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  1. Grizzly Hills in Upheaval In Character Hark heroes! Calls go out across the Alliance, Horde and everywhere in between as trouble rises in the temperate regions of Northrend. Trademaster Williams from the Venture Trading Company has sent out word from their mills in the hills that they need aid in tracking down some strange magical occurrences of a possible Fel Nature! The Venture Company has been supplying Lumber to both the Alliance and the Horde to fuel the war against the Legion under the agreement that they be mindful of the land they’re upon, and so far under the Honourable Trademaster Williams they’ve done so rather well. This hasn’t stopped suspicions rising against Williams as heroes from far corners of the world journey to see if they can help quell this Fel menace, or simply opt to keep an eye on the company… The party is to meet the Trademaster in Venture Bay to discuss the details of this operation and then work alongside the company to send the demons back! OOC Date: Saturday 29th February Time: 2:00PM Server time (Subject to change) Hey there folks! I’ll be running a long form chain of events within Grizzly Hills starting this Saturday, the 29th of February, this chain was predominantly inspired by the poll I ran a few weeks ago, so NO, fortunately this won’t be another Legion centric event-chain set in a Legion centric expansion. This is set up to give the players a break from that particular enemy, the rumours of Demons and Lumber for the war effort are simply used as an excuse to bring folks in ICly and as requested, this chain will contain everything from mysteries, combat and delving into unexplored dungeons.
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    A Song of the Sea

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    A Song of the Sea

    "Welcome to Kingsbay, friend! Now sit a while, ye weary wanderer, while I sing you a Song of the Sea..." ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Welcome to Kingsbay, traveller! Food, ale and merriment are abundant on these shores and the world could sure use some of that in these dark times, just one night on the town never did anyone any harm afterall! … But unbeknownst to those backing this atmosphere of merriment and revelry, there are those cloaked in shadows pulling strings in the background that may leads to the party’s abrupt end. Dangers lay on the shores of the Broken Isles. Colossal Seacreatures, Scaled Serpents, Ruthless Pirates, Towering Half Giants in their seafaring Warships and Knives hidden deep within the darker corners, yet these scoundrels seem adamant that they’re going to have a good time and they won’t let any old insurmountable threat pry them from their rum and the best part is, anyone’s welcome to mix amongst the strange tides of ruffians and upperclass merchants who frequent the waters. They’re inviting you, the boundless adventurer along for the ride, if you care to sit and listen to their tale! ______ OOC: Hey there! This is gonna be a long-term event chain meant to attract characters of all kinds, whether you’re an adventurer protecting the Broken Isles, a scoundrel looking for a good time or a nobleman looking to do some over-seas business, there will be something for you here! This is going to be a project built for everyone, Horde, Alliance and neutrally minded, not just those already affiliated with the company or the crew! Without spoiling anything, there are going be themes of good ol’ mystical Seafaring Adventures, Treasure Hunting for crucial artefacts on Tropical Islands and a smidge of Legion conflict just to get with the times. The problem is that I won’t be able to do this myself, and while I’ve already got a few people involved in this project, I’m always looking for more hands on deck. If you’ve got any advice, anything to add or just want to lend a hand in the DMing department, feel free to send me a message and we can sort something out!
  4. Hell yeah put me down for them Modan Boys on Gaius.
  5. Ysera's Respite, Na'thandral Kal'atsa is gathering a force of Bears, Guardian Druids, Dryad Sisters and any other beefy woodland creatures that will respond to his call, in an effort to protect those who are less inclined to the horrors of the frontline. Na'thandral wishes to protect the isles, and has previously proven himself in the eyes of the Cenarion Circle during the Campaign in Val'sharah and during his long career within the Circle.
  6. " Life is either a grand Adventure, or not worth living at all " Rumours abound of the Old Greygarde, a keep in the Arathi Highlands left to rot in the wake of the Old Horde, but one that refuses to stay down. The valley that the fabled keep sits within thrives with flora and flowers, a true grove of wonders that promises adventure in spades for anyone willing to step into the halls, and the Age of Chaos is filled with oppertunities for adventure! Ranks and Recruitment " Ya’ know you’re truly alive when you’re living among lions like these " The Highlanders are as much a family as they are a group of ragtag adventurers. They will be led by a council of Adventurers that has yet to be decided. Otherwise, members all have the same authority, being allowed to come and go as they please and more than welcome to take any job they wish from the board. Once the castle has been re-established, anyone who finds the keep will be offered a chance to stay within the home and join the Highlanders on their adventures, otherwise, you only have to find one of the members, either on the road, living in the Adventure, or during a fated encounter destined to change your life and send you on a journey you won’t soon forget. One day, when you least expect it, the grand adventure finds you, and you better be ready! <Council Members will be added below once established> Rumoured Histories " The Hills have stories to tell, care to sit a while and listen? " The storied keep sits in a deep valley on the edge of the Highlands, having lived through the second and third war, only to resurface in service to the spirit of Adventure! Stories of old soldiers fending off hordes of demons, tales of warriors resisting the tides of darkness and evil and even songs sung about trees that breath life back into dead men, all of this and more surrounds the air of mystery that this keep resides in and those that find their way here are sure to be in for an adventure or two! In reality, the keep was a bastion that held fast against the Old Horde during the second war, built on the site that was precious to those who practiced the ‘Old Ways’, the keep was built in the boughs of a grove with a powerful tree of restoration in its centre. During the last major battle at the Old Greygarde, a council of Orcish Warlocks and powerful demons sundered the earth surrounding the battlements, and brought it right down the sea level. As stubborn as ever, the keep remains beaten, but not destroyed and thus it’s set to rise once again to fend off the invasion of evil that grips the world. OOC Info We’re going on some good old Adventures my dudes, creating stories without faction boundaries and opening our doors to all, as long as you’re a Good Boy, everyone is invited, Horde or Alliance, and once we get off our feet, players are free to contribute their own stories, goals and event ideas to the guild. Feel free to PM if you have any questions or requests, I’m always on Discord at Jordy#4071
  7. Event Rewards Gold Rewards: These are given based entirely on how many events the character has gone to in the campaign in increments of five! These rewards might not actually be in golden coins but may be given in jewellery, gems or other treasured items that the townsfolk of the Hinterlands have gathered to present to the Heroes! Gallean, Skytalon, Algosh, Dando, Balu’zu, Hybrasil, Swiftpaw, Karn, Shahkulu and Beverly all get five Gold for coming to one of the events! Zyra, Gorak, Aelid, Rhiz’ga, Zultanith and Ronric all get ten gold for coming to two events! Urdren, Senn and Cera get fifteen Gold for coming to three of the events! Gaius and Lyra are both granted twenty gold for coming to four of the events! Item Rewards: These rewards are for people who came to more than two events in the chain, along with people who came and fought in the finale by itself! Jessie gets the Shrouded Eye of the Darkvoid Twins – This pendant contains an eye stolen from one of the Inquisitors that the heroes defeated during the attack on the Hinterlands. Using it allows Jessie to summon an invisible Inquisitor’s Eye that she can see through, thus allowing her to scout ahead without fail, while also seeing into the surface thoughts of those within its gaze, at command. This item cannot be use while in combat because it requires concentration to operate effectively. - Allows the user to summon an invisible Inquisitors Eye - Allows the user to detect thoughts at will with said Eye Hunt gets the Chains of the Mistresses Hounds – The Wildhammer Sages have managed to purify the chains that bound the Core Hounds to their Mistress and forged then into a single gauntlet. When the word of power is spoken, the chains upon the gauntlet bind themselves to whatever the wielder is holding in his hand and gives him the ability to recall it back at a moment’s notice right into his hand and this makes for a particularly potent combination when used in tandem with a powerful weapon. - Binds chained gauntlet to a user’s weapon, able to dismiss this at will - Allows the user to recall a bonded weapon Thorean gets the Purified Amulet of the Eredar Mistress – When the Witch Doctors at Revantusk Village got their hands on the trinkets wielded by the Eredar they were able to contain, purify and substitute the fel energies wielded within her amulet for pure elemental magic wrought by their Voodoo Spirits, allowing the user a chance to coat his weapons in a sheath of Lightning that lasts for a single round three times a day, while also allowing the amulet to bolster him against the effects of Fel. - Three Lighting Strikes on the users weapon per day - Grants the user a minor resistance to the effects of Fel Lyra was granted a Seed of Seradane – These seeds were granted by the Druids that defend those grounds as a thanks for her efforts in defence of their hills. The largest of the seeds allows a little sproutling to bloom! A little companion that walks beside Lyra at all times, but the others seeds, when work like a necklace or kept as a charm, allow her to bolster the little sproutling temporarily to the size of a large treant! The seeds allow her to do this once per day, until they need time to harness the natural energy surrounding them and recharge. - Gives the user a little sentient tree pet - Allows the user to enhance sentient tree pet to the size of a large Treant once per day Urdren was given the Staff of the Spirited Owlkin – A lovingly crafted staff wielded by a past chieftain of the Tribe saved from the wrath of the Inquisitors, unfortunately the Ironwood remains stained with their corruption, but the Owlkin sages have managed to cleanse any long term effects the corruption may inflict! The spirit of the chieftain it once belonged to remains within the staff and can be summoned out of the weapon to take the shape of a celestial Owl! Urdren can see through the eyes of this spirit as long as he holds the staff, allowing him to scout the skies and scan horizon at his leisure, even when on the ground. What’s more, this spirit may sacrifice itself upon Urdren’s command to grant someone – at any range – a powerful healing spell, once a day, the only concern is getting the spirit there fast enough! The spirit hones in on the target and crashes into the player, exploding in a spray of verdant shimmering lights! - Allows the user to call upon a spirit he can use to scout - Allows the user to sacrifice the spirit to cast a very effective healing spell on a player that the spirit is in range of rather than the caster Senn was granted a Wildhammer Cestus – A leather glove with inlaid Ironwood thorns, makes for a nasty right hook right in the jaw! The wrappings that climb up the users forearm are made from green foliage and leaves which unravel and furl back up when a word of power is spoken! Upon casting it out, the gauntlet conjures a thirty foot long vine, tipped with an ironwood barb that is also covered in thorns, making for an item that can be used for a multitude of things! From swinging with the vine, using it to pull something towards you, or to pull yourself towards something if you weigh less, to outright fighting an enemy with it, tripping with the vine and sticking with the barb! (Besides the barb, the vine is otherwise normal, but it does grow back the next day if it somehow gets cut, or breaks!) - Boosts the power of right handed fist attacks - Allows the user to whip out a barbed vine for various uses Serenai was granted a Bow of Arcing Lightning – Thanks to the enchantment created by the Wildhammer Shamans imbuing this item with their spirits of air, the bow places a boon of thunder and lightning upon any arrow notched within the bow, causing it to crackle with a bright blue light! Once a day, upon a word of power being spoken the arrow within the bow shines brightly and the magical boon is exacerbated causing lightning to arc from the point the arrow hits, whether it be on the ground, or on an actual person. Anyone caught within a twenty foot diameter of the arrow is subject to a chain lightning! - Allows the user to shoot a burst of lighting three times per day, inflicting a minor shock on everyone within a 20ft radius of the arrow, the magic allows the user to designate allies that remain uneffected by the lightning Gorak receives the Shroud of the Corehound – When Gorak skinned the Core Hounds and brought their hide back into the village of the Revantusk, their Witch Doctors seemed a little worried that it may remain corrupted, but the Orc was greeted by one of their Shaman, who promised to see what he could make with the hide. He came back the next day with a dark leather cloak that he claimed would protect Gorak against moderate Fel and Fire Damage, even while purified by the ancestral spirits! - Grants a minor resistance to Fel while worn - Grants a minor resistance to Fire while worn Aelid is granted… her Halberd– When Aelid stuck her Halberd into the maw of the Fel Beast it melded with the Molten fire and terrible energies contained in it’s Maw, given another moment it might’ve been irrevocably broken down by the Magma within, but as Aelid’s shadowy spellwork coursed through the weapon at the just the right moment, it killed the beast and bound it’s power within it. Now her blade bubbles with glowing green magma and elicits fear in those it strikes. - Extra Fel Damage takes the shape of Fel Magma from the defeated Fel Beast - Every strike made against a creature has a chance of inflicting fear, but if the creature resists your weapon, it won’t come under its effects for the duration of the encounter. Ronric gains the Demon Bane Signet Ring – A ring taken from the Jailor that held Revantusk village captive, the Hero would’ve been given the chance to take such a wonder and put it to good use against the Demons of Azeroth, allowing him to counter three spells per day that are cast with Fel energy, while also infusing the weapon held in his hand with properties that make it work well against creatures who have taken to the Fel. - Allows you to Counter 3 Felbased Spells per day - Allows you to passively inflict minor extra damage to demons and other Fel afflicted creatures Rhiz’ga gains the Hood of Lupine Serenity – This hood was taken from one of the Wolves that attacked Revantusk and was purified by the Spiritwalkers it was left with. While worn by her, Rhiz’ga will be bolstered with the spirit of the fallen wolf, allowing her senses akin to that of a beast and an ability to fight without sight. - Rhiz’ga has the sense of smell and hearing to match that of a wolf while wearing this hood. - Rhiz’ga has the ability to fight without actually seeing her opponent while wearing the hood. Zultanith was granted the Mantle of the Corrupted Owlkin – Using the feathers and the hide, the Wildhammer Sages were able to craft this item for the Half Orc. Wearing the hide over her shoulers and back like a cape grants her both a resistance against afflictions of the mind, and a boost to all spells that consist of either Shadow or Void energy. - Zultanith gains a minor resistance against afflictions of the Mind - Zultanith is granted a minor boost when attacking with Void and Shadow energy Zyra is granted the Twin Axes of the Corehounds – With the horns and teeth that Zyra harvested from the dead Core Hounds, she was able to fashion a pair of axes that allow her to enter a bestial rage-fuelled state that boosts her attack power significantly for three full rounds once per day, along with dealing a minor amount of passive fire damage at all times due to the remains of the embers forged within the Core Hounds themselves, though she must use these abilities wisely, as after she has expended the three turns, she will be fatigued for the three turns immediately after and might suffer a heavy penalty to her attacks. These axes must be used in tandem to reap these benefits. - Grants a 3 round attack boost, but a 3 round debuff immediately on the fourth round - Gives off a minor amount of Fire Damage each turn! Cera was given a chance to take the Shroud of the Mistress – With this shroud taken from the Eredar Mistress herself, Cera can deal a minor amount of slashing damage in a 5 foot radius around her, aided by the hellish blades sewn onto the bottom of the cape! What’s more, Cera is able to harness and absorb the life force of anyone who she manages to kill using the shroud itself (That means, if you attack with the shroud and kill with a felbolt, the active enchantment doesn’t work) - Cera can deal slashing damage with the blades on the bottom of the cape - Cera heals herself for a minor amount when she performs a kill using the shroud All of these were approved by Phoenix!
  8. Reward's coming before the end of the weekend, hopefully!
  9. Word finally travels south through the Dwarves, and overseas to Durotar as a ship docks in Bladefist Bay. Soon whispers are spread throughout both the Alliance and the horde that the demons are starting to hit them a lot closer to home once again. The Hinterlands, a region relatively undermanned because of the on-going conflict on the Broken Isles, has been targeted by the Legion once again using the wildlife and natural denizens to cover their initial force. The Aerie and Revantusk Village were both hit by an overwhelming force of Wildkin, with striking violet eyes and twisted blackened feathers, corrupted beyond their initial strength by a force of Shadow it seems, along with a plethora of other corrupted wildlife. There were even reports of Eredar and Mo’arg pouring into the Aerie through sickly green portals. Individuals have been calling for the Aventurers outside of the Isles to offer any aid that they can while the Wildhammers and the Revantusk tribe are on their knees. Healers, defenders and even Scholars will find use freeing these two groups from the clutches of the Legion, and will hopefully find a degree of appreciation and thanks! … However much these two groups can spare in their current states…
  10. Stormfeather Defense, Airie Peak Attack, Revantusk Attack: On the night of the hunt, disaster strikes! Rumours slowly surface around the attack on Revantusk Village, and the Aerie. It doesn't take long for those rumours to become truth as a boat sails into Durotar from Revantusk Village itself and a Gryphon finds it's way into Ironforge. Missives and notices are set up around all horde and Alliance cities describing how the home of the Revantusk and the Wildhammer have been over run by demons and corrupted wild life, calling for aid in these dire times wherever it can be given! For those who can spare the aid, the notices would instruct anyone who can help to make your way to Dawnfeather Sanctuary! Moonkin Nest: After a failed attempt, the heroes present managed to finally save and cleanse the nest of Moonkin in the Hinterlands! Retaking Revantusk: The village of Revantusk has been saved by a contingent of Wildhammers, Forest Trolls and a group of Adventurers! The Jailor looming over the village, along with the horrificly mutated wildlife where kept at bay, and the trapped tribesman where saved! Current Player Count Stormfeather Defense: Gaius, Lyra, Gallean, Zuultanith Airie Peak Attack: Zulltanith, Gaius, Ronric, Skytalon Revantusk Attack: Algosh, Rhiz’ga, Dando Moonkin Nest, Failure: Urdren, Cera, Senn, Gaius, Lyra, Aelid Moonkin Nest, Revisited: Urdren, Cera, Senn, Gaius, Lyra Retaking Revantusk: Balu’zu, Hybrasil/Pim, Swiftpaw, Gorak, Karn, Shahkulu, Zyra, Rhiz’ga, Beverly/Clovis Retaking the Aerie: Aelid, Jessie, Lyra, Cerairah, Thorean, Zyra, Gorak, Ronric, Senn, Serenai, Hunt, Urdren < Reserved for future events in the chain >
  11. The Hinterlands Under Moonlight IC: The Hinterlands lie quiet and peaceful despite the recent invasion of the Legion on the Broken Isles and the hills thankfully lay untouched. Even throughout this dark period, the Revantusk find a reason to celebrate. The Huntsman Markhor has decided to hold the annual ‘Full Moon Hunt’ festival on time despite the impending threat. All of the interested parties, either there to watch, revel in the festivities or take part in the glorious moonlight hunt are the meet in the centre of the village the day before the first full moon of the year! Meanwhile, the Wildhammer Dwarves call adventurers to Stormfeather outpost in secret. Their scouts have noticed strange goings on and think this 'Moonlight festival' might have something to do with it... OOC: I’ll be starting a new little DM pet project of mine, one that will hopefully spur a bit of RP in the Hinterlands. The first few events will be focussed on their factions and perhaps a little limited in number, but the subsequent events will open up to both factions after the first few are over! We have three events on the schedule for the next few days! Sunday the 10th will kick us off with the Alliance events and the alliance will get a part 2 on Tuesday the 12th Meanwhile the Revantusk event will be taking place on the Wednesday the 13th at 3PM Server Time!
  12. I'd like to sign Richford up for Cortanna ( :^) ), if possible.
  13. Heroes Gather in Azsuna A group of Adventurers have banded together while traveling through Azsuna to help the Illidari and the Blue Dragonflight, setting up a camp in one of the more scenic spots while they fight against the encroaching demons, hoping to find modicum of comfort among likeminded wanderers while at death’s doorstep. OOC: Just a little spot built by @Ash to do some casual RP in Azsuna for those who don’t wanna shack up with the Illidari, teleports are… .t AdventurerCampAzsuna or… .t ACA