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  1. Nope. Could be possible, but i think it would need lore apps that need to be approved by the whole of staff without a single -1 from them. It's already perfectly understandable how runes work and no tweaking is necessary for any runes. Including Ultimate Awareness since it is NOT permanent and anyone who uses it permanently is a dick full of shit tied in a bag and being thrown off of a cliff, landing on top of spikes, which also act as a pressure plate to trigger an atomic bomb to detonate underneath them. Though arcanists don't have any spells in the RPG that are super strong, RP wise they are limited by imagination, so they can spew out crazier shit than this. Also, while the runemaster is in process of empowering his rune, it can be counter-spelled. What does that even mean...? Nope. Nope.
  2. How the school of illusion works is you make people believe in the tangibility of what is not actually there. Basically you manipulate their senses. You can make them see, feel, hear, smell and taste what is not actually there, but it does not induce any actual physical sensations, but rather fakes them. This way you can make them believe they are being eaten alive by maggots, whispering murderous thoughts in their heads that lead them to madness, making them see their dad smashing their router with a hammer, etc. Also mind control is NOT illusion. It's actually in the enchantment school, BUT you can still manipulate people with illusions as stated above, though you do not have full control of their actions and thoughts.
  3. Never a normal day in Goldshire.
  4. 0/10, the song above has no lyrics, music or anything.
  5. Garthus

    Armies of Three

    90% of paragon just got thrown out of the window.
  6. There is nobody that would have more fun roleplaying a newly-made character rather than their favorite and main character. We don't go to events to show that we are a 'big bad baws' (At least i don't, can't speak for others), i go to events for the roleplay, even if it's pvp fighting roleplay, it's still fun in my book. Besides, those who want to purely progress their character in power should just go play some non-roleplaying game where you get to be the powerful badass savior-of-world dragonslaying elite knight-wizard anime crap you want to be.
  7. AKA You don't get to be your favorite character. You don't get to bring the experience of a horde-alliance battle into roleplay outside of this event. You don't get to progress your character both in power and mentally. You don't get to form bonds or hatreds between characters. Instead you get a 1-time use character who is irrelevant to roleplay and is designed only for PvP.
  8. The alliance should better trip on a small rock and have it's brain pierced by a conveniently placed nail of great proportions.
  9. My main is also an undead, but i can't stand the thought that someone makes an undead joker or dicker, which are the two main aspects of most paragonian characters.
  10. I may have exaggerated that statement, but still, anyone who plays a high/blood elf should stay the fuck away from playing a forsaken, they shouldn't even have the slightest consideration for clicking on the undead race button in character creation. Come to think of it, i've stated the exact same thing i did with my original statement, only a little more expanded.
  11. Garthus

    League of Legends

    I have a new favorite orcish warlord.
  12. Blood elves are a main example of this problem on paragon. And i'm not even saying this because i hate them, i'm saying this because it's true, and this truth made me hate them. I have not seen any serious blood elf character, not a single one, all of them are jokers and dickers, all of them. Especially the females who act like spoiled teenage girls all the time. I don't even want anyone playing forsaken anymore, since they'll just ruin the race.
  13. Part 2: bedtime stories at the hospital.