that my position as a staff member (Or a member of the moderation team, whichever you prefer) in one way or another led these people to hate me. This was not only a wakeup call about my position on the staff team, but a wakeup call about Paragon in general. I realised I cannot fix the biggest issue and that the community must want to fix these problems before I even have a chance. Unfortunately the current leadership we see on the server also reflects this as well. These people are not going to like what I have to say about them, but both they, and the community need to hear this if we have any chance of fixing it. As they both need to realise their flaws and the community needs to hold them accountable to them. Nathaniel has gone from potentially the best admin we had, to the most useless in the span of a few months. Unfortunate as it is, because I think that deep down he’s actually a nice dude who intends to do well and probably has a lot on his mind, but unfortunately his work doesn’t really reflect that. Only a few days ago we had a conversation in one of the management chats where we were making changes to a specific ruling because we’ve had roadblocks in the way of getting things done as a team (I’ll be coming back to this later). The community has come to us several times about many situations like this and in the end I wanted to make it so these situations couldn’t happen again. I’ve been forced into many different compromises over the months as a moderator in an effort to try and rectify these problems and only now are those coming to light. Nathaniel may come off as a Admin who allows what the community and moderators wish to push forwards on the surface, but to me, the Forgeborn situation proves otherwise. Nathaniel is a man who admittedly has his own opinions that he would clearly like to act upon but he does not have the conviction to go with them on the level that most of us would like. During the discussion on this topic in the staff chat, when most of the staff team was fine with the Forgeborn clarification, he was not. That’s fine, that was his own opinion and I told him he was welcome to put his own opinion and a verdict on the thread if he felt that way. It was only when Data Core remarked in the staff chat about how ‘’’disappointed’’’ he was in the staff team as a whole for voting to approve it and how he could not fathom this being a thing on Paragon that Nathaniel decided to act upon the thread and shut it down immediately. Nathaniel is a man with strong opinions deep down but he does not seem to have the willpower to act upon them when he is opposed by the majority of the community but as soon as he has a larger voice behind him, he is more than ready to actually act despite what the community wants. This breeded a minor amount of distrust between the two of us, because I said “I don’t trust you to act on your own opinions without a bigger voice backing you up.” An abridged reply, but that was the sentiment I wanted to get across. I’ll talk about that later though. Despite this situation being pretty obvious in my eyes, Data Core still refused to admit that he was actually the driving force behind that ultimate decision when it came to the Forgeborn situation, whether he wants to admit it or not. I’m not the only one to have said this I’m sure, but Data Core is another person that I’ve occasionally come to blows with in my time on the staff team and unfortunately with all but the nicest people on the server Data Core has a very abrasive nature that makes him come to blows with people very often, the guy mixes words, turns situation against whoever he’s having a disagreement with and uses appeals to emotion while also dismissing other people’s emotions as ‘unprofessional’ when they do the exact same thing. After this whole Forgeborn situation, he even went as far as to say that he didn’t trust me when it came to dismissing rumours about him, even when I asked him what these supposed rumours where, but this all stemmed from a conversation where Data Core and Nathaniel were under fire because a specific individual mentioned Data Core being a problem in a large rant post (déjà vu) at the time I don’t believe Nathaniel was being puppeteered by Data Core as Data Core said but I could see why people would see it that way, because of how the Forgeborn situation unfolded and how Data Core refused to admit that he actually still has some power over Paragon. I asked him several times to explain why he doesn’t trust me, but I was met with silence every single time bar the first time, in which his response was that he was too busy moderating another Discord server, and that’s fine, but if you have time to argue and vent about your own reputation on a server that you own then you have time to tell one of your moderators why you don’t actually trust them in their position. Truth be told, I don’t think Data Core trusted me to say exactly what he wanted in order to try and clear his name, he was worried that I may come to the exact same conclusion about these past rumours that I did about him ‘puppeteering Nathaniel’ and that I would be able to see flaws in both his conduct and perhaps those around him from the past and that I would not be willing to look past these flaw and kiss his ass, but this is only me assuming, because as I said, he did not speak to me about this mistrust and only let it fester. All in all, I think Data Core also needs to realise that when he is the denominating factor in a series arguments that he may also be a part of the problem and such should call for some introspection. Moving on, it’s already taken Nathaniel so long to actually act upon one of the largest walls I’ve come up against when on the staff team, and that was Tassarah. Tassarah, has, more times than I could count literally put a stop to Roleplay using their powers as an Event Manager. They have stopped large stories from happening because “Mag’har Orcs don’t come to Azeroth until BFA.”, they’ve attempted to stop characters from being roleplayed at specific times because “Lightforged are first seen on Argus not Azeroth.” (Which the staff team were all okay with) They’ve stopped large scale events half way through because they weren’t happy with Stormwind being invaded and thus they’ve stopped people from creating roleplay when their team was not willing to do so, and I don’t blame the team for this, because it isn’t their responsibility to manage each other it’s the Event Managers job. They would’ve stopped a lot more as well, had Nathaniel actually not decided to do something, but it’s still a shame that it all came to this and wasn’t dealt with sooner. Tassarah has tried several times to moderate roleplay and that is not their function as a manager and it’s unfortunate that they’re also the reason I don’t see Paragon being able to properly break the boundaries of WoW’s Lore, especially coming up to one of its most controversial stints. Judging by ideas I’ve thrown around to the DM team and the moderation team about Argus itself, it doesn’t seem like they’re ever going to want to deviate from WoW’s subscribed narrative and that is a problem that a big portion of the community says we are facing right now. Stale, boring lore content that has little to do with the motivations of any of their character and again, it’s not the teams fault, it’s the source material, it’s no wonder people are no longer invested in Paragon as much as they used to be when lore events were less of a focus, in fact, due to the current community we have, it may seem like lore events have ALWAYS been the focus, because that’s either all they know, or all they went to in the past. People are no longer invested because we’re stagnating and this is a large contributing factor to that, one than this individual would rather we not change, and unfortunately, they have had the authority to tell us no on this several times or just not speak up. That’s not it alone however (I’m coming back from a point in Nathaniel’s critique now) because in this previous conversation we had in a staff/managers chat with Nathaniel and the rest of the team, Tassarah decided to get personal with me, they called me out on pinging the DM team to look at my event request, something that I’m not the only one to be guilty of in the past and present, but somehow that became a focus on the conversation. They seemed to think it was somehow my responsibility to get the DM’s to look at other people events requests, rather than the Event Managers responsibility in the first place. They referred to me as an Inflated Windbag at one point, and even called me a stonewaller, despite the fact I have no direct authority when it comes to what they can and cannot do outside of an application be it misc app or character. In essence, there’s not much for me to stonewall when it comes to them doing their job, ironic that they called me this, because it’s the biggest example of the pot calling the kettle black that I’ve seen on my time on this server, and that’s not even mentioning how they expertly turned the conversation into a targeting session on me for a good two minutes, something that only actually stopped once I stopped responding to them. Tassarah is not guilty of this alone by any means, the rest of the staff team involved are just as guilty (With the exception of Scottie, he was away at the time), but it made me feel really fucking small in that conversation and I didn’t deserve it when the point brought up wasn’t even relevant to the conversation. I was utterly appalled by everyone in that conversation and that was the very last straw, the one that the camel could no longer carry and the one that finally broke its back. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like the people mentioned above will take this as seriously as I would like them to and I’m likely going to be dismissed and demonised after this and they may even use the information given above to rebuke me as a leaker, but I believe they truly need a moment of introspection and accountability. I would like to take this chance to highlight some shining stars and good examples that I’ve seen on the server as well, so this post isn’t entirely about the negative atmosphere that permeates Paragon these days. Sif is honestly one of the most kind hearted and understanding folks that you could ever hope to meet and unfortunately I believe that this previously mentioned negative atmosphere has beaten the poor guy down to within an inch of his life, he’s always been an optimist even when I came to him about my own misgivings on this server and I say this for the sake of both him and the community right now. If you guys don’t buck your ideas up, you will lose this shining star forever and you will never find someone quite like him again. Scottie has also been another person who’s always had my back when it comes to the Moderation team business, like Sif, he’s listened to me rant and vent in private and he’s actually checked up on me when he’s heard bad things surrounding me. This is an example of how the community should be looking out for each other, not taking these bad rumours at face value and vilifying people for it. I appreciate all of the people who I’ve ever had a large hand in Roleplaying with, Lucas, Tim, illuSian, Garret, Sindoh, Sprockamite, Nuggie, Acorn, Drez, Denning, Nomit, Scrivenaut, Castus, Parasite, Marky, Shadestar, Sythrivum, Howie, Zeta, pretty much everyone in both The Guild and the Arkanford and people who will never see this post in a million years like Watsiro Sula, Sorel and Fred. Everyone who has ever sat down and roleplayed with me and we’ve had a good time, I appreciate you, because that’s what this is all about at the end of the day, none of this negative bullshit that I spouted, but this good shit and that is what I want this post to encourage. If I want the community to take away one thing from this post I’d like to go back to the start of this post and emphasise that first point. It’s that you guys need to start opening up to each other and learning to take chances with people you’ve never roleplayed with before, you need to lay the power sticks down and start making good stories with decent interactions rather than vying for power in every aspect, Paragon used to feel comfy for me and that was mostly due to the great, amazing and accepting people I surrounded myself with, not the shiny stat sticks. When that’s all you’ve got, Paragon can feel pretty damn lonely, but it’s on you guys to fix that. It’s been good, see you around.
  3. Within the week, Lancel and his monkey pal Feng-feng send a bunch of their own home crafted brews in large barrels, it's all they can afford.
  4. Nice idea! Gaius, Half-Elf Ranger 1. Scouring Azeroth, looking for the runestones to help restore the Greygarde's tree of restoration along with his merry band of misfits. 2. Trying, along with said merry band of misfits, to quell a cult that would seek see the world burn. 3. Offering support on the Broken Shore whenever he has a free moment. Lancel, Human Brewmaster Monk. 1. Lancel is travelling the world in search of adventure, emboldened by stories of one "Donny Nutlea." 2. Lancel and his partner have begun selling both brew and noddles as they move from place to place. 3. Lancel has taken a stop on Pandria to enjoy the scenery before moving on. Harry Fiske, Human Warrior, part time Dungeoneer. 1. Harry is working with the Explorers League in a new found associatation with the group, seeking treasure and trinkets for the guild to display. 2. Harry travels around with a pair of Elven Enchanters, offering services of both a magical and mundane metallurgy nature. 3. Harry is willing to sell his skills in combat out as a Mercenary for the right reason, and price.
  5. I agree with what Tim says. The only thing I can try and dispel is the idea that we're going to be going backwards in our attempts to change how strictly we adhere to lore on the server. I can state for a fact, with the evidence of the Forgeborn clarification in general that the mod team itself does not defer directly to Data Core, evidenced by the fact that over half the team at the time disagreed with his assessment of the situation. We've also allowed people to make, and continue to play, Half Breeds that we don't see in lore, such as Bulo's main character (I'm still as surprised as everyone that we don't see Human/Orc Hybrids in canon) and Strangers Half Troll, and not only that but we've began to add class and race combinations that years ago we wouldn't have allowed, and had specifically banned. We can now play Orc, Half Elf, or any other race as a Druid, which was previously staunchly banned on the basis that we didn't see it in lore. We've made some progress already and even if it is only baby steps, I don't think we should entirely let the Forgeborn situation give us the idea that we're going to be doing a 180, even if it may seem that way. Also, for what it's worth, I don't think Nathaniel is being directly puppeted either. I know that's an arguement that goes around often, but I can say with certainty that Nathaniel didn't agree with my take on the Forgeborn from the start.
  6. This is up and running again! More to come soon!
  7. I've finally gotten off my ass and done the loot. Here you folks go, for all those who participated, sorry it took longer than I anticipated.
  8. Event rewards coming soon!
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  11. Update: Event One The party sought out their questgiver at Venture Bay and set out to investigate the scene, unfortunately, they came across a little bit of a roadblock and sent their crime scene into utter chaos, thankfully with a bit of luck and whit, they managed to quell the shenanigans enough to find what they were originally looking for, and found something very disturbing. Was the very man who brought them here the one responsible for the attack? Participants: Urdren, Izusa, Anken, Jonathaan, Sid, Varro, Vynethiel, Shaelis, Yorick. Update: Event Two While the Cenarion Embassador was underway with preparations, Granite Springs was attacked by a group of hidden Goblin Assassins and Sappers, by the time that the group had finished them off they stopped to notice that the Embassador himself had been killed, and a note was found on the body of one of the Assassins. Crudely written and signed by one Trademaster W., it called for the death of the Embassador. Now not only have the Venture Co. been inplicated to have ruined a Druidic shrine under the obligation that they were specifically not meant to, but they have also been implicated to have killed a high up member of the Cenarion Circle. Participants: Jonathaan, Sid, Varro, Vynethiel, Shaelis, Yorick, Ed, Alvia, Nikita, Adrian. (Please poke me if I've forgotten you) Update: Event Three The party decided that the best way to proceed forwards would be with diplomacy in mind. They enetered Venture Bay, only for the guardsmen to call them along to the Trademasters office. There the situation unfolded further and it was revealed that the Trademaster wasn't the one behind this... It was his Taskmaster, Grizzix, and on the Orders of Mogul Razdunk, he was to remove the Trademaster from his position and take his spot so that the Venture Co. could maximise their profits and their operations across the Hills... On the bright side, the party now knew for sure who was to blame for all of this carnage! ... but in contrast, the party where also being driven out of Venture Bay! They managed to escape with the Trademaster and his Daughter in tow and took them to Granite Springs but who knew what other devestation the Venture Co. would leave in their wake! Participants: Urdren, Izusa, Jonathaan, Sid, Varro, Shaelis, Yorick, Alvia, Nikita. (Please poke me if I've forgotten you) Update: Event Four In the wake of the disaster at Venture Bay, Ioric, the homesteader in charge of Granite Springs remarked on how his latest shipment of supplies and rations hadn't arrived yet. This wasn't a good sign as his contacts where always on the ball when it came to timing... So he humbly requested that the heroes seek it out along the road to the north... and they found it, for sure. What they found was half a dozen Troll Zombies feasting on the remnants of two dead humans and some wildlife along with their supplies! They saw two Trolls in the back, running off with crates of food, while one Troll was in the back raising more of their dead. In the end, the party was successful and managed to retrieve all the goods, but the Necromancer had escaped! Back in Granite Springs, the players were then met with an odd request from one of the Drakkari... Participants: Urdren, Izusa, Sid, Yorick, Alvia, Azumak. (Please poke me if I've forgotten you) Update: Event Five And just like that, the party were thrown into the midst of a civil war between the remnants of a Drakkari Tribe. One half wanted to live peacefully in the Hills, live as best as they could even with the loa's abandonment, while the Necromancer previously met had been part of the opposite end of the tribe, the ones who sought control over death as a means to defend themselves as the Loa scorned them! As as result of the Venture Companies carnage and their thirst for resources, the Necromancer was driven out of his ruins by a mining operation... but he had what he needed. As the party approached the village, they felt a chill in the air, one than ran deeper than the simple colds of the north! A merciless horde of zombies charged towards them, chomping and slashing at their heels as they fought back valiantly! Killing Dire Troll and Commander alike... before their foes rose again as something horrific popped in the air, sending waves of dark energy across the hills. The Head of these Necromancers rose up from his ritual grounds... and revealed himself to be something very familar to the party. A Lich! The Undead savant sought to deal with the parties own Undead first, and a battle of the Liches commenced! In the end, the Troll was defeated and the village was brought back, but Alvia knew one thing the rest of the party didn't realise... His urn was nowhere to be seen. Participants: Urdren, Izusa, Sid, Yorick, Alvia, Azumak, Jonathaan, Shaelis. (Please poke me if I've forgotten you) Update: Event Six A few days later, a Furbolg ran through Granite Springs, babbling to himself... Unfortunately, no one understood his words apart from a little sprout named Old Bark who acted as a mediator as the party rushed towards the scene! They were ambushed along the way by a set of seemingly feral Worgen who were attacking the new sapling of the world tree growing within Grizzlemaw! Even with the Might of Grizzlemaw on their side, the party had to fight tooth and nail to actually queel the uprising... Thankfully, everyone was safe by the end but the Elder spoke of how they'd noticed Goblins in metallic contraptions throughout the hills... The situation seemed to be getting worse. Thank the gods Old Bark was there! Thanks to my good pal @nuggiemancer for running this one! Participants: Na'thandral, Izusa, Rhana, Jilliana, Azumak, Jonathaan, Pirris, Annastasia. (Please poke me if I've forgotten you) Update: Event Seven The party ventured into the Necromancers old hovel, now heading right into the ruins after the Venture Co. Company. There they found the company mining away at the precious metals and stones whilst they collected all they could gather from the ruins themselves. Merciful as they were, the party spared the scared workers who were merely there for their paychecks and even spared the Orcish Overseer... After severing his legs with a little too much fervor who now remains caged in the camp at Granite Springs. Participants: Urdren, Shaelis, Gallean, Dezarda, Alvia, Jonathaan, Izusa, Rhana, Raevina, Essi, Senn (Please poke me if I've forgotten you) Update: Event Eight, The Battle of Venture Bay The Trademaster had been preparing for a while now, calling in favours from trade contracts in Stormwind and gathering allies in the Hills. The battle began as a culmination of The Trolls and the Furbolg in the area and soon escalted as the Heroes of Granite Springs rolled in to wipe the floor clean. The Venture Co. Stood no chance, not against the might of the Orcish payload, blessed with Ironbark thorns and carrying the heroic charge of Furbolg and Troll! Those who saw it will never forget it, and those who survived it will pass the story is hushed tones... Meanwhile on the other side of the battlefield, the Montarville company and Hourse Strike aided in sinking the Pirates protecting the ports... along with bringing the Lighthouse to the ground! In the end however, the Venture Co. were run out from their holes and sent with their tails between their legs, though the Taskmaster still eluded them, his time would come yet. Participants: Urdren, Shaelis, Arunok, Alvia, Jonathaan, Essi, Senn, Philippe, Ruby, Katlynn, Yorick, Khrogean, Davon Update: Event Nine, Tracking down the Taskmaster As soon as the Trademaster got word of the companies continued operations in the Hills, he was furious, but of course he expected it. Once more he called upon his allies in the Hills, along with help from Urdren and another unnamed Druid, together with the Grizzlemaw and the Trolls they eventually drove the compnay from the land put an end to the plight of the hills, uprooting the vermin who sought to exploit the beauty of nature. The Furbolg and Trolls will tell tales of the fight between the shimmering bronze image of a Dragon as it clashed against a towering frame of steel and fire, and the survivors will be ever thankfuly to the heroic Druid wielding a sword so outlandish who galliant saved them from a burning mill, the party proved merciful once again and the Idol originally stolen from the shrine was returned to whence it came! Participants: Urdren, Shaelis, Gallean, Dezardar, Jilliana, Clerk, Shurima, Emeralda, Yorick, Flops
  12. Grizzly Hills in Upheaval In Character Hark heroes! Calls go out across the Alliance, Horde and everywhere in between as trouble rises in the temperate regions of Northrend. Trademaster Williams from the Venture Trading Company has sent out word from their mills in the hills that they need aid in tracking down some strange magical occurrences of a possible Fel Nature! The Venture Company has been supplying Lumber to both the Alliance and the Horde to fuel the war against the Legion under the agreement that they be mindful of the land they’re upon, and so far under the Honourable Trademaster Williams they’ve done so rather well. This hasn’t stopped suspicions rising against Williams as heroes from far corners of the world journey to see if they can help quell this Fel menace, or simply opt to keep an eye on the company… The party is to meet the Trademaster in Venture Bay to discuss the details of this operation and then work alongside the company to send the demons back! OOC Date: Saturday 29th February Time: 2:00PM Server time (Subject to change) Hey there folks! I’ll be running a long form chain of events within Grizzly Hills starting this Saturday, the 29th of February, this chain was predominantly inspired by the poll I ran a few weeks ago, so NO, fortunately this won’t be another Legion centric event-chain set in a Legion centric expansion. This is set up to give the players a break from that particular enemy, the rumours of Demons and Lumber for the war effort are simply used as an excuse to bring folks in ICly and as requested, this chain will contain everything from mysteries, combat and delving into unexplored dungeons.