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  1. I think it is just innate magic, considering dragons are highly magical creatures and they all share the ability to change shapes albeit differing magic sources.
  2. Shadow Hunter - I'm a little voodoo boy. Nothing else.
  3. I don't know about you guys, but finding out my DM comrades can willy nilly leak any information I put up in the chat makes me feel un-safe. Surely I don't got the entire context, but from what I can see from the screenshots it looks like Drak was just saying, "I FEEL like talking to a wall regarding this." It just seems like some on-topic comment regarding Tass' petition with some pragmatic wording. Sorry about the butthurt comment though, hope you'll survive.
  4. noe

    whywhywhy ??

    but WHY are they in deepholm?? did the horde and alliance just think, "hey, let's smash our ships into the Maelstrom, we hear there's a magical land beyond.."
  5. Can ANYBODY tell me why there are two gunships in Deepholm?!?!?
  6. I gave my opinion earlier when this was presented, but I will give it here as well. It is without a doubt that while WoD is a beautiful zone and where Blizzard really hit the nail on design, it is ultimately a buffer expansion. The only real impactful thing we get from WoD is Gul'dan. Therefor I am in favor of skipping up to the point where Gul'dan makes his moves (Tanaan, HFC). However, I feel that if we're deliberately closing an expansion faster than expected, we should allow some closure to the expansion, which includes sending off the Warlords properly. This could, of course, be tweaked for a faster option. Regarding the concern for boredom with Legion, then I do not see it as such. The main concern with Draenor is that it is a different planet which makes characters who goes there, stay there. This isn't the case with Legion; here adventurers are recruited for quests all over Azeroth (at least at the start of the expansion). That gives the characters of Paragon the forced choices: participate or don't.
  7. A Loa who goes around bad-mouthing Shadow Hunters for their insufficiency - yes, anything they do is insufficient.
  8. noe

    Creating Loa

    I'm not opposed to the idea, in fact I like it. We see the Loa being far more numerous than those listed (for example, when Vol'jin gets the vision of Garrosh and Cairne's Mak'gora and he sees all the Loa there, calling out) so it wouldn't be too bad for some grand troll players to ascend to such a position after their death. However, if we should let people play Loa, we should make a clear difference between what we could call Greater Loa (Bethekk, Shirvallah, Hakkar, Bwomsamdi, etc.) and Minor Loa (Most of the Loa listed in the RPG Shadow Hunter section). I believe we should let the bar for Loa ascension be determined by the character's reverence in life; if they for example like Drakiji were heralded as a Hero and a Zul, then they be made special in the next life. As for what they can do, then that is highly determined by the 'catch' of the character. Most Loa seem to govern their own domain (Shirvallah, Tigers; Shango, Lightning; Hakkar, Blood and Madness; Zanza, arcane and wisdom. So I think whatever made them special in life should go over with them in death, in their Loa form. Considering how to perform as a Loa, one should consider that they act very much like we see some Gods; in the back, giving blessings and boons depending on the treatment towards them, and so on. I vote YES.
  9. noe

    Kresh's Event Page

    The reward/risk relation was a little incoherent; the thing we did, did not really warrant 2 gold in my opinion, but with the sudden leaving of some participations, I'm sure you had to edit in the troubles faced. Content wise you're good.
  10. noe


    Neither, actually. Last we saw him he was a whelp.
  11. Uh Oh In Little People Land The following text has been send out into the world in the form of posters, fliers and bounties: OOC:
  12. Similarly I will be DMing the Heroes of Azeroth clearing trash mobs from the Valley of Strength to the Cleft of Shadows. This will happen on the 21st. - It will be at 3 pm ST. - As Phoenix stated, a chance of death is present. - 15 players.
  13. noe

    Hooded Figures

    That's a 1st gen dk which is most likely what is on the statues. Odd, however, for they were only made in The Second War.